The richest man in the magic city

No. [64] sports movement

Then, Ozheng flying was ready to bring Ena and Fang Xiaoyu.

"Teach ... Are you gone?"

"Yes, left!"

"Well, I will call me in Fengcheng in the future!"


Sitting in the car.

Oufu is sitting on the co-patent seat, and when the turn is turned to the side, it is simply to read more satisfaction, and even a kind of idea of ​​marry his woman now.

However, I at this time, I don't know what to do, this situation is usually usually, and Fang Xiaoyu is always so reliable in the world of ena.

The next day, I went to class, Fang Xiaoyu looked live in the room at night, so it was late for the next day.

"I'm gone!" It seems that eunuch once every morning, I have become a habit.

Fang Xiaoyu heard, quickly climbed up, said.

"Okay, I am coming." Fang Xiaoyu is lazy, from the home to the school's distance, everyday, the road is too low to the classroom.

Fang Xiaoyu found that there seems to be no more discussing in the class today, some doubts, but Fang Xiaoyu does not want to manage these things.

At this time, Chen Li pushed the pilgrimage shoulder, and Fang Xiaoyu looked at Chen Li.

" , I said, rich people are good, this Chen Yaonan is not missing, I listen to other classmates, their family is going to search directly, you said more burm, if I have money so much? ! "

"No, don't you search a mountain? Do you use it so excited?" In the impression of Fang Xiaoyu, it seems that there is a search for the mountain, it seems that the things are not big. "

"Wow, I highlight this sentence, you are also a moon, searching in the mountain, at a time, you can get hundreds of thousands of money, you can only say that Chen Yaonan is not a general money."

Fang Xiaoyu heard the words, only knowing that Chen Yaonan was not given up, but this is normal, but this is used, you don't shoot it, and you must die one for each other! There is no accident.

"Let's go, you will watch this weather today! Let's go out to play basketball!"


Fang Xiaoyu feels a bit boring at this time. The next class is exactly a physical education class. Generally, there is no need to go, so the filial piety and Chen Li are ready to go down.

At this time, the scenes were all full, this is a bit embarrassed, but these are difficult to Chen Li. When they see the entire playground, Chen Li said.

" , look at me, I have an acquaintance, I can grab a field in three minutes!"

Fang Xiaoyu smiled, nodded, then Chen Li rushed out, Fang Xiaoyu looked back, thought, it seems that he seems to have been a basketball! I don't know if there will be some giving, I looked at my hands and muttered.

"Shouldn't you!"

At this time, suddenly came out of the playground, it was a fight for noise, it seems to be the direction of Chen Li, and there is also a more rush on both sides. When Fang Xiaoyu saw that Chen Li was pushed. I can't help it in an instant, I have left.

I can also hear it when I approach.

"I said that your kid owe me five hundred dollars, how are you giving me a group!" Chen Li said.

"Don't give you, this venue! We don't play! Roll!" There is a strong man in playing basketball, saying that Chen Li, is going to continue to do it, Fang Xiaoyu Moved.

The strong man was hit by it. The feeling of strong men was like a truck, I can't climb it, I can't get up in an instant, and it is surprised.



Fang Xiaoyu said directly, several other boys around also saw this situation. When they saw the most strong people in their team, they did not continue to fight in the moment, and they were ready to run.

When people on the ground are also ready to run.

"and many more!"

The posture of the strong Han is going to get rid of the moment, and I am so embarrassing yourself.

Fang Xiaoyu said.

"Throw all your pockets, then roll!"

The strong Han really understands, starting some hesitation, after all, his money takes out from his own pocket to give someone else, at this time, Chen Li saw that he helped himself, instantly, the moment, instant I went up and gave a strong man, then said.

"You are a small child, give me money back!"

Although the strong man is very unsatisfactory, it is still the same as the Fang Xiaoyu, it is still obedient, and it seems that it is a bit reluctant.

"Hey, Yibo, he threw six hundred dollars, hahahaha!"

Chen Li's happy, said that Fang Xiaoyu said that it didn't matter.

" , come, this hundred dollars are giving you!"

"No, you please take a guest this afternoon!"

"Oh, good!"

Then Chen Li will start playing basketball with Fang Xiaoyu. After half an hour, Chen Li has already panting.

"I rely on, I'm brother, you are too changed!"

In these half hours, Chen Li did not enhance the ball, and even said that it didn't touch the ball. As long as it was a fellow, it would be in the middle, even if Chen Li was also robbed, Chen Li. It is not intended to play now, and Fang Xiaoyu puts his hand, which is a matter of doing things.

The two returned to the classroom, and Fang Xiaoyu, certainly impossible to learn, now there is one hundred days from the college entrance examination, Fang Xiaoyu roughly looked at the knowledge point, okay, one night to eat memory pills, then Not afraid, then Fang Xiaoyu began to open a live broadcast, looked at the live broadcast of mushrooms, today is daily song and dance rather than outdoor broadcast.

The next course is filial, and the people inside the classroom are diligent reading. Of course, it is except for the back two rows.

After school, Fang Xiaoyu continued to go back to his own bike.

When I returned home, Oufu Fei did not at home. Fang Xiaoyu looked at the door of the mushroom. It was locked. It was originally wanted to go to the door, but Chen Li has already got a good king.

Fang Xiaoyu said that it is very helpless. Maybe this is the lonely of the king!

"Fang Xiaoyu, I told you, I have to eat egg fried rice tonight!"

"Miss, that is not good to eat!"

"I don't care, I will eat!" Ina is very fascinating from the last time to fry the egg fried rice, once there is a chance, I will cry and fried eggs, and Fang Xiaoyu is also helpless for this.