The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 28: Competition

Chen Yaonan expressed his dissatisfaction with this phenomenon.

"I Cao, this is not cheating!"

It is to know that Chen Yaoan is the strength of the whole body, just because of a tilter bottle, it is just a speed of 12 minutes, but this speed is also a very amazing speed, the third place directly reached 5 minutes, so Chen Yaonan Very dissatisfied with gas.

"Do you have inside this activity!"

Chen Yaonan shouted out, but the runner of the young swimming competition, which never believe that he would actually lose his own person's hand, of course, is very uncomfortable, but the surrounding people look at the fool. Look Chen Yaonan.

In this game, in addition to the referee, there are many other audiences. The speed of the filial piety can be seen in the eyes, it is absolutely impossible to be fake, so it is only a feeling of Chen Yao South. fool.

Therefore, the referee did not care Chen Yaonan, but continued to speak.

"Now there is a coach of our national team level - Mr. Li to give you a prize!"

The entire prize is only 50,000 yuan, and only the champion can have, so all the eyes of everyone gathered in the body of Fang Xiaoyu. If it is not professional swimming, it is absolutely impossible for five minutes to travel so fast. A realm of horror.

Of course, it is only known to know that two people are usually well trained before, or it is impossible to be so fast, then it is time to win.

Li was very excited at this time. This is a good seed that has not seen many years. If such a good seed, if there is anything in the last sports meeting, then you will definitely lose, you will not be early. Retirement in the year.

Li Lao is still a silent to give 50 million yuan to Fang Xiaoyu, Fang Xiaoyu said thank you.

"Child, do you have any interest to join the national team, although I am not the coach there, but I still have some words, if you want to go in, it is easy!"

Li Di is afraid that the Fang Xiaoyu is not willing!

Of course, there is no way, Fang Xiaoyu nodded and said.

"Ah, I understand what you mean, but I have no business!"

Fang Xiaoyu has just gone to tell Li Lao, because there is a task is held when the mission is held, and the squad is delivered to the fellow team to carry out the order, and the people who want to make the destruction are grabbed out, so Fang Xiaoyu knows After Li, I just said that I was almost said, and I came over.

Li Lao has not been discouraged, and he is very much in the career of career coaches. Therefore, experience is also very rich, just a business card.

"If you come to you, I just want to be in this world, I can keep you into! It can be done on the young man there, if I refuel!" Li Lao took the next to Fang Xiaoyu. Chen Li, because Chen Li has been dragged by Fang Xiaoyu, this scene is the top of the staff, and the referee has Li's old look at it.

However, I finished the information about the refusal, which sent an invitation to Chen Li.

Chen Li is of course era if this invitation is, this is to participate in the national team, a country has more than 100 billion people, only dozens of people can go in, if they go in, the at least do not have to face irritability. However, Chen Li is not a big person, but said.

"That, I am sorry, I am actually not that ability. I have just taken a tour, I am definitely can't participate in the national team, it is really embarrassing!"

Li Shen saw this situation, it seems that it is not wrong to guess, all are brought to the fellow, and there is a wave of fluctuations in the heart. If there is a human swimming in the water, it is more difficult to increase the problem. It is not necessary to say this game, this speed is not possible.

So now Li Lao's filial piety is more surprised. Will be surprised that two words are written on the face. Fang Xiaoyu suddenly feels unique, but you have to be low-key, so I will talk about Li Lao. .

"Hey, unfortunately, such a good seed, if I am young, I am going to recruit, just I am old now, let the young people let the young people go!"

When Li Lao came, there was a kind of breath of the old man in the end of the year. It was very stunned. Fang Xiaoyu also saw it, but I can't say anything. ,

The Chen Yaonan, which has been watching the filial piety under the stage. Just now Chen Yaonan has shouted, but there is no humanity, I have no way, I have to look at it, I saw that Fang Xiaoyu was just disdainful looking at Li Lao's Time to show a clean laugh.

"Now give me a forced, when you are in the evening!"

Chen Yaonan's shrimp shop is not the one of the Fang Xiaoyu, but a little bit a little bit, but it is also a little bit. For example, the wine is free, and there are other barbecues, And Fang Xiaoyu went to the home of this at noon, it was a purebred shrimp. If you want to experience the perfect taste, the average person will choose to go there.

This is because Chen Li doesn't want to bring a bad experience to your girlfriend. Isn't there a sentence?

If there is a person whistle to your woman, you should be a meal, because you are young, if you don't want to be, then you will try to go to a high-end restaurant, there is no hooligan.

This sentence is still a very classic.

Night has quietly come, there are few people on the coast, and I returned to the hotel early, and Fang Xiaoyu is still on the coast. At this time, Fang Xiaoyu is thinking about how you want to quickly upgrade.

From small to big, Fang Xiaoyu only wants to do the best to do what you want to do. It is not necessary to say this mysterious system. Fang Xiaoyu is to study thoroughly, so Fang Xiaoyu has been thinking about how he can Quick upgrade.

Then an hour's thinking is that ...

This is a little difficult, and the Fang Xiaoyu stands up in the long-term living items, and then the Fang Xiaoyu stands up, and it doesn't want so much!

Stretch stretch, stand up, let's go!