The richest man in the magic city

The first [48] is buried

"It's coming back, how is it?" Emina Ou Ting ran over.

"Can't find someone, those wolves have been killed by me, they are some animals that are not long." Fang Xiaoyu patted the dust on his body, sharp eyes.

Everyone is stunned. "I said that he will be fine!" The rescue team started to seven tongue, and it was very different from the previous a few seconds.

"Shut up! The big night is noisy, not afraid of death." Fang Xiaoyu is cold to the rescue team, and no one dares to speak.

The rescue team knows the book of Fang Xiaoyu, no one dares to dry with him, slowly down at night, there is a snake in the morning, from time to time, from the low voice from the mountains, Ou Na Ting is afraid to hold together, the people of the rescue team It is also difficult to look. Only Fang Xiaoyu expression is dispatched around.

"That, Fang Xiaoyu classmates, you see this day ..." The leader in the rescue team has not finished, Fang Xiaoyu turned his head to him, and his eyes swept him, you can feel the trembling of the person, "Classmate?" Fang Xiaoyu is full of domineering and deterrent rescue team's head.

The head of the rescue team immediately realized that he said wrong, nervous language, "Fang Bao, you see this day ..." Fang Xiaoyu once again hit him again. "Are you scared?"

"You have a single rim to kill the wolf. We don't have your matter. Since things are progressing, people have not found it, it is better to go back!" The rescue team puts low volume, in front of Fang Xiaoyu, he is not Dare to have a head.

Fang Xiaoyu took him, like a young master to see a slave, but he is indeed a young master, but this slave is not too much.

I saw that Fang Xiaoyu did not make a sound. The european and classmates were also afraid, and there was a wind blowing from time to night, and the wind was terrible.

"Fang Xiaoyu, everyone has been looking for for so long, it is better to go back, let's find it tomorrow." The voice of the students fragments, begging.

Everyone knows that now, the right thing is in the hands of Fang Xiaoyu. Everyone kills the wolves, and the mountain is too dangerous.

"Okay, then you will go back." Fang Xiaoyu said in the corner of the mouth.

The rescue team and the students heard the sentence of Fang Xiaoyu, and his face was happy, as if he seized the rescue straw, a group of people flocked to the mountains, and in the eyes of Fang Xiaoyu, it is a group of ghosts.

"Fang Big, don't you go?" The head of the rescue team was folded back, and he was carefully asked.

"Let you roll, you still don't roll, ask so much?" Fang Xiaoyu is cold, treating a coward, do not need any face.

"Yes, I am wrong, I am wrong, this will go." The head of the rescue team was honored, and he was so boring, and he fled.

"Head, then a little boy, I am talking to him." The people of the rescue team asked his head.

"Hey!" The rescue team is rushing to stop, "With his background, you will make your wife's ion, it is better to die."

The rescue team and the students were withdrawn from the safe zone, and Fang Xiaoyu was still looking around on the mountain. He returned to the cliff and didn't find that there was no sound in quiet sound around.

"Ah!" Fang Xiaoyu alert, as if someone's voice, he ran to the sound source and fearless darkness. Suddenly, a snake came out, Fang Xiaoyu reached out to hold the snake, and another hand grabbed a branch to the snake, and slowly stop twisting.

"The dead beast, the big night is still unable to point." Fang Xiaoyu took a dead snake out of a few meters away and continued to go forward. Not afraid of the Wolf Tiger Leopard in the mountain.

I have heard that there is a hunting of the hunting of the mountains. It is called " ", Fang Xiaoyu has been disgusting for this means, but even if it really happens, alive in the district, Fang Xiaoyu is still not placed in the eyes.

"Head, do you say that the fellow is alive?" The rescue team asked, the students are also talking about. The rescue team nodded. He knew that he would not lose his face, but now, it can only be done.

"According to me, take his skills, absolutely no problem." Ou Na said that Ou Ting nodded.

"Hey ... Hey ..." There are still a few moving wolves in the mountains.

"It seems that there is a fish of the net, disturbing my efficiency." Fang Xiaoyu cooked.

It may be that the bloody flavor of the wolf and killing the snake, Fang Xiaoyu's bloody taste attracted the attention of the wolf, a wolf quietly followed by Fang Xiaoyu. Fang Xiaoyu is observed, quietly introducing the wolf to the tree, quickly climbing the tree. Fang Xiaoyu used to break the sharp ribbon, and his arm is in the class.

The wolf stared at Fang Xiaoyu under the tree. Fang Xiaoyu also stared at the wolf on the tree. The eyes of the eyes were not inferior to the wolf.

Fang Xiaoyu clenched the branches, put the sharp head down, see the spine of the wolf, jumping from the tree, did not wait for the wolf to react, the branches of Fang Xiaoyu were straight into the spine of the wolf, blood sprayed come out. Fang Xiaoyu wiped the blood from the pocket and wiped the blood on the body and continued to find Chen Yaoan and Liangzi.

The sky is a bit gray bright, and the sky is bright.

Fang Xiaoyu went to the ridge, and the steep terrain told him that Chen Yaonan and Liangzi can't be there, but he was still looking for.

"This day, I am so bright, how did the Fang Big have not come back?" The head of the rescue team has always called the Folk and filing.

"It may be unexpected." Some people repuriously.

"It's impossible to say that the boss is impossible!" The head of the rescue team was scared.

"How did Fang Xiaoyu have not come back? Will it really have something?" The students are talking about. It was stopped by Danya Ou Ting. They all know if Fang Xiaoyu has not come back, everyone has no fruit to eat.

Fang Xiaoyu is looking for a ridge. From the ridge to the valley, the valley has developed a river. Fang Xiaoyu went to the river to wash his face, and the pressure on the clothes, he once in the field of the school, the best, the family environment also gave him very Good education, Fang Xiaoyu is not the kind of gorge who will only spend money. Seriously, the eighteen martial arts is not too popular.

Fang Xiaoyu has been looking for a day, and there is no trace of Chen Yaoan and Liangzi. Fold back to the mountain.

"It's coming back! It's a bureau to come back!" The head of the rescue team called, like a slave to see the joy of the master.

The people of the rescue team and the students came around to see the filial piety.

"All walks away." Fang Xiaoyu said, "Quiet first!" Everyone instantly dumb.

"Is there any finding?" Asked the Lisa.