The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 2: Party

And just Chen Li still thinking about how to pull a Fang Xiaoyu, now Chen Yaoan will send it to the door, so Chen Li is very happy to accept it.

Then, Fang Xiaoyu saw that Chen Li had accepted it, and he certainly can't sell his teammates, so he only turned and said.

"Yes, let's go!"

Chen Yaonan revealed a smile, it seems that his own general will succeed, then go to the back, then swim, and find it, how is the speed of filial piety is so fast, Fang Xiaoyu has found the three people in the back, it is really slow. Then I will start a posture.

Then Fang Xiaoyu began to go back to the body, started to retro it, so that it can look at the sky, very leisure, so the speed is slow, and the four people all go to the top of the shore, start to go to the location of the registration.

There are a lot of people registered, and there are more than 20, and if there is a little swimming on the body, I want to try it. After all, the 50,000 yuan may be my own, so people who have tried it still have a lot.

Then four people reported their names and fell into groups.

This competition is two people three-foot swimming competition. Two people are a group, which can be said to be a glory, a loss, a total length of 500 meters, is not very long.

So everyone will not have a long time, so you can do it before.

Then start the game soon, the average person takes ten minutes to 30 minutes.

"Waste, I don't see you an hour!"

Chen Yaonan then made a series of warm-up exercises. Everyone is doing warm-up exercises, but only one person is not doing warm-up exercise, then there is a Fang Xiaoyu, but no one reminds party filial piety, because Fang Xiaoyu has to fail, then he is sure It is a less competitor, why not.

"Why don't you prepare your warm-up exercise,?"

Chen Li asked.

Fang Xiaoyu smiled and smiled, but did not speak, ten minutes have passed, and the warm-up time has been completed.


Under the order of the referee, all the people rushed out in a total of ten groups, everyone used the strength of the milk, the biggest strength rushed out.

Everyone is buried in the head, so there is no time to look at the speed of swim around the people, just waiting for the final result.

Chen Yaonan is like this, but it has been swimming. It is necessary to know that he has participated in the young swimming contest in Fengdu when he was in the teenager, and he won't be poor. Winner filial piety, or like it, don't look up, see the basic common sense of others swimming.

Although Chen Yaonan's speed is so fast, this game is a need for two people to play, that is, if the two want to get the first words, there is only one way, that is, two people are swimming, not one. Pigs friend.

Obviously the Liang Zi will be water, but the speed still can't catch Chen Yaonan, and the speed of Chen Yaonan is slightly slow, but Chen Yaonan has not opened the Liang Zi, after all, is my own younger brother.

In fact, Chen Yaonan is still very good, the hundred percent of people at the group is almost motion, and if you want to run on the land, you need to first skilled in a few days and then play, but this The species is not familiar with the time, and it has never been cooperative and different.

So some people have passed in three minutes, but the progress bar is still very small, Fang Xiaoyu has reached the end of five minutes, this time the most uncomfortable person is not Chen Yaoan, but Chen Li, Chen Li is coming soon Spit out.

After accepting the game of Chen Yaonan, Chen Li was ready to bring Fang Xiaofei. After all, he also swim. After all, Fang Xiaoyu helped himself in the restaurant today, so I would like to hurry.

However, when the game was started, Chen Li found that his body was completely controlled, it was like a fish, but it flew out, but he didn't use much strength.

All the strength is all fellow, and the last Chen Li is just a fullness of the whole journey, and the words can't be said. At this time, it is difficult to finally go to the end.

"My God, Are you eating hormones? How is it so fast!"

Li Laozheng is a national team's swimming trainer, but it is the kind of retirement, so returns to the swimming in each resort while leisurely, and because Li Lao's technology is very powerful, he guides a lot of swimming health, so Name famous!

Li Lao does not have any other hobbies, just like to open a game, of course, the color of the game is Li Lao himself, so each resort also hopes Li Lao.

This game is officially prepared, Li Lao smiled and looked down at the twenty groups. Every time I saw these young guys accelerated to swim, it seems to see yourself, I originally want to be in the country. Swimming team inside a coach.

But at this time, Li Lao's age is already an old year, so it has retired, the purpose of holding various competitions is to see more young guys can go to swim, see the Boys of themselves.

Li Lao did notice when he was warm, although everyone on the court was warm, but there was no one for the actions, so Li Lao was disappointed, and there was still a person's warm body.

But Li Lao did not optimize the game after five minutes, let himself shocked the big teeth.

"My day? Is there anyone else in five minutes?"

When Li Lao saw the time, I confirmed that I didn't see the wrong thing, I suddenly got a big joy, as if I saw hope, I would like to know that Li Lao is in the time of the national team, I have never seen this speed player. What's more, it is almost impossible, almost impossible, this speed can be used as the first.

However, Li Lao is not eager, waiting for the waiting to go to a filial piety, it is just a look like a mobile phone, then, thirty minutes, even the person in the end has completed the mission, he A completion task also announced the success of this task, and announced that the first thing for this event is Fang Xiaoyu!

"Vasa! You are so powerful, I can see that you can go to the world champion!"

Fang Xiaoyu hooks hands, or low-key points are better, because they don't want to stay in the water too long, so they will be so fast, otherwise, Fang Xiaoyu will be slower.