The richest man in the magic city

Section [52]

After the invitation was sent in Fang Xiaoyu, it was for the invitation of all kinds of singular psychology and unwilling, Liu Yong or the invitation of Fang Xiaoyu, and went to see the technology in his mouth and his company.

Ou Ting is a bit surprise.

Fang Xiaoyu saw her surprise, and he didn't want to easily let Liu Yong, but Ou Ting is the sister of euna, he must do it well, so when Liu Yong is walking in front, Fang Xiaoyu low The sound is said to Ou Ting: "I will accompany you today, thank you."

After Fang Xiaoyu said, Ou Ting did not have a way. This time I think Fang Xiaoyu accompanied her. It is not the original intention of Fang Xiaoyu. She has followed Fang Xiaoyu and Liu Yong to Fang Xiaoyu, it is really very grateful, this small Na's girlfriend is not bad.

So three people went to Fang Xiaoyu.

Fang Xiaoyu did not actually did not have a company, but when he had implemented a task in Fengcheng, he received a leisiliar. Fang Xiaoyu sent a message when walking, and sent information directly to your younger brother.

Then I looked at Liu Yong.

To the company

Fang Xiaoyu has given Liu Yong to see the finished product before giving Liu Yong. After coming to the studio, Fang Xiaoyu did not send, just let Liu Yong himself. At this time, I didn't need to say anything. I just saw that I could feel shocked. I can see how powerful in the hands of Fang Xiaoyu in this studio.

And Liu Yong is not an intuitive person.

He didn't look very much, but he didn't expect to seem to be in the eyes of the eyes, and after seeing these finished products. After the eyes saw these finished products, Liu Yongxin did not believe that it was completely broken, he may not I don't believe that the original Fang Xiaoyu actually has such a company, which can develop such a technology before they.

But at the same time, Liu Yongxin has gone a greed.

If he can see the technical points, can his company do not master this technology? And their company has received orders when studying, it is a big list, and it will definitely make them more filial piety.

This kind of self-confidence, from the confidence, said Liu Yong's brain, but he did not say it for the time being, just waiting for the company to show him the way.

And how can Fang Xiaoyu can't understand Liu Yong's inner ideas, he knew that Liu Yong was distorted in the heart of this person, and he knew him before the attitude of the cafe before, which is so easy to transform. His Fang Xiaoyu has given the impression of Liu Yong, the greater the drop, the longer the heart of Liu Yong, the more easy to have a distortion.

But when Fang Xiaoyu did not say anything, he would want to see how Liu Yong will show a mouthful face.

Therefore, Fang Xiaoyu took Liu Yong went to their technical database, and the information of this technology was taken to Liu Yong.

And Liu Yongyi got the information and couldn't wait to look at it, the more he couldn't hide the color. This information has been very good to solve their current problems, and after all problems can be solved.

After he recorded all the technical points, he replaced another expression.

"Thank you, Mr. Fang, you have helped it." Liu Yongyi said the tone of the trend, heard the fellow films couldn't help but frown.

"Ah, this is nothing." Fang Xiaoyu is lightly written, "but it is a small busy, our company now does not need to rely on this technology, helping a busy."

Liu Yong listened to him, immediately stunned, and couldn't wait to follow: "But I am very grateful to Mr. Fang, after solving this problem, our company can receive a big list, that The company wanted to have heard of Mr., when the beginning of the beginning of R & D, did not receive such a list? Although the technical problem is solved first, Mr. Fang is not successful as a businessman. "

He has lost his judgment because of the attitude of Fang Xiaoyu, can't wait to explain everything from your company, and even add a discussion of the filial piety.

And for Liu Yong, this kind of ridicule, Fang Xiaoyu is not worth careful, even crying, because the big list in Liu Yongkou is nothing, even if he disdains, spending a meander, now Fang Xiaoyu Don't rely on this level of business to maintain the company, otherwise you will not tell Liu Yong.

But the Fang Xiaoyu has read Liu Yong this person is very unhappy. Now this kind of incomprehensibility is more deep, but since he is not pleasing, Fang Xiaoyu is not intended to let Liu Yonghao.

And Fang Xiaoyu has already known the name of Liu Yong, and he simply does not do it, and the company in his mouth will be acquired.

And behind the filial piety, the opening: "I suggest that Mr. Liu Yong will look at the mobile phone will be better because of the mute? Now, Mr. Liu will definitely receive a lot of news, it is better to see and continue Talk is not too late. "

His sentence is like, let Liu Yong have some reaction, but the attitude of the lodge is filial, he still has a little hesitation to open the phone.

I haven't seen it, Liu Yong's face has changed.

And his reaction is completely expected in Fang Xiaoyu, because in accordance with Liu Yong's attitude, it can be seen that his company's status is very high, he is high enough to make him proud. In fact, for Liu Yong's age, there is such a company to be good, saying that he is a young man is not too, the premise is that he did not encounter Fang Xiaoyu, but he did not know that the death of the company's constantly boasting his company. Try the other party, this is not different from the birds who hit the aircraft committed suicide.

"You ... You ..." Liu Yong took the mobile phone's hand trembled, looked up and looked at Fang Xiaoyu, and the tone was full of unbelievable.

Ou Ting didn't know what happened, and he looked at the Fang Xiaoyu. Looking at Liu Yong, it is obviously a matter of not small, and most of them are related to Fang Xiaoyu, but Fang Xiaoyu has just been next to it. What can he do if Liu Yong has such a reaction?

And Fang Xiaoyu smiled without slowly, said: "You didn't have an illusion, Mr. Liu. Now this company is not worthy of your name, and the big order in your mouth, oh, I will take over it for you.