The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 20: Supermarket

In the villa, Ken is a garage, and Ou Na has a car parked inside, is a BMW this car or the previous Ou Zhengfei, just Ou Zhengfei out, so to Ou Na, but Ou Na is not driving, but the car keys are still in the villa, Ou Na although not driving, but Fang Xiaoru is going to drive.

So so Fang Xiaoru drove the car with Ou Na before going to the nearest supermarket to buy food, to say that the advantages of the villa area is indeed a lot, such as what good environment, good environmental protection, good quality per capita, there is good security, but there is the most important point is not good, that is, in order to maintain the environment, there is almost no supermarket and convenience stores and fast food restaurants around, for this point.

Fang Xiaoru said he wanted to spit a long time ago.

Then Fang Xiaoru ready to go to the supermarket inside, but Fang Xiaoru some doubts, why to go to the supermarket, buy swimsuits should not go to the swimsuit store before?

Although Fang Xiaoru thought so, but did not say out, then Fang Xiaoru followed Ona, soon knew why Ona to the supermarket inside, at this time Fang Xiaoru's hand pushed a cart, the cart inside nothing, only all the snacks ah, chips ah, chocolate ah, etc., etc.!

Previously did not see Ona so buy snacks, so at this time to see the expressed very surprised, then opened his mouth and asked.

"Missy, how to see you buy so many snacks this time, are you also going to become a stay at home and do not go out to eat snacks girl?"

"No, no, no, who said that, it's not that I'm going to go trekking tomorrow, I have to bring some things to my friends!"

Fang Xiaoru suddenly felt speechless.

"Missy, this cart of yours can let you eat alone for at least a month, you still take!"

"I'm not eating this alone, I'm going to share it with my good sisters!"

"How many good sisters do you have!"

Fang Xiaoru is very confused, a total of three days only, so many snacks is not just three days, ah, unless ... , not surprisingly, then Oona defiantly opened his mouth and said.

"I am going to give my sisters to eat, you do not care so much, the class is almost all my good sisters hahahaha!"

Ona laughing very happy, but Fang Xiao Ru said very egg, so many snacks, they will have to take back later, but there is a car is okay to say a little, but the thought of tomorrow if you go, then certainly their own snacks, but these for their own is not a big deal.

Then Fang Xiaoru followed Oona to the swimsuit store.

Fang Xiaoru carried two bags of snacks, these two bags of snacks can attract the attention of all passers-by, because it is too much, and all thought that a boyfriend with his girlfriend out to buy things, have to Ona showed an envious look.

Oona is not very concerned about this, but jumped and went in, but said a sentence when he went in.

"I tell you ah, you wait for me outside now, when I buy clothes, you are not allowed to come in ah!"

Fang Xiaoru heard, although very reluctant, but there is no choice, had to wait outside, inside the Ona began to choose clothes, then Fang Xiaoru carrying two big bags of snacks outside, although it is not very ugly, for Fang Xiaoru is not very heavy, but has been standing words is also very strange.

Even an attendant came over and asked Fang Xiaoru if he wanted to go in and choose clothes, Fang Xiaoru of course said no, he needs a swimsuit for a big man, really!

But Oona is still very understanding of Fang Xiaoru, quickly selected, but in the time of payment suddenly embarrassed.

A phone call was made to Fang Xiaoru.

"Hey, you come in for a moment!"

Hearing that, Fang Xiaoru immediately walked in, where at the counter, Fang Xiaoru saw Oona standing in front of the counter very helpless, then spoke to Fang Xiaoru and said.

"I forgot to bring enough money, my God, this swimsuit actually costs 40,000 yuan, I did not expect, I do not have so much money on this card, do you have money with you or not to give me an advance first, I go back to you!

Oona tenderly opened his mouth and said, Fang Xiaoru some can not stand, then ready to pull out his card, swipe the card away.

"Balance 360,000!"

A prompt in Fang Xiaoru's mind inside the year appeared, Fang Xiaoru did not care but continued to drive the car to the front, Ou Na sat on top of the passenger side, at this time the sky is already very dark.

Almost time is nine o'clock, this time although it is very late, but it is the beginning of the night life, so many people are out shopping, just when Fang Xiaoru is concentrating on driving.

"Ah!!! Wow!"

Fang Xiaoru was taken aback when Oona's voice suddenly came over next to him.

"What are you calling?"

"Look, that balloon, it's really super nice!"

Fang Xiaoru followed his finger and saw a huge balloon, just at this time.


A sound came, then Fang Xiaoru and Ou Na Fei felt as if his body was not controlled to the front, but Fang Xiaoru quickly reacted, directly blocked Ou Na continued to fly ahead, then anger rose, get up and get off.

"The person in front will not drive ah, how suddenly stopped ah, can not drive do not drive, so what is the meaning of harming people?"

A middle-aged rich woman got off from the back of a Mercedes-Benz above, looking very arrogant, but only the middle-aged woman alone, at least Fang Xiaoru only saw the middle-aged woman alone.

Then Fang Xiaoru opened his mouth and asked.

"Auntie, you hit my car, what are you shouting ah! Look at the markings on the back of this BMW, the license plate number is about to fly!"

Although the middle-aged woman in the back saw that this was the truth, but the mouth hard like a duck's mouth, refused to let go of the mouth, then opened his mouth and said.

"You see what to do, I brought back the car today, if you do this, I may call the police, then you can not eat!"

Fang Xiaoru saw this look in front of this big woman, suddenly wanted to laugh, then did not speak, waiting for the middle-aged woman to call the police, if the middle-aged woman to call the police, the traffic police will certainly take care of themselves, after all, the illegal is the back of the one driving a Mercedes.

Soon, the middle-aged woman saw Fang Xiaoru did not speak, is also very angry, and then took out a cell phone.

"I'll call now!"

Fang Xiaoru did not move.

"Hey, Xiao Wang ah! My side encountered a difficult problem there is a person over here broke the car I proposed today, you quickly come to help me, he also wants me to pay for ah!"