The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 21: Smashed

The middle-aged woman's tone is very sad, but Fang Xiaoru looked at all want to laugh, and then do not know if the person called Xiao Wang over there is not promised, annoyed middle-aged woman then very fierce look at Fang Xiaoru.

The scene is so stalemate, then Oona found things also seems not for is also followed out, see this situation.

"That Fang Xiaoru, this is what happened?"

"A middle-aged woman, ah, I do not know how to hit our car, and now in the strong words want to find the police to!"

"Ah! I have an uncle who is the captain of the traffic police, I'll call him now!"

Ona immediately opened his mouth and said, if just Fang Xiaoru may agree, but now Fang Xiaoru is not there to agree to this thing, now Fang Xiaoru already has a better plan, just waiting for the middle-aged woman shouted to come.

After an hour or less.

An off-road vehicle came, down a young man, looks about twenty-three or four years old, but the most important thing is that Fang Xiaoru saw the hands of the visitor actually has a pipe, is a steel pipe, it is clear that the visitor is not good ah! But Fang Xiaoru did not panic in the slightest.

Then three other people came down, each with a fierce and fierce look.

The person who seemed to be called Xiao Wang came over and said a few words to the middle-aged woman and came over to Fang Xiaoru.

"It's you kid, right?"

"Now you kid pay me 100,000 yuan and get lost, or it's not so simple, if you resist, you'll get a beating and then you'll also go to jail! Hey, hey!"

Come to the small king is very arrogant to speak with Fang Xiaoru, Fang Xiaoru said very speechless, is the group in front of the brain-damaged, but the four youths in front of the four have been flinging the steel pipe, the meaning of the threat is very obvious.

This time is also a large flow of people, some onlookers have gone over the Lai, the whole scene are surrounded by a solid, then Fang Xiaoru opened his mouth and said.

"You guys, how much does this car cost in total?"

"Today in the store, half a million to buy! How is it? Afraid of it, I told you you have to pay or you will have to be here, I see you kid driving a BMW, must also be a rich man, if you want to get into trouble, then I am not afraid!"

The middle-aged woman there has the appearance of being emboldened!

Then Fang Xiaoru opened his mouth and said.

"Half a million, right!"

"Yes, pay up!"

The middle-aged woman felt that something seemed wrong, the young man in front of him actually did not have a trace of panic, a handful of ordinary people met with this situation must be very panic, if there is money left in the pocket then certainly quickly handed out, not like this ah!

But since the young man in front of you is driving a BMW, certainly not no money, certainly not one of the two, then Fang Xiaoru paused.

Next to the onlookers are also watching, but no one stood out to help speak, everyone is afraid they will get into trouble, that would be bad, they just come out to see the fun!

Then Fang Xiaoru rushed up, the crowd and the middle-aged woman that group of people instantly felt wrong, then Fang Xiaoru smashed a fist to the top of the glass of the car, and then quickly fist and foot on this just out of the Mercedes.

The whole process is very violent, but did not rush up to stop, even if a few young people came, holding a steel pipe in their hands, but did not dare to go up, joke, a fist can break such thick glass, a foot can mention the rotten Mercedes vicious people, if they go up, they will certainly be beaten to fly.

So a group of people can only see Fang Xiaoru smashing, and even one person wanted to go forward to smash Fang Xiaoru's BMW, but just think about it.

Do not dare to really rush up.

After ten minutes, the

The whole Mercedes-Benz has been almost outside to watch, of course, the configuration inside Fang Xiaoru is not hands, but picked a conspicuous place to smash, and finally the car has become unrecognizable.

"Call the police, aunt!"

The middle-aged woman took out her cell phone with a slight tremor and dialed 110.

"Police, here someone is smashing my car, you come to my rescue ah! The place is right here on Commercial Street! Many people!"

Fang Xiaoru smiled, heard the middle-aged woman on the phone but did not stop, and then spoke.

"I tell you ah, you go out to grow eyes, but do not mess with the things that do not change to mess with ah, or you are going to die in where do not know!"

Fang Xiaoru a counter-threat, and then ready to go back! Directly on the BMW then took Oona back to the villa.

"Wow, you were so handsome just now, how come I didn't see you so powerful ah!"

"Haha, of course masters are usually low-key! Hehehe!"

Fang Xiaoru laughed and opened his mouth, then Oona went to bed and went to sleep! Then Fang Xiaoru also went back to sleep, but at the time of sleep, suddenly a a message sent.

"Come on line, let's go to the king!"

So then Fang Xiaoru went online to play a few kings with Chen Li before going to bed, of course the whole thing is in the band fly.

The next day, today you are Fang Xiaoru got up first, Fang Xiaoru but remember what Lisa said yesterday, that is Lisa said to go early, to Fang Xiaoru as the second foreman.

"Get up get up!"

Fang Xiaoru opened his mouth and said, at this time Fang Xiaoru is standing outside Ou Na's door, before it was Ou Na who shouted at Fang Xiaoru to get up, now it is Fang Xiaoru who shouted at Ou Na to get up.

Three minutes later.

Ou Na stood up in a daze and opened the door.

"What are you doing? Are you taking pills today? You're up so early!"

At this time the time is six thirty, usually get up at eight! Because it was late at eight twenty.


Just when Fang Xiaoru was talking, Oona had already spoken, Oona opened her mouth and said.

"Oh oh oh oh, yesterday afternoon, Lisa said in class, she said that you will be the second foreman for these days, right? "

"Well . . Lisa already said it out ah, but it's good, let's go!"

Oona heard these words then went ahead and started washing up.

Fang Xiaoru was also very happy that Oona could cooperate like this.

Ten minutes later.

Ou Na has sat on the back of Fang Xiaoru's bike.

Fang Xiaoru opened his mouth and said.

"Where are those things of yours?"

"Oh oh oh, I forgot to get them, thank goodness you reminded me, wait for me! I'm going to get them now, I'll be quick, just give me a second!"

Hearing Oona said this when Fang Xiao Ru regretted why he just said this, this is not to find yourself a problem, how bad, then after waiting for five minutes.