The richest man in the magic city

[69] Wang Gongzi

the next day.

With the first rising sun and a shock sound, Fang Xiaoyu and Ina and Ou Fei came to the horse scene here.

Several people did not have a lot of drafts. It was not a gathering of Ozheng flight today. However, it was a comparative friend in Ozheng flight, just a horse race here, he felt very Interesting, thinking with euna to come out for a long time, after all, it is also necessary to contact these people on these business venues, and there is nothing wrong with you.

So planned, and then I just learned that I have a holiday today, and I also brought Lua, as for the Fang Xiaoyu, he came over with Mean. So, there was a scene of Fang Xiaoyu and Ina and Ozufei three people appeared at the door of the horse.

At this time, Ona listened to the horses of the horse, and I couldn't help you wanted to watch the game. I just wanted to go in. I saw that Oufei stopped her, and Ona felt a glimpse, and the heart was unclear. Then I heard the European flying slowly: "Remember, when you go to the horse, you will seriously watch the game, which takes me to take you long history."

How can I don't understand this truth, so I should have a father's words, and then the three people finally entered the horse. Just starting to start, then Fang Xiaoyu and Dana and Ozheng Fei did not speak, and seriously looked at the game.

Once in the heart, I thought that I have already known this movement of this movement, so I learned that Oufu Fei is coming to watch the horse race today. Oufu Fei wants to take her long-term knowledge, she doesn't have any tangling The father came, and she was brought to Fang Xiaoyu, and a high horse's screaming, it was really a happy horse, but there were some people who didn't know how to watch the horse race.

"This lady, I don't know if your Fang name is famous?" Asked a man who came over from Ona. Suddenly interrupted the mood that was watching the game. I was very unhappy. I saw a man talking to himself. She didn't take him, turned to continue watching the game, see Igna didn't answer myself. The man immediately introduced himself: "I'm surnamed Wang, I also watched the horse race."

Referring to the surname king, yes, this person is not someone, it is the only child of the famous Wang's family in Beijing, is not a good person. Every day does not do things, relying on the home of the home, four It's a mess, the whole of a leisure, I was originally pulled by others to see the horseradating, I still didn't think it's meaning. As a result, I saw Dana to watch the game, and the heart is not the face. Raised out.

See Na Na did not take care of yourself, and then watched the horse race seriously. There is a new plan in my heart, and then said to Ina: "It seems that this lady likes to watch others race?" "This lady will have some understanding, but it is a big understanding of the horse. of."

Wang Gongzi knows what horse horses, but I saw where I'm focusing on the horse racing, I thought about the new way of taking it. Then Dai's light fluttering him glanced. As a result, he thought that Ona is interested in his topic.

So, even more fighteous Hu Yu's eight-dragonfly: "You see, this is not, you see this horse ..." "There is no big interest in it, hey, what do you see, what is this? "" I didn't take care of him.

Following the horse that I have been staring again, I will see why I understand why I understand: "I still know the goods, I see the horses you stared!" When he finished him, he looked straight to Dana.

In fact, I don't understand that this kind of person, I don't understand anything, but it is still a university, and I don't know who gives him the courage! Inta looked at him again, and then retired one step.

As a result, he thought it was I am interested in him. Who knows that people are only impatient in their hearts. I feel that the people next to them are very annoying. When I look at the rich family of my brain, and I have no brain, I still have it, say it. I know the horse, even if I don't have the son of Wang Gong, I really understand the horse, but she just stared that the horse is in a more disadvantable horse, it is because of such a concern. .

Who knows that he is not a shame to say that he knows the horse, it is too disgusting. Then Ona have seen an eye. At this time, Ozheng flying is not around him, it is estimated to talk to which kind of person talked. As for Fang Xiaoyu, at this time, he also looked at the horse race in front of him, and did not pay attention to what happened here.

Ona doesn't want to troublefran and Eufun, after all, this is a lot of people in this, no one wants to make a joke, give yourself a face. In the principle that some things can do not do, Ina will retreat again. Some people don't think so.

Wang Gongzi thought that Ona did not talk, I thought he was a thumbs up to himself, and then opened again: "Look at the lady so much like a horse, there is a horse race that is not knowing to know more than this, it is better ..." "Hey, is it true that the home is still very good?" Ona looked at Wang Gongzi's deputy, my biggest, I understood anything, I finally couldn't help but hoke.

As a result, some people still don't know, think that this is praise! So he pulled out a smile he thought that "I didn't expect Miss so good!" "I don't want you to say, this place, the next homeland is also a number of two" He said with selfishness. Ona just tauntful, I didn't expect him to pick it up, and Dana felt that this person is really not face, which is like this to raise his own value.

Some people in the world are so don't want their own face. He thought that Ona was interested in him, then there were ought to say its own value, what kind of cars, rooms ... Denna looked at him Zhang Yihe is very bored, impatient, shake his head.