The richest man in the magic city

Section [45] things that don't grow

Then continue.

Looking at the muddy mountain road on the road in Shangshan is also a helplessness.

"This road is so difficult to go, too muddy", ea and Ou Ting kept complaining.

"To bear it, you will leave this muddy small road again." Fang Xiaoyu.

It is now in the morning, the sun is not too sufficient, there are some dew on the road, almost noon, three people are only coming out.

"Finally came out. Even hungry, feed, have anything to eat," Ona was touched his stomach asked.

"Which, I am also hungry, find it around, and take a break in the way.

"There, there, it seems to be smoking, is there anyone to cook," Ou Ting said.

"Let's go, go see.

In the woods, a bunch of small bonfires burned, she raised the rabbit that had been went to her, next to the two full faces, and staring at each other. I can't wait to take the other side. .

Three people swallowed the swallow water, "Can this be sold to us?"


"Money is here is the most used things"

"Come on", "Let's do it yourself"

"You are waiting for me here, I will find it myself"

Fang Xiaoyu took the sleeve, looking for something that can be eaten, there is a fruit in the 100-meter tree in front.

Just picking these fruits, Fang Xiaoyu put the fruit on the ground, hiding behind the tree, holding a stick, no one will come over, come back and return to the test for almost 3 minutes, Fang Xiaoyu almost jumped out The skin, finally, the pheasant feels not dangerous, and slowly walked toward the fruit, Fang Xiaoyu jumped out a stick to kill the wild chicken.

Using this method, Fang Xiaoyu began a second hunt, and will return it.

Left hand led two wild chickens, one right hand, think about it is beautiful, go back to bring some wood.

Deliver two pheasant to Ona and Ou Ting.

"Help me pull them".

Fang Xiaoyu went back to take the fruit back, and by the way, he brought back three large leaves.

"Come come, give me chicken."

It turned up to pack the hairy chicken with the leaves, dig a pit, gave birth to a fire, throw the bag.

After a while, a faintly affectionate fragrance floated, "Let's wait, you will have to eat for a while," Fang Xiaoyu said to the two women who originated.

"Yes, I can't stand it" Ouyang Road.

"Eat it".

The three people took out the chicken from the fire, and she suddenly watched the golden yellow chicken, two women did not consciously swallow the swallowed water, and they knew that Fang Xiaoyu was a little points. Come out.

"There are still a few fruit here."

To say, the three people began to eat, seeing the opposite side of the DC mouth, two big men, a little rabbit how could be eaten, for them, it will not be a little more, but will be more hungry, There is a vibeous bloodthirsty in the eyes of the two.

The two quietly picked up the carbonized wooden sticks burning in the fire, walked toward the three people, there was a slashing in the eyes, playing in the second woman, two women hide, but also it is good.

Fang Xiaoyu directly stood up and looked at the two people "What do you want to do?

"Kill you, grab your food!"

The two have no more words, they rushed directly to Fang Xiaoyu, but Fang Xiaoyu did not think they could play themselves, seeing their looks at least half a month in the forest, and the two don't have much strength at all. It is completely supported by the nature of a bone, and Fang Xiaoyu picked up a stone and rushed to the two.

hiss. This is really not light, it is only purple on the legs. Fang Xiaoyu is directly hit by the two knees, and the two directly rushed to the side of the Fang Xiaoyu.

The left hand was cared at the head, and the right hand took the stone to smash the two people. Hey, a crisp sound passed to the ears of Fang Xiaoyu, I saw the second person licking her feet, squatting on the ground, Fang Xiaoyu stood up and picked up the stick that had just taken it in his hand. He walked over the first person. He suddenly, a stones in the hand were thrown out, and the man was caught by hand. However, he was fed to the ground with a knee, and his stick smashed toward the first person's head.

, blood DC, the man passed directly, Fang Xiaoyu walked over the second person, and the man saw the squats of Fang Xiaoyu, couldn't help but say "Can you let me".


Looking at the eyes of Fang Xiaoyu, that person only felt a dramatic pain, fainting through the whole body, fainting, and faintly felt that there was a drag yourself.

"You, you, what are you doing, let me down."

"You are bleeding, there will be a wolf for a while, you will die very hard."

Fang Xiaoyu looked at the two people hanged on the tree, turned to the second woman, and wandered a far away, and there was still no shouts that came back, bloody taste spread in the air. Soon, I have left not far away, I heard the call of the two people to kill the pig, and the mouth of Fang Xiaoyu did not consciously raised.

Looking at the two women, curved eyelashes, sexy lips, pink faces, the clothes are dirty, but they can't hide the body of the two people, Fang Xiaoyu is waiting for some two women to wake up Come, wait for waiting to fall asleep.

"Fang Xiaoyu, Fang Xiaoyu, wake up, how can you fall asleep?

Fang Xiaoyang opened his eyes, he saw a beautiful cheek to reflect the eye, unconscious, old face.

"Hey, the original fits will be blushing", "Orana.

"I haven't", Fang Xiaoyu is not a small proud.

"Okay, hurry". Ou Ting Road

Three people have been playing and playing soon. It is very far away. It is finally found to find a little trace. When this road is walking, you should find a fight, the more you go, the two women are not Consciously filial piety, who told him that the only male in this.

"Look, where are they," Ou Ting pointed to not say it.

"Wait, you look at what!" Fang Xiaoyu pointed out not far away.

Two women looked at the directions of Fang Xiaoyu, I saw that everyone was surrounded by the wolves! ! !

I saw it, the lack of the lack of the lack of the legs, the front leg extends forward, put a pair of outwards, and two eyes have a fierce light. I have a sharp-hearted scorpion, spit out the long blood red tongue, and the big mode is in the ground.

Fang Xiaoyu explained how terrible wolves, don't look at more than a dozen wolves, but they are more terrible than what they have in the wild, and the tigers are afraid of the wolves. " The big thing is not cold and chestnut. Under their rotation, even if the king of the beast is hard to be difficult. The second World War, Nazi Déland, the Navy General Dunz is called "Wolf Head", that is because of his first The "Wolf Tactics" of the sea battle, making the Nazi Déland Navy in the early days of the World War II. "Wolf Tactics" and Goodrian's "Lightning" and called the Nazi Déland army's land and land two "magic weapons".

"Do you know?" Looking at the two women, Fang Xiaoyu asked, then the wolves of the wolves continued to shrink ...