The richest man in the magic city

Section [44] strength

The next morning, everyone went to the road to go to the mountain. Before this, Fang Xiaoyu and others were just the students of ordinary. The two students who disappeared may be eaten by the beast, suddenly there is Feel the fear, let everyone have trembling.

So the students should not be afraid of their hearts. After all, they can be a group of guys that combine the battle force is zero.

Walking in front of the rescue team and others, watching this group of students are afraid of being scared, can't shook their heads.

However, they still think about it, after all, they are just some children who have not experienced danger.

So the people of the rescue team came to the face of this group of students, so even what happened, they can avoid these children in the first time.

However, Fang Xiaoxuan looked at the behavior of the rescue team, but it was crowded: he had a super-ability person, how could be a coward, hiding in the back of others to let others protect yourself.

When Fang Xiaoyu thought, while preparing to stand up, and the rescue team walked together, he heard that he had to come out, he heard the front rescue team, said that a person was glorious.

"Your group of students should do a good job in the student, and quietly in the school, there is nothing to take any insurance, really, but also people take care of you." Talking is a big black and high high Man.

Fang Xiaolu looked at this tone of this tone, and his eyes couldn't help but secretly. He is the most annoying person, but even if he hates, how can it, how can it, on the end of this, still rely on The help of their rescue team.

So, even if Fellow is angry, he must have to bear, in order to take care of the overall situation, he must arrange his little emotions.

At this time, the captain of the rescue team saw his own hand, and his face nature is also very ugly.

So he said that he said with a very bad man: "Li, you are enough, how big are you, how big are you, do you run this for these students?"

When Li Zu listened to his own boss, he couldn't help but say: "Boss, why do you have to take them, when you wait until you have a beast, they can only be our cumbersome, you can't set it yourself Looking for a good job? "

However, when the old boss heard the words of Li, did not say anything, turned his head and continued to go forward, and the people of other rescue teams saw that their own boss came, and they all followed.

Finally, even the students such as filial piety were also behind the rescue team, leaving only Li Zuo a person standing in place.

Li Zu looked at the back of everyone, and his eyes couldn't help but bleak. If you carefully see, you will find that his eyes are not easy to make people feel the yin, turn tightly. .

However, when I thought about Li, I found out.

After Li Zhegen was behind Fangfu, he stared at the figure of Fang Xiaoyu, and then unconsciously extended his hands and pushed it.

However, Fang Xiaoyu detected that Li Zuo did not make good satisfaction behind him.

So Li Zuo rushed, and the Fang Xiaolu was gently turned, and then he saw that Li Zuoguo mud is generally planted on the ground.

The captain of the rescue team naturally heard the movements came behind, so he came over and said to Li Zuo: "What do you want to do, if you don't want to catch the beast together, you will go back."

But Li Zuo is willing to go back, he still thinking about catching the beast, a talent.

However, he thought that the sneak attack was missing, and he couldn't even play a student. Is this Fellow, is it a pig? No, you must explore it clearly.

So Li Zuoqiang endured the anger in his heart, facing the captain of the rescue team: "Captain, I will not make trouble, you can rest assured."

The rescue team captain heard that Li Zuo said, there was a breath, so he said to them: "Since there is no big problem, let it go, or you have now the speed, wait until we go to the mountain, then How do I catch the beast? "

After the rescue team captain, he would not manage people, and he walked forward.

After the rescue team captain left, he gave a "fuck" to Li Zuo, who was squatting on the ground.

After Fang Xiaoyu did finished, the most team of teams followed the team, leaving only one person.

Li Zu looked at the back of Fangfu: Good kid, you gave me a lot, wait for me, I want to cry, cry can't cry.

After Li Zuai, he climbed it, took the soil of itself, and quickly followed.

Next, there was a special funny scene. I saw that Li Zuo did not fall around Fang Xiaoyu, that is, it touched the big tree.

However, all this is not a Fang Xiaoyu. He is just a gentleness when Li is sneak his attack.

At this time, Li Zu, the nose is swollen, followed by the followers, and the eyes have been filled with obstacles.

He didn't believe it. He didn't even have a student. How did you make yourself?

However, Li Zu at this time did not walk back to Fang Xiaoyu, he was in front of Fang Xiaoyu, because he thought that there were still many times in the nearby remediation of the beast, and now the primary task is still a good injury. Bar.

Fang Xiaoyu looked at the front, one, a heart-away, I couldn't help but laugh, and Li Zuo, who was walking in front, so he turned his head, and smashed his eyes.

At this time, Fang Xiaoyu suddenly reached out to pull the plum.

Looking at Fang Xiaoyu, this unscrupulous action, just wanted to turn his head to reprimand him, but in the moment of Li Zuo turned his head, a gorgeous tree in front of him was ruthless to Li Zuo's eyes.

Looking at the big trees in front of it, Li Zuo understood that the movement of Fang Fei's filial piety was to save himself. At this time, when he turned his head and looked at the filial piety, there was no previous resentment before his eyes, and it was a grateful look. .

In the front rescue team, when I heard the movement behind, I have also rushed over, just saw the big tree down, the rescue captain quickly watched the filial piety and others.

"You are all right, have anyone injured?" The rescue captain asked quickly.

Fang Xiaoyu shook his head, they were waiting in Li Zuo, nothing serious, afraid that this Li was scared.