The richest man in the magic city

Section [56] participate in the dance

"Nah is okay?" Fang Xiaoyu asked softly.

Ona said in the bathroom: "Fast, you are waiting for me for a while, I am right."

A helpless booth in the outside of Fang Xiaoyu: "Woman, every morning makes a lot of trouble."

At this time, Ona came out from the toilet. It was a little looked at the fellow in a time. Although it is facing this pair every day, it is really a hundred.

The angel's face, the devil's body, this is to describe Ona.

Dressed in deep V-neck, it will expose deep v to expose it, plus today, this faint makeup, today's highlights will never be cooperation in those groups, but this brilliant Pearl.

Ona reach out in front of Fang Xiaoyu: "What are you watching?"

"No, you are too beautiful today, this is a bit inappropriate."

what? Ona launched a long audio to see the filial piety: "Time is still coming, you are helping me pick a good-looking clothes."

Human Na came to his bedroom with Fang Xiaoyu, and said after opening the wardrobe: "Which one do you think?"

Fang Xiaoyu took a long time in front of the wardrobe, and finally took out a set of clothes: "I feel that this dress is good, the upper and trousers are completely mixed, and wearing sports shoes are not playing."

Ina's mouth loudly: "Is this not a large children's clothing? Do you let me wear these things to go to the dance?"

Fang Xiaoyu is a stall: "How good, I think this pair is very perfect."

"I think you are not satisfied with my neckline of my clothes? This is the famous master of foreign masters, and it is suitable for the dance." I have this one now. "Said Ou Na put his clothes. Go back to the wardrobe: "You put a hundred and twenty hearts, I don't believe that some people dare to do."

Fang Xiaoyu smiled and made a gesture for Dana, and Dana also got his car.

There are also two people on the road, but this is just a surface.

After half an hour, the navigation has been at the end, because this road navigation is not at all, and even the place can only be determined nearby.

Next, the rescue is that ena told the deposits and said the route. After half an hour, the car stopped in front of a castle.

This place is the most suitable for the disappointment, solemn and unreasonable, serious and no life, and the fellow is also very satisfied with this, which can be said that this is the best in his participation in the dance.

There are hundreds of bodigches around the fading of the fantastics, ensuring that the dance can be held safely.

When I got the door, the waiter stopped Ona and Fang Xiaoyu: "Sorry, two, please present invitation."

This waiter secretly swallowed the water, which is too beautiful?

"You should be a temporary waiter? Look at it." The waiter looked up and thoroughly, this is not this beautiful woman? " And this photo is the whole family of the owner of the ball, that is, this beauty is the owner of this dance.

"It's a sorry Miss Ou, you please enter."

Ona did not get into the waiter for this service, and turned into the ball.

At this moment, there are already many people. There are several people who are more familiar with I Oita to say hello, and Dana also replied.

After about more than ten minutes, everyone of the dance will arrive, everyone starts to carry songs, some are talking about business, some are chatting.

It's time to suddenly extinguish the lights in the hall, you have to know that there is no silk during the full closed costume hall, unless the lamp is opened.

All people in this light are quiet, people who can join today are high-end people, and I have learned for this situation, this shows that the owner of the dance will appear, and there should be two sentences To say.

Suddenly the chandeliers in the middle position is on, and the lamp is ignorant.

The left hand blocked his mouth and was surprised.

Oufu fly next to the second floor armrest next to him. He is also bright: "Cough, welcome everyone to visit my European dance, I wish you all a happy."

Everyone raised the cup to fly to the European pose, and then the Oufu Fei also took the wine back.

"Today, it is a little happy to play, but I have a little small matter to announce that it is my future dragon and fast, Fang Xiaoyu!"

This exported everyone's eyes were envious of Fang Xiaoyu, became the Oujia's ride and ride, and did not say, and took this beautiful wife. This is really a good blessing.

"No, no ..."

Ona whispers said, but her voice is very small, even if the Fang Xiaoyu around her is not clear.

The applause of everyone also sounded, and Ona could only squeeze out a smile, and after the Oufu said some unrelated pain, the dance will continue.

Ozhengfei naturally saw that his daughter was unwilling, but now it is now that there are too many people who don't directly turn their face, so I will call Fang Xiaoyu, and ask what happens between two people.

Ona was standing alone in the wine glass, and she felt that this world is a bit dark.

"This father is really like, Miss Europe, you don't have to be angry, look back, let's let the father advise your Father."

Ona reluctantly said with a smile: "That is really thank you, please ask Mr. Jiang Fuhua Jiang's right? I have listened to my dad to mention you, the Gongzi, the capital of Beijing, Jiang family."

As soon as I listened to ena, Jiang Fu Huadon felt that his face was light: "The family still remembers my late generation, and the family has some assets, so the uncle remembers me this late generation, but I don't know how to say me?"

"Listen to my dad," Mr. Jiang, you have countless people, let me have any ideas for you, because I am not worthy of Jiang Shaoye. "

Jiang Fuhua's face couldn't hung up, and then quickly gave himself down: "It is also, the a few years ago, the uncle is in the truth, but I have changed a lot in the past few years, the industry is also Very strong, and is also entrepreneurial outside. "

Onerna has long been glanced at this jealousy. If there are too many people today, it will definitely not take a word of this flower.

The so-called industry in the industry is not afraid that you can't find your family. Or is the less than the score, as for the outside business, nothing is to continue Hu mess through the head, and then you want to continue Hu Zu, how can this be a lot of golden keys, how can it be understandable? What is job?