The richest man in the magic city

The fake of the [33] is fake

Li Lao looked at the two young men in front of him. These two young men are already the best two people in front of them, so these two people cannot be left.

For fairness, so I had to wait for the foot of Zhang San, and Li Si, who came behind, laughed, and there was no objection for this matter, or because of this game, I have to be eliminated.

Then Zhang San opened.

"I don't have to take it, because I am looking for a new goal!"

"That ... why?"

When Li Lao wanted to shout Zhang San, Zhang San had left, and he went to the pace of Fang Xiaoyu!

Fang Xiaoyu is ready to go back, don't plan to stay outside, this time is coming to climb the mountain before noon.

Fang Xiaoyu's call suddenly rang.


"Hey, Fang Xiaoyu, where are you, come and pick me up!"

"Ah! Where are you!"

The voice of Fang Xiaoyu heard was the voice of ea, and some questions said to the opening.

"I inside a hotel outside the resort!"

Fang Xiaoyu suddenly embarrassed, this means, clearly there is room in the resort, why do you want to go outside? Fang Xiaoyu decided to ask directly, but Na did not say it in the phone, Fang Xiaoyu went back, fast After asking the address, I started to go there.

Fang Xiaoyu is no car in the resort, but in the entire resort is actually very big, the filial piety directly rented a sightseele, directly to the hotel next to it.

Driving to the hotel, Fang Xiaoyu opened the phone, ready to ask Lua.

"Hey, here!"

Fang Xiaoyu turned his head and looked over, there is ena where there is an ea, but it is not anone, and there is a woman.

Then two people came over, and Fang Xiaoyu said.

"That, who is this lady?"

"This is my sister!" Lua said.

When Fang Xiaoyu suddenly was shocked, what happened, he was in the European home for a long time. Why don't I know that I still have a sister in Ina's home, but the sister of ena is very outgoing, and said directly.

"Hello, I am called Ou Ting! It is a small foreign country. I haven't seen me. So you may have never seen me. In fact, I am just Na's sister! Haha, who are you, you are Nana's boyfriend? "

Fang Xiaoyu said.

"Not ..."


Fang Xiaoyu suddenly surprised, what is this ghost, is not eun, who has always hated himself, why suddenly said that she is her boyfriend, then Ou Ting laugh.

"Hahaha, Nana, you are lie, you are so skilled, if you are object, then how do you look so sad, I have seen the couple, but there is no such!"

Ona wrote, suddenly, immediately posted on the body of Fang Xiaoyu, Fang Xiaoyu suddenly felt that Ona was posted on himself, some uncomfortable, but still very comfortable.

"Okay, sister, you see, now I believe it!"


Ou Ting didn't know if it really believed, but then walked to the car. If you look at the surface, it should be almost believed!

Fang Xiaoyu asked again.

"Where are we going, go home?"

"Don't go home, are you still what is going on? I am with you, go home, I am coming back from home yesterday!"

Wen said, Fang Xiaoyu also known, this sister means to follow yourself to go out, but it should be possible, Fang Xiaoyu no matter so much, even if it is not, no matter what you are.

Ona's eu-Ting sat in the back row, and Ona was crowded in the side of Fang Xiaoyu.

"Don't you feel crowded? Nana!"

"No, we have two often sitting like this, I am used to it!"

"Haha, okay, two of you are really loving, there may be no need to worry!"

Then, the car was started, and Ou Ting at this time is no longer ea, just look at the side.

Then the fellow films said.

"Miss, you want to do it, how do I suddenly become your boyfriend, is it that you are secretly love I have to take this way to take me? I can't do it, I am still a pure man!"

"What are you thinking, how can I be like this, I will tell you!"

Ina is ready to talk about things! Fang Xiaoyu chooses to wash.

"You said!"

"This is my sister, when I was young, I was very good to tell me very well, but I just went to my abroad for a while. I was only coming back. I came back before, I came to me. I called me yesterday afternoon. , I will follow the Lisa teacher and then come out, as for why I will say that you are my boyfriend is! "

"Just I don't want to be introduced, you don't know that my sister is abroad, abroad is the age of teens, so my sister often uses this to laugh at me, even said This time, I will introduce me to introduce the object. I still need someone to introduce the object? So I have to help me! "

"Wait, you want me to be a block!"

Fang Xiaoyu will react at this time. What is this? I am inexplicably be a wave of block arrow. This feeling is not very good, then I said.

"I told you, Miss, this way is to add salary!"


With the words of ea, Fang Xiaoyu felt a pain in the arm, and the pain can be endured, but it is also very uncomfortable!

"You put down!"

"Hey, if you have a good thing, I will talk to my dad, give you processing, how?"


The two have reached an agreement, and Fang Xiaoyu is really a laughter for the IN.

"You two intimate is intimate, but in driving! I don't want a car accident!"

The latter voice came over, and then he said.

"Nothing, chieartie, you are sitting stable!"

At this time, Fang Xiaoyu was surprised to find that time is not enough. It will be settled in 12 o'clock. Now it is 10 o'clock, and you have to prepare things!

Therefore, Fang Xiaoyu reminded a speed after a sentence.

"Wow, slow, the Nana's boyfriend, the trouble is slow!"

Fang Xiaoyu did not slow down, because it was already can't catch up.