The richest man in the magic city

I will.

Faster to noon, bored courses make everyone psychoine. And for this weather, everyone is also love to listen. Fang Xiaoyu is naturally no exception.

A rush of the next ringtone rang.

Fang Xiaoyu went out of the door, nor did it know which is not strong, and traveled to the Lisa Teacher Office.

Fang Xiaoyu went to the office door to find that he didn't know what he was here. Fang Xiaoyu suddenly felt awkward, so many people looked at it. Can't you walk to the door and go back?

And the relationship between the teacher of the Lisa should be good, simple is to see what is it? Moreover, it is mainly to see if the Lisa teacher doesn't have something wrong.

Oops, Fang Xiaoyu took a head, and he actually thought of LISA teachers, it was really enough.

In short, what is the name of the name? I am a student, what is wrong?

The LISA's office is a house alone, and other teachers are squeezed in a room. There is an office area that belongs to their own alone, and the Lisa teacher is a large room is the place where she is working. , A teacher like this, either the status is relatively high, or the teaching is good.

However, Fang Xiaoyu believes that the LISA should take these two items.

Fang Xiaoyu stands at the door of the office, knocking on the door with his hand, and then did not respond. Fang Xiaoyu is not willing, knocking again, the door is actually unlock, and I have opened it directly.

Fang Xiaoyu glared in and felt, saw a tall woman standing next to a familiar figure, a sharp squash, a tight cheongsam, just highlighting her demon's curve.

Fang Xiaoyu, their schools like new style, almost replaced a group of old teachers almost every year, and then let a group of new teachers on top, this kind, students and teachers are not big, there is also good communication, but also young Teachers are most popular.

And now the Lisa teacher is next, Fang Xiaoyu has not remembered. It should be a new geography teacher, who has just been in the first few months, Liu Mengya.

This Liu Mengya is very happy, and the class is particularly very good, Fang Xiaoyu is still very profound, after all, is a beautiful woman.

At this time, the Lisa teacher is discussing with Liu Mengya about geographic topics.

"Lisa, I think this continent should be sunshine, and" Liu Mengyaton has melon. Said "Let's look at the latitude of us to present, it is north latitude ... then moves in the year, moving from here. But always shot here, so I think that the continent's lighting should be particularly good. correct."

While Liu Mengya said, Liu Dynasty said with a pen on paper, "What is the teacher of Lisan? After all, do you compare the authority?"

"Haha. I said that I have been there, I said that the sun is not good, but also cold, you love it!" Said the Lisa teacher said tough.

These two teachers actually listen to geographic topics, Fang Xiaoyu raised their ears. Looking at two more academic issues than yourself, I also enjoy a lot of things. After all, two big women have a serious look, or is quite cute.

"But the LISA teacher, you have to see the location here, you see here, here is the highest, and the latitude here is very special, causing it to be illuminated by sunshine almost all year round, you are not right. "

Liu Mengya said seriously, a pen in the hand in the sound of the roll.

"I have told you that I have been here, the weather here is, but I have witnessed my own eyes. You only have academic thinking."

Teacher Lisa does not look for weakness.

Fang Xiaoyu is very curious. These two teachers are discussing what geographical topics. It can be discussed so fierce, thinking, Fang Xiaoyu walks in the past to see what is the end of the two teachers to discuss fierce?

"I never said? I personally have seen your young people so stubborn? I can't listen to us."

The Lisa teacher said angered, not she wants to be angry, but the light is this problem. They discussed a whole morning. This is really a headache.

"LISA teacher, I said. What is the teaching of students? Teach knowledge, not your subjective concept!"

Liu Mengya also said very much.

! This is not very wonderful, Fang Xiaoyi wants to start the beautiful teacher who starts quarrels can not be beautiful, Fang Xiaoyu has passed the question directly.

Huh? How is this topic so familiar?

This topic looks like ...

Place yourself on your own task?

A big hand grabbed the roll, then Fang Xiaoyu said to the two teachers, "Here the sun is direct during the day, and the temperature is too high to the latitude of the latitude, there is also the effect of local ore, resulting in a low temperature here. "

Fang Xiaoyu said with himself, here, I have been there.

Moreover, the time to stay is still constant.

Then, the two pairs of eyes looked at the filial piety.

After a short silence, Liu Mengya took the roll to see "It is true that the latitude, the number does have a bit of strange feelings,"

The Lisa teacher also took the roll and saw it. "Also, when I stay, I feel some temperature change, the ore, I have heard of the local, yes, I can't see it, when is your kid? Is this possible? "

Fang Xiaoyu heard the red face that was coming from the praise and laughed.

"This is your student? That class is actually so talented, enlightened"

"Haha, let you laugh, haha." 6 Fang Xiaoyu said to Liu Mengya. "I also happen to know what it is."

After the pressing is forced, it will come a modest, this is not the style of his fellow, and Fang Xiaoyu is thinking.

"Hey is still so modest, it is a student of the Lisa teacher."

The Lisa teacher laughed, since the other party has shown soft, I can't be so tough?

"Oh, it's not course. It is a wide range of people."

"What is your name?" Liu Mengya asked, there is such a talent student, who is not awkward.

"Teacher, I called Fang Xiaoyu, in four classes, as if you have to go to the four classes a few days ago," Fang Xiaoyu said with a fluent Mandarin.

"Four classes, oh, you can teach this kind of student is so good. Haha, you call me dreamy teacher,"

"Good teacher" Fang Xiaoyu said, there is no way, it is too talented, and there is a teacher who worshiped under his talent ...