The richest man in the magic city

Section [59] Jiang Group

In everyone laughing, Jiang Fuhua took out a position, and this ancient construction is still in the phone ...

Fang Xiaoyu directly grabbed the old mobile phone to the ground: "Don't worry, don't you have you!"

All of this is in the eyes, although Fang Xiaoyu is standing here, but this kind of practice makes Intona feel some dislike, even if you really have to do it, you have to go out, in this dance What is it? Let many guests watch jokes?

Half an hour is over, the flute of the ambulance is passed out, and the long brakes.

A team of horses in the middle of the team, and the bodyguards outside the outside did not stop. Because the top said, the owner of this license plate number is also an important guest, so it is good to release it.

The waiters outside the door are naturally not dare to block.

When I entered the door, Jiang Tian's eyebrows were twisted into a rope. This is still a place where people dare to make their sons? Actually, I still played so bad.

The medical staff gave Jiang Fuhua for the first time.

And the ancient buildings came to see the major figures, and immediately rushed out of diligence. "Chiang Chiang, you can be coming, you see the true weight of your child's injury, fortunately, you have to get timely."

"Well," Jiang Tian snorted twice, then looked at the people around.

First of all, he saw the woman who was being smashed before, and immediately took a touch of smile.

Jiang Tian, ​​who is a business war, naturally knows that in this dance, there are few more people with a little head, and the woman's Jiang Tian is also a side.

Then I noticed ea, so beautiful amazing, and the relationship with this woman is so definitely that Ozheng flying is undoubtedly.

"Miss Europe, what happened just now?" Jiang Tian asked faintly.

Ina's stall: "Just plowing my baby, then I am so fidel, and then I am going to be."

When I listened to a son-in-law in the European, Jiang Tian did not play a place. The ancient build chances quickly said: "I am fighting for the young master life, otherwise this bastard is really killing. Young master. "

Jiang Tian's eyes asked coldly: "Who is the son-in-law who has not been the door of the European, standing!"

Gu Jian directly pointed to Fang Xiaoyu said: "It is him, Jiang Zhou, you don't know, this kid is arrogant, and you don't even put you in your eyes. You said that it is."

These people can only follow the back, um, and substitute filial piety, and the European family is dark.

How to meet this laminate, and this guy actually has a very painful old man, this is really unfortunately.

Fang Xiaoyu is afraid that I have been tired of ea, so I also took the initiative to take the initiative: "People are me playing, I have nothing to do with the European home, you have this guy to make it back."

The arrogant air flame directly ignited Jiang Tian's anger, just still suppressed, this will thoroughly turn away.

"The coming people grabbed this guy, waiting for the young master to restore it, then hit it!"

Everyone didn't look, if this Jiang Fuhua took it alone, it was almost hit, it was definitely doubled.

There is a person around you: "Jiang Gongzi, you are really too bad, you must let it revenge." There are even a few people crying, saying that I can't see Jiang Fuhua's hurt.

As an old fritter, Jiang Tianyi can don't know if these people just see the winds. Naturally only used the nose snorted and didn't take a moment.

At this time, I said that a voice is faint: "Come to my European home to catch people, Jiang always do you not put me in the eyes?"

Ona is happy, hurry: "Dad don't go to the field, how can you come so soon?"

The people who have just speaking are also European flights. Ouzhang stopped at the door, all of the bodyguards were neatly blocking all exits.

Just now, the boss doesn't dare to do it, but now I have the boss to be afraid? I really have an accident, there is a boss's top bag, and there is a lot of bonus.

Ou Zhuo looked up: "Even if you don't put me in your eyes, it should also know it."

The people around began to make a disaster.

"Ou you still have to come back, and also stop Jiang Chiang's arrested people, do you still want to talk to Jiang's face? Jiang's strength, don't you know? Let it give up."

There are also a few people even advise Ozheng to give the company directly to Jiang Tian, ​​and then change a living road.

Fang Xiaoyu stands out and said: "Unexpected, you don't have to worry about me, let them catch me, I have to see, what is this group of guys!" After that, Fang Xiaoyu leaked a cold light.

Oufu Fei said: "Don't you have this, I want to know who is wrong!"

"Of course, they are wrong. At first, this guy will play me, then I will not come, then I will come back, and then I will have this guy."

Oufu Feiyi: "Jiang Chi listen, my daughter said, is your son wrong, you can't blame my Europea!" After finishing, the bodyguards outside brush.

Jiang Tian is also a big waves, will it be scared by this lineup? And he also brought the bodyguard, no one is a special forces retired, it is 20 people to play hundreds.

Ona accused the people around said: "Do you have the same benefits from our European? Nowadays, it is still a short turtle? Don't think that I don't know, you have brought your bodyguard to each other. Everyone has a minimum of more than ten? How to make a bodyguard now, all have to eat melon people? "

The words of ea have made these companies from the heads.

Fang Xiaoyu stands forward to stand in front of Ona: "Nana, after you rely on, this group of guys is a wall grass, don't expect them to come out to help, because they are both soft eggs!"

For this situation, Europe is expected to have long soon.

It's just a knife on the top head. This group of stupids will not be clearly unclear when the station team, when is it standing, so there is time to stand the wrong position is not enough.

For example, today's people, Europe is all remembered.

And decided to break all of these people from this person, then go to them, and finally swallow their companies.

Of course, this is just what I want to fly on the air now, it will not practice.

It's just how the most important thing is how to deal with Jiang Tian!

"Chiang Chiang, you are right to tear your skin with me, then how do we pull it?"