The richest man in the magic city

Section [54] send money

To send money, why bother to this street? Not credible, untrustworthy.

I think so, Fang Xiaoyu is planning to detour the past. I haven't lifted it, I was hit by a person.

Chapter 8 is not afraid of death

" ..." two people did not help but make a painful shout.

Not a Fang Xiaoyu. He was originally a bodyguard, and his body was like a copper plate. Originally hit by someone else, it can be hit by others, and it will feel particularly hurt.

Of course, it is really hurting that the man who hits his thirty year. Look at the man, wearing a blue shirt, the lower body is a black suit pants, on the head? Very simple plate head. He is so clean to him, it should be not ordinary people.

Fang Xiaoyuang wants to export blame, but the man hurriedly apologized before the Fang Xiaoyu, said: "Sorry, sorry, sorry ..."

Others are so polite, Fang Xiaoyu is also embarrassed. What's more, from age, he is a late generation.

"Nothing." Fang Xiaoyu said very simply, I want to hurry. It feels that this place is not staying, and thirty-six places go to the top.

But his footsteps have not started moving, just hit it hard again. Fang Xiaoyu called again, "", it is necessary to open it.

I haven't opened it yet, I heard a sharp voice shouted.

"I see where you run? You a liar, give me money, swallow your money, all give me out."

Fang Xiaoyu saw it clearly, it turned out, this board is not really wants to hit him, but there is someone behind him, he? I want to run away, I will hit him again and again.

It seems that in this street, I want to eat melon people, it is quite difficult.

Fang Xiaoyu simply stopped the pace to go, turned, and continued as his eating melon.

Chasing the plate, is a middle-aged woman in 40 or so. Look at the woman's wear, if the economy is not a wonderful.

The woman is big and screaming:

"I see you a black heart boss, on your advertisement, I will give 500 pieces, I smash you three eggs, you took me a thousand five hundred dollars, now give me five hundred Block, you a gray wolf. "

Fang Xiaoyu understood this. It turned out that two people said that there was a martial art to make money, it turned out to be true.

Estimated, the man who was caught by a woman is the local might who specializes to send money.

"Hey, I don't say that I want to send money, I just ... I will help provide a venue, I accept the venue fee, you can't get money, what do you close?"

The head is also shouted loudly. It seems that this woman is cheated, and there is no different relationship with him.

That woman seems to have a wide range of knowledge. The words of the plate are all did not hear it. She slammed the belt of the plate, and she said: "Don't think that I don't know your trick, you are all snake rats. Hey, you are the tits you made to them."

Fang Xiaoyu didn't understand what is the stone, and quickly asked the people next to say: "What is the Chinese?"

The good things next to him quickly replied: "It's a partnership with the deceptive, they specialize first to demonstrate, let the people who eat melon feel good to map, so they will take the money to do this game."

Fang Xiaoyu seconds. Anyway, it is a liar. It is estimated that the other two scammers have been caught by other people. This plane is more likely to ran out from the crowd.

It can help this woman's hands and feet are more agile, and they are also caught in the junior bones.

Fang Xiaoyu can't see this kind of behavior of the people.

In other words, all those who know martial arts, seeing this kind of thing, there will be a kind of height of heights who are not flat.

Fang Xiaoyu is no exception. He took his hand, grabbed the arm of the arm, turned it hard, and the headache was " ".

"Hey, you let me go, you are good, I am not ... I am not the woman ..."

The head is desperately explained. Helpless filial piety is not listening at the board. He slammed the board, shouted at the woman: "Fast, search for his body, money is definitely in his body."

The woman sent a grateful look for Fang Xiaoyu. Then, I still have different men and women, and put her hand in the trouser pocket directly.

I touched it for a while, but the woman couldn't touch it. I have turned over, I didn't see any ticket.

"How? No money?"

"I clearly saw a liar, quietly handed him with the money. I gave a egg, gave five hundred dollars, I gave it a thousand five, but another liar said, I It is given him five hundred, and the death is not willing to refund one thousand. "

Fang Xiaoyu heard a little confused. That plate is loudly called. He is afraid that he is wrong. Asked in detail:

"You give me a specific story, what is going on?"

"This is the case, they have three people around a table, with five or six eggs, write a egg on the table to give five hundred dollars, but before you, you must pay five hundred deposits first. "

"Oh, I understand, definitely you smash the first egg, happy to forget, the five hundred have not taken it back, and the five hundred deposits are not?"

The woman turned on the head as garlic. I quickly said: "Yes, this is the case."

"Search, definitely on him." Fang Xiaoyu kicked a knee of a footboard, and his head was hurt, but he kneelted to the ground.

This, the top of the board has changed, and the belt of the belt is pulled down.

Fang Xiaoyu saw it from the neckline, in the clothes, isn't it a big red ticket?

"Ah? Who put me here? Who?" Who? "Plate head panic. Look at the feelings, it will definitely not fake.

Fang Xiaoyu is also forced this, he quickly called the neck of the top of the sale, and asked: "Do you really don't know?"

"The Buddha is on. I really don't know all. In fact, I am ... I am a small boss here, I only take the money for those who rent the venue. As for how they defraud, I am I don't know it at all. "

Said, the boss also took out his mobile phone in a hurry, and he opened his hands to open the photo album in the mobile phone, put a photo in the eyelids of Fang Xiaoyu.