The wolves stared at the people in the team, the eyes of the evil eyes, the greedy color did not hide!

Although the number of rescue teams is not less, but still a gap than the wolves ...

It is stared at the eyes of several ten cold blood. Some people in the rescue team are small, and they have begun to be afraid, and they will retreat a small step.

Fang Xiaoyu has also retired a small step, but he is not afraid of the wolves, but standing in front of him, moved backwards, he couldn't help, only backwards.

After reading a few people retreat, Li Yugui pledges a wonderful curvature, a few wolves, just scared these people ...

This kind of behavior that has not been warned, let him not be shameful!

For Li Zuo full of ridicule, Fang Xiaoyu did not put it on his heart, he automatically ignored it.

A wolf, is not more terrible, terrible is that these animals know how to unite, once the wolves are united, even if they are known as the tigers or lions of the king of the beast, they can only retreat!

Li Zuo is more powerful, can you still have a tiger or lion?

The eyes were toned in the body of Fang Xiaoyu. Li Zu scorn snorted, before the filial piety of the mouth, let him lose his face, and now I have seen Fang Xiaoyu to reveal before the wolves, and he is full of comfort.

"A group of soft bones ..." The eyes swept after the retreat, and Li was faint.

I heard the words, and the few people retired in addition to the Fang Xiaoyu, others, the face became popular ...

Li Zu's words, let them have a sense of shame, this is the people of the rescue team, to save others, but they have no courage to face the wolves in front!

Low head, the face of a few people is more ugly, Li Zu's eyes, let them unacceptably, although I want to refute, but after seeing the wolf, my heart, my heart is, I am scared by the wolf. .

For Li Zuo's contempt, Fang Xiaoyu is just a smile, this time, who wants to hero, think of a person's own group of wolves, I am afraid that it will be broken by the wolf.

"It's right, we are soft bones ..." Fang Xiaoyu looked at Li and slowly said: "But you, don't stand it here ..."

I heard the words, Li Zuo's face disdainful look gradually solidified, looking at a light filial piety, pupil, flashing a disgusted look.

"At least, I am not like some people, I will retreat." Li Zuo faintly said, but he passed the words, there was undoubtedly the few people returned, and they ridiculed it again.

"Is this your proud capital?" For Li Zuo's irony, Fang Xiaoyu did not be angry, continued: "If it is just this, I can do it."

After that, Fang Xiaoyu pushed the person standing in front of him and came out.

Looking at the youth standing in front of you, Li Yige wrinkled, I want to take this opportunity to ridicule side filial piety, I thought, he actually stood in front of him ...

"What is the use now?" Li looked at Fang Xiaoyu, still disdain, faint: "I don't know who it is, hiding behind the team ..."

"Oh?" Looking at Li, Fang Xiaoyu smiled and said: "I am now standing here, then you stand here, don't use it ..."

Lightly, Yang Xia, Fang Xiaoyu looked at the wolves and said: "It seems that you have rushed the wolves to rush ..."


Li Yizhen, he wanted to make Fang Xiaoyu, but he didn't expect that the latter's three words, so that he was difficult to fight!

He is in the end, it is an underestimated fang fu tooth!

"Do you think I will be afraid of the wolf?" Lounge is too lazy to see the filial piety, Li Zuo turned, uncomfortable: "It's a joke!"

"Not afraid you go, what is the use here?" Glade Li Zuo, the irony road of Fang Xiaoyu.

The two people's tongue disputes, everyone looked in the eyes, before being robbed by Li, at this moment, I looked up at the head, looked at Li Zi, who was biting his teeth, and their heart suddenly felt comfortable.

Being stared at the eyes of a few people, Li Zu's face became difficult to look, now he is riding a tiger, if you recognize it in front of these people, then he still has face here?

"Go, you have a big look, what is the real man's true color!" Although it has become a tiger, the heart is proud of Li Zu, in order to keep the face, don't want to reveal in front of Fang Xiaoyu. cowardly!

Looking at the back of the wolves walked, Fang Xiaoyu did not smile, what is the head? This is, if it is a wolves, how can the tiger lion not provoke?

"Li, come back!"

"Li, are you crazy?"

"Come back!"


Seeing Li Zuo walking to the wolves, other team members quickly shouted, how can it be the opponent of a wolf?

This kind of behavior is exhausted in self-cultivation!

However, in the face of the player's anxiety, Li Zu just put a swing, the footsteps of walking did not stay, he truly: "You can rest assured, I will not have something!"


A warm wolf, Yang Tian's long, it seems to have a general, wolf group, suddenly rushed over, the goal ... is Li Zu!

I looked at the wolves, Li Waitted to the heart, today, he will prove to give Fang Xiaoyu, there is a lot of gaps with him!

A punch and retreat, Li Wait, the fist came up, let him finally know, even if it is just a wolf, it makes him tired, but he is now, it is the whole wolves!

It is a terrible group with a dozen wolves!

I want to prove to others, he Li is not a breed, but now, he has some regrets.

The arm is smashed, and finally I will bite his arm's wolf, but on his arm, blood has been reddish!

The pain came, and Li was pale, and he couldn't stand the bite of the wolves. Li Zu was swarmed to the wolves, and fell to the ground.

"Ah!" A extremely painful voice spread throughout the valley!

Even the life is not coming out, Li Zu's throat is being broken by the biggest gray wolf, gave a broken ...

Looking at the wolves around, Li Zu's teammate, fist, a big living, but a moment, it was given to this group of livestock!

It seems to be in the expectation, Fang Xiaoyu's look does not change much, look at the wolves, I don't know what I'm thinking.