The richest man in the magic city

No. [73] practice family

What identity he is, why is he distinguished, but he was slapped by him with a person who dismissed him!

For so many years, he is not blown by people, it is respected, but now he is smoked with a slap in the face, this naked ignore, so that he is extremely blown.

The master was hit, as a bodyguard, naturally there is actions, and the identity of their master is the son of the Wang Group!

With this layer of identity, Wang Gongzi's face, today, must have to come back!

Looking at the big bodyguard of the people, I was a little nervous. She didn't think that Fang Xiaoyu actually did this straightforward, and even slapped.

That is the master of Wang Gongzi, Wang's Corps, and the aristocratic son of arrogant!

Today, it is called by Fang Xiaoyu ...

Outside the Oufu flight, it also made some sluggish people in Fang Xiaoyu, this is a gentle youth in his eyes, not a soft persimmon!

Although the shocking is the practice, but the heart of Europe is flying, it is a bit more affirmation of the other party's filial piety.

Men, can be low-key, but can't!

However, although he also felt that Fang Xiaoyu is very dissolved, but people being hit, but the son of the Wang Group!

Today's things, fear is difficult ...

Oufu Fei's face, some suffering.

Compared to the tension of Ou Na, Fang Xiaoyu is very calm.

He has never committed me, I don't commit crimes, if people commit me, ten times the attitude, today's things, some people have to eat hard!

In the face of ten individuals, the bodyguards, Fang Xiaoyu is not only timid, but the footsteps are lifted, and people who are looking for these people.

Looking at Fang Xiaoyu, who was caught by the bodyguard, Wang Gongzi stood up at one person, covering a swollen half-face, looking gloomy looking at him.

However, just as he thought that Fang Xiaoyu was on the siege of these bodyguards, it would not be dead, but the sound of sound, but he made him big mouth ...

As a dull sound, a darts are lightering in the ground.

There are no time, more than a dozen bodyguards, and the pain is on the ground, and the painful mourning.

This kind of dramatic scene not only lets Ozheng fly and Ona is extremely shocking, the king of the king, the mouth is even more embarrassed.

"This is still a human ..." Looking at the bodyguards on the ground, Wang Gongzi is weak in his heart.

Who can think of, more than a dozen physicalguards will be injured by a single youth, this starting material is not affected, unexpectedly.

"A group of waste!" Kicked with his foot and lie in front of him, Wang Gongzi stuffled.

After that, he turned to leave, today's things, he can only endure it, one day, he will find the scene!

However, he wants to go, but someone does not want to make this thing so light ...

"I let you go ..." After you, it came from the voice of youth.

The footsteps walking, Wang Gongzi turned, looked at the youth that he came to him, his face was bitter.

Today, kick it to the iron board ...

Fang Xiaoyu knows that the character of Wang Gongzi must report the personality, if this is not solved today, in the future, there will be after suffering!

Looking at the old young people, once again raised the palm, Wang Gongzi suddenly panic, one arrogant, in this case, I have to fan down, reveal awkward ...

"I am wrong, please let me let me, I guarantee that I will not find you in the future." Wang Gongzi rushed out.

People have to bow under the roof, let alone young people, the strength of ordinary people, but also make him sorrow.

A person, easily solve more than a dozen bodyguards, this record, in his impression, no one comparable.

Although he has already recognized it, but Fang Xiaoyu is not going to count, there is no profound lesson, this Wang Gongzi is afraid that it is not long ...

Fang Xiaoyu shook his head, Wang Gongzi's last hope, but also completely crushed.

In desperation, Wang Gongzi will seek the attention of the help, and look at the direction of the European flight.

Although Fang Xiaoyu has strong strength, but the background of the Wang's group is not to be underestimated. Sure enough, see Wang Gongzi's help for the general gaze, Oufu Fei has to go out: "The small party, this matter is even for this matter ..."

Wang Group, in some respects, a hegemon, if it is completely sinned, both are not beneficial.

Moreover, this Wang's Bono has an apology.

Under the helplessness, Ouzheng fly has to act as a character, after all, more things, it is better to be less ...

After listening to Ozheng flying, the palm of Fang Xiaoyu took back. He looked at Wang Gongzi and his tone. He was a touch: "Don't come here to find trouble, otherwise, it is not so simple, know?"

I heard the words, Wang Gongzi nodded quickly, even if she borrowed a few courage, she didn't dare to come back again, although the beauty is always, but it is a bit worthless than the life ...

"You ... Is it a person who practiced a family?" I saw the youth once again recovered the gentle face of the next day, and Wang Gongzi asked.

With his identity, naturally know some secrets, those who have lost ten people even hundreds of people, he also heard that now, he is more eye-catching, such as this ...

One person, there is no effort to blow the gray, I have died on his more than a dozen bodyguards!

I heard Wang Gongzi said that Fang Xiaoyu is not inseparable, did not say yes, did not say it, some secret, he can't say it.

"Don't ask so much ..." Glimited a king son, Fang Xiaoyu faintly: "Some things, know the less, better ..."

"Yes, yes ..." When I heard Fang Xiaoyu, Wang Gongzi came nodded should be that from his observation, the youth in front of him, 80% is a person who hides the family.

For this kind of person, give him a few courage, he has no courage to provoke, people want to kill someone, just as simple as killing an ant.

Even if he has the identity of the Wang Group, it will not!

"With yours, let's go." Fang Xiaoyu came out.

"Okay, good ..." Although it was hit, the king of Wang Gongzi at the moment is not a short, but it is as unlearable, and it is busy.

"Give me it!" At the king of Wang Gongzi, the bodyguard lying on the ground, the gray face stood up, quickly left.

Looking at the back of these people, eunun has been drunk. The filial piety in the weekday is like a powerful person but is not so sacred, but today, it is like a hero of the world.