The richest man in the magic city

Section [31]

Finally, Li Lao was expected to look at the filial piety. Fang Xiaoyu was very eye-catching by Li's old. This looks at the filial piety. Fang Xiaoyu is that Fang Xiaoyu has seen the pointer in his mind. It is actually excited, and Still a hundred and fifty!

Fang Xiaoyu even suspected that the system was wrong.

"The system is not tender to give an error, please don't be pleased, otherwise it will be punished!"

Fang Xiaoyu is also very helpless, then looked at Li and said.

"That, who are the young guys behind you!"

Fang Xiaoyu tried to turn the topic, in Fang Xiaoyu, the few young guys behind Li Lao are definitely Li Lao's disciples, then give them a recommendation, let them go smoothly, such a full-time business, Isn't it a beautiful.

But after Li Lao listened to the words of the whole filial piety, it was hanging down the head and then said.

"These two are all in the Jiangnan area, they are all kinds of swimming, now here to join me to join the swimming team, although I can recommend people enter the swimming team, but I just have a quota, I don't want this The quota is wasted, and I said to you, this quota can be a general person who wants to be, the last time a boss spent a million to buy his son came in, all refused, so I said, I am now Almost all, please join, isn't it good? "

After Li, Li is, it is directly and wonderful, and Fang Xiaoyu does not eat this set, just a hard-working topic.

"The old, the disciple of these people behind you, I still look good! Perhaps their swimming kung fu is better than me, if they really want to join people, they are extremely wanting to join. Love is reasonable, it is better to join 1 "

Fang Xiaoyu said, thinking that he made a good idea, but Li Yao just put his hand, said.

"No, they don't have you very much. I told you that in the past few days, I held a lot of games. These two people are also lasting games to find me. For you, it is also the top. See it! "

Fang Xiaoyu once again transferred the topic failed, and Li Lao as if he saw the Chinese filial piety, staring at Fang Xiaoxiao did not put the opening.

"I said, you shouldn't be so unhappy!"

Since Fang Xiaoyu doesn't eat this set, it is okay that is nothing.

"Hey, there are two brothers there, what is your name!"

"Li Si!"

"Zhang San!"

After Fang Xiaoyu heard, he felt a bit surprised.

"You are too ... too much, no matter what your skills are good!"

"It's good to have you fart, you are Li Lao, do you think?" Zhang San said.

"Oh, my technology is okay, not very weak!" Li Si said.

Obviously, Li Si has to converge a lot, then said, when Li Lao has been watching the square, I don't know what Fang Xiaoyu is doing, is it ...

Sure enough, then Fang Xiaoyu opened.

"You, I said that you will follow me, if you win, you can go in!"

When Fang Xiaoyu, I thought that two people would be very grateful, even grateful to cry, after all, I will have such a good opportunity, but the last result is still very disappointed, just heard Zhang Sanxiang said .

"Who are you, what you said, is not what I said, you only can cheat Li Lao, you can't lie to me!"

Fang Xiaoyu heard, Suddenly curious, can this swimming technology can also be fake, is it going to change the same person? Fang Xiaoyu has never seen this kind of thing before, so the curiosity of this thing is also relatively heavy. Then, Fang Xiaoyu said.

"Well, I want to know that I am running myself yesterday, so I want to know, why do you say there will be fake, I am not in your line, so I want to listen to the story!" Fang Xiaoyu deliberately lowered the posture Then Zhang San said.

"Ok, let's satisfy you!"

Zhang San came at the son of a pair of people, and Li Lao said over there.

"The old man doesn't know, I want to know what is going on in the end, I have never heard of this kind of fake!"

Fang Xiaoyu smiled and waited for Zhang San's statement.

Zhang San said after the tea.

"Do you know the Zhoushan competition?"

"Do you talk about the national team members in Zhoushan during the summer?"

"It is!"

"You said there is a shady!"

"It is!"

Li Lao was made by these two, it is very panic, it seems that some can't believe it, and then Fang Xiaoyu said.


Zhang San is very satisfied with the reactions, then open.

"Once, in the Zhoushan National Team Selection Competition, the national team can go to the national team, so you can get a lot of honors, but it is the temptation of honor, so many people have chosen to travel, buy through The referee, and then I have a stimulant to play, I got the first place! "

After Li Lao heard, the shocked face, suddenly remembered the champion of the Zhoushan at the time, it seems to be a little too excited, but he only thought that the person was so happy.

At this time, I thought about it, I missed it wrong.

Then Zhang San continued.

"Actually, this kind of thing is generally no one knows, just because that person is my brother, we are all Zhoushan swimming team, it should be I will go to the selection, but that person sent a gift, my home Poorly can't afford him, so qualified is his, now I think it is very annoyed, so I want to expose him, I can guarantee what I said is true! "

After Li Yao heard, it was very excited. Fang Xiaoyu can see that the degree of Li Lao in his mind is reported, but it has fallen soon, and Fang Xiaoyu can clearly see that Li Lao's expression has become very helpless.

"Hey, I know what it is to use. At this time, I am not coach, talking in the team, there is not much place."

"But if you want to fight, you can get it more than one, wait, it is better to fight, the last most powerful person, I will use it as a candidate!"

Fang Xiaoyu smiled, because so his own counsel has been suggested, and then the Fang Xiaoyu said.