The richest man in the magic city

Section [61] dead!

Jiang Fuhua, who is preparing to go to the door, is not someone else, but just now, Jiang Fuhua, the protagonist - Fang Xiaoyu.

Jiang Fuhua is there, nor he wants to control, but Fang Xiaoyu's eyes are really terrible. He does not control his body, and it will be there. The bodyguards beside the body, I saw the Fang Xiaoyu, I wanted to pull Jiang Fu Hua went out to go out, and Jiang Fuhua was still there. Although the bodyguards usually didn't see Jiang Fuhua usually, the dog glamorous. Don't worry about people's wages, you can't do things!

So thinking, they quickly took Jiang Fuhua to go outside. Can you put Jiang Fuhua so easy? I saw that when I extended my eyes to one of the bodyguards, I only listened to "", the bodyguard came to scream, and several other people saw her companions were bullied by Fang Xiaoyu. They put down the original to pull. Jiang Fuhua went out the action.

They have pulled the sleeves to the face, but they didn't think of the kung fu of the Fang Xiaoyu is very powerful, but three times and five dozen kung fu, a few people are all lying on the ground, this is really a clear flow in the party. A group of five three thick bodyguards, all of them lying on the ground, crying, shouting, good.

Fang Xiaoyu did not have any feelings in the eyes of lying in his feet. In fact, he didn't want to be tired of these innocent people, but who made them did not know, since she didn't blame him for them. Face. He was originally a person.

Everyone has their own principles. For such a long time, most of him keep people do not commit me. However, Ji Jiang Fuhua said that it was probably touched his bottom line. Everyone has self-esteem, let alone eat soft rice? He can't tolerate.

As for Jiang Fuhua, he has been in his eyes when he came to him. This will see a few five-three-thick bodyguards that have been pumsed into the ground, and it is even more moving. Fang Xiaoyu did not give Jiang Fuhua to the face, directly to Jiang Fuhua on the ground.

At this time, they didn't know how many people around them. Fang Xiaoyu patrolled a circle around, and saw Jiang Tian rushed to come here in the place where he was not far away, his heart has a plan, Since you have nothing to do, I will stop from the root source! He looked at Jiang Tian has not come yet, so he added the strength of his hand, but also painful Jiang Fuhua crying shout.

This is also Jiang Tian, ​​and looked at Jiang Tian came to his own face, Fang Xiaoyu was loose. To take a look at Jiang Tian: "Skne, apologize!" The short four-word hard work was filled with a vitality. Jiang Tian's heart shakes, and he had a cough that hidden, just want to say.

Just by the Fang Xiaoyu interrupted "wrong, there is compensation!" And the same momentum just now, as if it is a voice that is difficult to resist. Jiang Tian has thought about the emotionalism of Fang Xiaoyu, and he heard a scream of his son's surprises. He feels some incredible, how is it also a person with status, and I also gave him a face when Ouzheng Fei. This haunt kid really doesn't understand the rules.

You can still be in your hands. So, he cleared his own scorpion "You see, it is better ..." said that there was still nothing to say, he heard that Jiang Fuhua was even more miserable than just a lot.

Then Fang Xiaoyu said, "Don't let me repeat again ..." Jiang Fei heard that he had some kind of sloping sound, and his heart was a horizontal, thinking about "who made his son in the hands of people, this is the future The only hope! "I thought about it, he just prepared to give people to Fang Xiaoyu.

A heavy voice came from afar: "Who is actually lost in my site?" The people who come are not someone else, it is a person who holds the party, and the first rich in Fengcheng - Ji Jinchuan. He is also these things that happen in an inadvertent party.

He has to play a happy, so he has always been in the back of the gathering, saying that some other guests are greeted, thinking about the gathering of the gathering, you should reveal over, How can I think a etiquette, who can think of it, just come to this, I heard that someone is gathering here.

He thinks, there is still someone else to ignore his own prestige. He just wants to make a further lesson. I will see that Fang Xiaoyu gives him a look, that is, this seems to be a seemingly meaningful look, Ji Jinchuan felt his entire back I didn't know what this happened. I usually have seen the big winds and big waves. I was embarrassed by such a furhead.

So, stabilizing his heart shape said "It's not a junior how to call, but this time is a party, it is not as good as a nature to give yourself a face. I will give it a good answer." This is to watch the lively Ouhuang Fei has also reacted. In Jintangchuan, who is the first rich in Fengcheng, this small family is compared with others, saying to the season Jinchuan, "It's unbelieving, this small generation is a good friend brought by the little girl. Maybe there is something wrong, I will let him let him let him go, it is more than you. "

Just now, I still watching the two people who have two people in Jiang's father and son, and I saw it immediately. I don't quench the world, this kind of waves can make people like a shock of the whole future, and I don't blame him. I am afraid that people who come to this party fear!

Otherwise, what is it still in the cloud, this is a born, how can I be with dumb? So thinking, he quickly said to the Fang Xiaoyu, "Give the quartz a face, put the Jiang Fuhua," "Seeing Fang Xiaoyu to answer yourself, Oufu floated in the season Jinchuan, seeing the season Jinchuan face is very bad. I thought he was patient.

In the season, Jinchuan is not because of this, he is still thinking about this party, how much the ability is, and a look is so terrible. So Ozhengfei called "let go" like Fang Xiaoyu. Fang Xiaoyu still did not respond, but the hand was loosened. Just stalemate ...