The richest man in the magic city

No. [70]

Wang Gongzi saw Dana's movement, instantly understand, see that I Lu is uncomfortable to say to her. He just wanted to see a topic to seek a topic, saying that it would be able to attract Na's attention.

Then he saw it around the horse race around. Then I saw a middle-aged man walked over the elderly when he came back. Then, he saw that Luoa, who didn't care about it, and walked to the man.

I don't look at myself. The person who came is not someone, it is Ozheng flight. He met an old acquaintance, just talked to him for a while, talked about the recent business, and then I was simply talked about my daughter. After a while, I found a reason to return to the game.

As a result, I saw a man who felt very familiar with the face. What did this and her daughter, he saw the daughter's face showing that impatient look, knew that her daughter is definitely not hurting now.

So he hurriedly rushed to his daughter. He and Ona just walked to the piece and saw the man stared at himself. He felt a little familiar with the face in front of him. At this time, Wang Gongzi also felt that there were some familiarity in front of it, but they couldn't think of where they had seen him.

In fact, two people really had a side, just a few days ago, two people playing photos on a dinner table! That day, Ouhuang was talking about a more important business, and the other person is not someone, it is the father of this Wang Gongzi Wang Hao.

When I was talking about my business, Wang Hao took him with his incompetent son, Wang Gongzi and Oufu fly their two of them a few seconds, who did not recognize the other party before the business table People who have seen it, as for the king, I didn't want to think about it for a long time. Anyway, some people who have no brains have been forgetful. It is also normal.

He is aware of this man who is in front of him, and then with his own daughter, it is very good, then they are really very fortunate today, can meet someone who knows themselves. , The daughter of his family, like them, although a little money is a little money.

However, how can you compare with your family? I really did a good thing! Yes, some people who have no long brains are like this. For example, this is a good idea to be self-satisfied with their own good ideas, I feel that I am far from this place, thinking that he is a boss in this place.

This kind of person is really a pity! If the Ou Fly knows the idea of ​​this Wang Gongzi, I am afraid that I am not afraid that I can't help it. Although the European home is not a richer, it is also a big gap with the richest.

However, if it is equipped with this king, he is more than enough, and compared with their Wang family, they are not a higher than them, and they are a level with their king. Then, I looked at the Wang Gongzi, and stared at this person in front of himself. The hard-erased is that I didn't think about this in front of him for a long time. But it is really very face.

So, he also thinks that this man may be which is the rich gong! After all, this horse racing, the average person is not able to come in, most of which can come in, is a rich person. Another person I have just been familiar with yourself, people are a properly rich person, but people are not only rich, people are also particularly capable.

Therefore, it is good to come here. That Wang Gongzi saw Ozheng Fei and was also there, and even more felt that this man is really a prescription of ordinary. Then the king of the king that did not have self-knowledge, began to boast.

"Hello, in the next surname king, it seems that you are the father of this lady?" The king said directly to the Ou Fudi. Oufa fell, did not answer his words yet. I saw that Wang Gongzi said again, "I don't think about it, in the lower phase, your little girl, I want to know with her."

"I have no big ability, it is a little money at home. I have a few cars, I am not a special value, and each, it is more than a million, as for the house, there are a few sets of money in the city center. House, in addition, I still have a house in the suburbs ... "

The king's grand child is like a good time to make a good fortune, a lot of words say so much. After that, he saw that Ozu flying has not spoken there, thinking that he was shocked by his own home. So I hotted the railway "As for the deposit, it is not missing! At least this number," said, he reached out his own finger than a number.

Oufu flew out what people could have such people in front of them. Don't you have your face. His Oufu is still a good family. It is really nothing to do in front of this person. Say that he is afraid to cooperate with yourself and the people who have worked.

And that Wang Gongzi is also a person who won't look at people. He thought that Ou Fei didn't talk, it was very satisfied with his proposal and his home.

Then he didn't have the opening of the eyes: "You see, since your little girl in the next phase, my family is also so satisfied, and I don't have any specialty for your home. The big demand is not really required, but it is nothing to do at all, after all, with my family, the daughter with your home is just more than enough. "

Emma, ​​Oufu Fei is also speechless. I just got my own daughter here, I heard a big guy, I was blown away here, but I didn't know much. He felt that he was so good to be tempered, he did not have difficulty so long, it seems that he has been getting angry.

But in your heart, this person in front of you does not agree, there is money, there is money. I know yourself, I have to take it out. That Wang Gongzi saw Oufu Fei, and then clear his scorpion, and then said. "Since we are so equipped, it is better to hit the day.