The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 30: Points

Go back to sleep, research the system.

There are three kinds of money in the system according to Fang Xiaoyu observed.

Flying Tian Pills, Memory Pills, and a variety of cheats.

Then, Fang Xiaoyu is marked, and the feathers and flying pills are necessary, and the memory pill has been replaced by the search system, so there is only a cheat, but when Fang Xiaoyu wants to go into the cheats, but It is a thing to find a thing, then how do you don't open it, this is more confused.

Then Fang Xiaoyu is, no matter whether the cheat is a three-point points, the cheats are all have time limit, but the cheats written above are randomized, and there is an emergency situation in the host!

Fang Xiaoyu has only helpless sleep after reading it.

The next day, the early Female pumored, and saw the information in the class.

"Last night, because of the students who are sleeping very late, today's tourism is delayed to 12 o'clock in noon!"

Fang Xiaoyu smiled after reading, this Longhu Mountain did not have to go, but it was found, there is also a recreational facility, and there is a characteristic, that is, dragon and tiger mountains can be said to be A landmark of Fengdu, very high, and it looks very burly, or is the highest in Fengcheng.

Fang Xiaoyu is very bored, I don't want to stay in the room, so I think I think, I have come to this resort. I naturally go out to go. Group, I think about it, I will go out, go outside.

At this point, there are only eight points in the morning, and there are some old ages in the resort. They are all retired, but the resort is a relatively famous, a better resort, in the Mingdu resort, as long as there is Money and time, that service is simply a level of super-flow, so many retired rich old men will choose to play here.

The more you have a lot of money, the more you like health, so you can get a standard for these elderly early. Fang Xiaoyu has not seen a young man. See all the old people walk here, and then Fang Xiaoyu began to go to another On the side, I am ready to blow the sea breeze in the morning.

At this time, a sound came over.

"Hey, the young man in front, wait!"

Fang Xiaoyu knows that it is almost the elderly around, and the back of the back is very rare, so I know that it is myself, and I have turned it over.

When I turned, I saw that Li is old, but Li Lao's side followed two young people, it looks very healthy.

Fang Xiaoyu is not very disgusting for Li Lao's attitude, and then hit a greeting.

"Li is old, good morning, you will take a walk so early!"


Fang Xiaoyu smiled and was ready to continue, then Li Lao opened.

"Hey, young guys, have you anxious?"


"I have some things to talk to you, let's go on the chair next to it, do you see convenience?"

"it is good!"

Fang Xiaoyu was originally unleurved, but he heard Li Laodai with a desired tone, he still went.

Fang Xiaoyu and Li Di are sitting on the chair, and young people who follow Li Lao is sitting on another table.

"Li is old, what are you looking for?"

"That, what is your name!"

When Fang Xiaoyu, he heard this question, this is a problem, but this can't be blamed for the old, after all, and did not remember the name of Fang Xiaoyu, just remember the shape.

Then, Fang Xiaoyu said.

"Li, I am called Fang Xiaoyu!"

Li Lao said, smiled, and the opening said.

"It's a bit embarrassed! People have a little bit like to forget things, I am really sorry, I've been a small side! Don't mind me so call you!"

"Don't mind, Li Lao, you said!"

When Fang Xiaoyu said this, Li Lao took a piece of tea.

"Do you know the national team? Or is it interested in the national team!"

When Fang Xiaoyu is not saying, Li has already opened it, and the opportunity to open a mouthful of filial piety, then Li Lao said heavyly said.

"National Team, that is, every World Games will participate in all the people in our country, that is, our country's face is in these people, but in recent years, our swimming team is no longer, because the secular Variety!"

Said here, Li Lao smiled and laughed to Fang Xiaoxiao, and found that Fang Xiaoyu has been listening carefully, and then said, in fact, Fang Xiaoyu is not to hear, and Fang Xiaoyu has a prominent in my mind.

"Random task appears! Listen to Li Hui's national team, and calibrate Li Lao's emotions! The name of this task is called love for the elderly!"

Originally, Fang Xiaoyu did not want to do it, but after seeing the mission reward, after two points, suddenly excited, this is a point reward, the heart is in the Fang Xiaoyu already has three tasks, and it is not completed. One is a fans, there is still a fan, and the current care of the elderly, and the Shenhao system is very overbearing, it will not pay attention to the host will not accept, and everything is confirmed by default, if it is not completed .

The host will be punished, and the punishment of this mission is very serious in Fang Xiaoyu, it is actually a fourth point, that is, if Fang Xiaoyu failed, then all points were gone.

Then Fang Xiaoyu smiled and listened. Li Lao also said that Fang Xiaoyu found that after the system released the entire mission, Fang Xiaoyu actually found a pointing label, can point to the opposite side, how many degrees Generally, the highest is 150 degrees, the lowest is 30 degrees!

At this time, Li Lao's evaluation in front of him was very excited, and also gave a hundred degree rating, it seems very scary, the requirements of the task are to calm down, that is to say that the pointer will stop directly in the middle.

Then Li Lao said.

"I said, the current swimming team can't, they are all young guys, the body is very delicate, so the last time swimming game, we just got a bronze medal, this is the best I have achieved, you can't hate it, and there is, I told you that I am queen now, but I think I still have a task, that is, I recommend some young people to go in, this swimming team is spending me more than half of youth Inside, I don't want to look at him to die, so do you understand what I mean, a small party! "