The richest man in the magic city

Seoul [66]

Fang Xiaoyu helpless, he wants him to be fast, and he is too fast to lose the bag, it seems that this bodyguard is really not good!

At this time, this is a downtown, even if there is a lot of morning people, it is not too small to find a bag, and it will not be too difficult. But the problem is where the bag gets off.

"It's already late, the bag hasn't found it yet, what should I do?" Intona almost cried almost crying, and there was a crying in the tone.

"Well ...,, how do you cry, hey, don't cry first, I will continue to help you find it, don't cry first ..." Fang Xiaoyu just turned to see if there is anything there, just see Ina I have been crying quickly, and I will not comfort it. I can only say a few more comforts in anxious.

Ona listened to the words of Fang Xiaoyu, did not say anything, continue to find, but much more than just the mood.

Fang Xiaoyu left and saw that I saw a more similar to the bag, I went a few steps forward, and I was not sure, but I always had to see.

"I don't seem to be your bag under the front side of the little alley." Fang Xiaoyu said that I took the back of Lua, saying that I had a little bit of a little.

"Then let's take a look, hurry." Ou Na heard the words of Fang Xiaoyu, his eyes lit up, did not have the feeling of being lost, and the whole person completely hopes.

The two ran quickly, and no matter whether the bike was in some. When you run, you will see it clearly, it is an ea's school bag. It is unfortunate, there is a bunch of small matters that have just got up from the Internet cafes. I just saw two people.

"Hey, do you want to go up to grab it?" One of the blend of a few "colorful" styles next to a relatively wretched small mix.

"Today is good, see it on the students, just grab the money." One of the blue murderous men's tangles also said that there is a bit of play, and the way, the whole person, the whole person Distribute this unique atmosphere.

Fang Xiaoyu and the ea two ran from there, and I had a few steps away from the bag. I had to get it, I suddenly stopped by a voice.

"Hey, come out soon, don't you have to bear it ..." A certain confusion can not be nonsense, so many nonsense, the sure is directly threatened.

"Well? This ... um, gentleman, what are you calling?" Fang Xiaoyu looked at their style, knew what they had to do, and taste so unique, not robbing money, it is robbery, It's still not seen so many years?

"Who is Fang Xiaoyu, this is a very unique taste, but it seems that it seems to be robbed to fight the fight." Ona was quickly caught in his own laughter, only try his best, but behind I can't laugh a little, after all, I see a little thing that is not good.

Fang Xiaoyu is a bit helpless. After all, he also wants to laugh. It is not afraid to fight him.

"I am going to make money, otherwise you will be prepared to die, ask for money or choose one!" The momentum of the small mixed side is a bit.

"Fang Xiaoyu remembers protects me!" Ona looked at the trend of fighting, just said this.

"Give you ten seconds to me!" Chen Xiaoyu is not good and heavier.

"Hey, the stinky boy is not self-strength, you also want to hit us, brothers!" The little confusing is going to grab some money, but the face is very important.

After a small confusion, he has almost surrounded by the brothers, and the stick will call it directly.

"Do you know me? You should die very much." Fang Xiaoyu broke out

"Ona rid next to it, there is me here." Fang Xiaoyu said on the back.

"Then you are careful, don't be injured." Ina said to the front of Fang Xiaoyu.

"How can I get hurt, you are you, hiding behind me, it will be done." Fang Xiaoyu finished this sentence, just launched an attack, directly to them.

Then, the result was less than 2 minutes, they were all Ko, it was too weak.

"Wow, Fang Xiaoyu did not expect you to be very powerful." I worshiping people in front of you, but I will change it soon.

Ina looked at the people on the ground said "But what should these people should do, it seems very serious!".

"You don't have to go to pity them, go directly, hurry to take your bag, now a few minutes from the class, you are sure?" Fang Xiaoyu looked at the watch and smiled in Luina.

Ona took the head of his head and remembered it, and immediately picked up the bag.

"Hey, go a little, the bike is on the side." Inta rushed to the distance.

Fang Xiaoyu just laughed, and ran to the direction of the bike.

"Well, hurry up, use a 1 minute speed" Ona's joke.

"Well, now it is now." Fang Xiaoyu rapidly rapidly.

Soon the two came to the school, the wind turned Dan's hairstyle, but euna didn't care, just pulled the hair.

The two quickly ran to the direction of going to the classroom, and the two of the two people came.

"I finally arrived in the classroom, but it was still late." Inta said.

After that, Ona walked over to his seat, took out the book inside his own bag, and read the morning reading, but Fang Xiaoyu was a little doubtful. The previous LISA teacher is not all delegated to the classroom, and then punish ? What happened today, is there anything?

Fang Xiaoyu turned to and asked his desk, Chen Li, "Chen Li, how did the Lisa teacher have a late student? What is going on, out of the matter?" Fang Xiaoyu bombed all his own doubt.

"You ask me so much, I don't know how to answer, um, I don't know." Chen Li looked at the filial piety.

"However, I am also very strange. I have never seen her until the school will have seen her. Will you have an anecdote? Are you so late?" Chen Li said his own questions.

"Nothing, it is the way to go out, read the book." Fang Xiaoyu also sat down, took the book, and started at the morning.

Fang Xiaoyu thought about why Lisa teachers did not come, (not included , just a friend relationship), wait, go to the office to see it, anyway, not, isn't it? After thinking, Fang Xiaoyu took all of these troubles.

After another 20 minutes, I should finish it, and I have to go to get out of class. I don't consciously look at the window, thinking, very fast, time is lapse ...