The richest man in the magic city

Section [47] is dead!

Soon, the wolves will take Li Zi Yussen white bones ...

The wind blows, filled with a bloody breath, and a few want to make people awes.

It seems that the human meat is fresh, the wolves will once again, and they are aimed at everyone ...

It is stared at the indifferent pupil that does not contain someone else, and everyone can't help but hit a cold, even the few teammates who have Li Zuo are not refunded back!

I saw how miserable in Li Zuo, now they don't play the guts, and the wolf group fell!

Among everyone, only Fang Xiaoyu has not retreat ...

Looking at the wolf group gradually, and the teammates of Li Zuo, finally can't stop the fire in the heart, and he said to Fang Xiaoyu: "Black you, if you, Li Zu will die, how to cause these animals Bloodthirsty! "

"Blame me?"

After passing, Fang Xiaoyu looked at him, and it didn't matter to smile, said: "Is Li Zuo himself to hero, only to send life, what is the relationship with me?"

"You don't have to be angry with words, how can he go to a wolf group alone!" Li Zu's teammates suddenly got bigger, reputation.

"Yes, blame you!"

"If you are not you, Li Zu will not die!"


As the first person is the death of Li Zuo, others have begun, and the number of seven-tongued numbers is filial.

As if in their eyes, Li Zu's death, all is the fault of Fang Xiaoyu, or if the Fang Xiaoyu, Li Zu will never die, it will not die, this is like this!

Now they, blame all the crime to the head of Fang Xiaoyu, Fang Xiaoyu is the culprit to kill Li Zuo!

In the face of the accusation of the filial piety of Li Zuo teammates, it was a little bit of a few people who were ridiculous by Li Zuo, and finally someone stood out ...

"Li Zuo himself went to hurry, what is the relationship with Folk piety?"

"There is no strength, but also bialightly stubborn, death,"

"Don't die!"


In the face of the accusation of the seven tongues of others, a few people who have been angry before, and they are also awkward ...

The wolf group has begun to move, and there is a possibility of rushing!

"Don't blame others, as Li Zuo's teammates, look at him dangerous, you not only don't help each other, but also to remove responsibility to others, you ... can be his good teammate." A teammate who swept Li Zuo, Fang Xiaoyu smiled and did not leave the ridiculous way.

The wolf is still understanding, but these people, in addition to accusing other people, there is no matter what other things.

If you have already started the tiger, he doesn't believe that these people will call Li Zi ...

The filial piety is ridiculed, and several people have finally become ashamed, and they will turn their attention to the wolves that they want to move.

"You will go first, here is given to me." I looked at a few people who had no fire, Fang Xiaoyu came out.

He is not the kind of person who is getting careful, now the urgent task is to eliminate the wolves!

"Are you left alone?" Just by Fang Xiaoli once a few people, heard that Fang Xiaoyu left, and a little surprised.

The wolves are terrible, they are clear, even Li Zu is already licking, only the bones are left, with the eyes of the body, how can it be a group of wolves?

Didn't talk, Fang Xiaoyu looked at the wolves and nodded.

"are you crazy?"

"You are a hero of yourself, in the face of the wolves, even we haven't grasp, you have a hair kid, I really don't know the highland thick."

"I have a few pounds of a few two, and I don't queue."

Seeing the movement of Fang Xiaoyu, several teammates who Li Zuo, suddenly you say that I started to ridicule.

As a team member of the rescue team, they are all fear when they face the wolves, but some people are in front of them, threatening to block the wolf!

This kind of thing is not marginal, it is like a joke, but unfortunately, this joke is not laughing at all.

"Ou Na Ting, the team members with the student team left here!" For a few people's ridicule, Fang Xiaoyu frowned slightly, he knows that now, the power of the tongue is undoubtedly a waste of time, once the wolves began to attack, Everything is late.

"You ... be careful." Ou Na Ting is going to disclaimer to leave together, but when seeing the latter's slightly frown, just say a word, let him be careful.

The student team began to retreat under the leadership of Ooute.


Looking at someone retreat, the head of the gray wolf, once again, the long-awaited long, I have already pressed the wolves, and the flying to the side is waiting!

Looking at the wolves that fluttered, everyone's face is white, and Li Zu's death has made them a great fear of the wolves!

Sensen, it is always like a throat like a throat, bites their throat ...

In the face of the fierce and extremely wolf, some people can no longer be able to settle down, and ran away from the legs.

Looking at the team members of the legs trembled, Fang Xiaoyu seems to have an unhappy way: "A group of idiots ..."

After that, Fang Xiaoyu moved his step.

Direction, is relative to the wolves!

"Crazy, it's crazy!" Looking at the youth that walked toward the wolves, the rescue team was low.

"Let's avoid the front and then think about other ways."

Wen said that everyone is extremely agreed.

There were several people who were still filming before the filial piety. At this moment, it is a shameless beginning to escape.

Temporarily avoiding the front, but it is a good excuse for your own timidity.

Everyone gradually went away, and Fang Xiaoyu, it has also started with the wolves ...

The body is slightly tilted, and the one wolves will be hide, and then the one can kick, the wolf has not responded, and lying on the ground, twitching a few times, no movement!

More than a dozen wolves, it is indeed underestimated, Fang Xiaoyu looked at the chest, has been caught, on his arms, this moment, there is already a hot and painful feeling ...

However, the number of wolves lying on the ground is already ten!

Now, only three wolves are left!

Footsteps lightly, Fang Xiaoyu began action ...


A dull sound came out, the body's largest gray wolf, lying on the ground, the body constantly twitch, after a few unrelenting, the heart stopped.

The Wolf King's soul return to Jiuquan, the wolf is all over the wilderness!

Pull the next piece, Fang Xiaoyu put the right arm to tear the bloody wound in the right arm, Chang Shu, a sigh of relief ...