The richest man in the magic city

No. [77] food poisoning?

Fang Xiaoyu put his hand, this is always able to blame yourself, just have a text message in this time.

"To fight the king!" It was Chen Li that tease.

Fang Xiaoyu smiled and went back to open a trumpet and took a few Chen Li, telling the truth, boring to play this game is still very comfortable.

the next day

The names are high schools, at noon, people staying in the classroom are generally very small.

At this moment, in a classroom, Fang Xiaoyu is sitting with Chen Li, playing games.

I have played a glory of the king of the morning. Chen Li was very annoyed. Teammates were too pit, and even tired him fell a few paragraphs. Now this game, finally there is a victimized head ...

I once kill the enemy again. Fang Xiaoyu looked at the exciting Chen Li, helplessly shook his head.

This guy, pulled him a king of the morning, obviously the technology of rookies, but is tired of drilling.

In order to accompany the same table, he did not even eat lunch, although the stomach has already issued protests, but he still endures, try to help the same table.

This game finally matched to a few unsuccessful teammates, playing nearly half an hour, won the victory!

"Oh yeah……"

I saw a segment, Chen Li called, the exciting look, I can't hate three feet high.

With the excitement of Chen Li, Thangha attracted a few students left in the classroom ...

That look, just like watching a neuropathy, and sitting next to Chen Li, I also have a little red by him.

I looked at Chen Li's look, Fang Xiaoxiao was speechless, played in the morning, just rose one segment, this speed, not enough.

Just when Fang Xiaoyu was silent, the classroom came outside, suddenly became turning, standing up, Fang Xiaoyu walked outside to the classroom, and wanted to see what happened.

I looked at the portrait of the past, and Fang Xiaoyu met with a male classmate and asked: "What happened?"

"Some people are poisoned by food, let's take a look ..." After that, the male classmate ran away, ran to the crowd of the crowd.

"Food poisoning?" Fang Xiaoyu muttered a sentence, lifting the feet, walking to the classroom, but at the moment he turned, it suddenly remembered, ena, noon school seems to go to the cafeteria ...

Thinking of this, Fang Xiaoyu is a tight, now he is a bodyguard of the big lady, if she is out, then he is ... missing ...

Lake up, Fang Xiaoyu quickly walked to the crowd of the crowd.

Lightweight and flexible squeezing into the center of the crowd, Fang Xiaoyu looked at the classmates who were lifted ambulance and fainted, and the heart was slightly nervous.

A classmate who swept the past, Fang Xiaoyu did not find Lua's shadow, and put his gaze to the crowd ...

When I saw a familiar figure that took the popsicles, I was quiet, and I was relieved.

As long as I Na is fine, then he doesn't have to take so much, the ambulance has come, and the students who have to be in the past have not been a matter.

Extruded the crowd, Fang Xiaoyu went to Ona, asked: "Are you okay?"

I heard the words, Into naughty spitted the tongue, and the trend: "Nothing, can I have anything?"

Said, Ona handed the ice pink to Fang Xiaoyu in front of the other hand, said, "I left one, do you want to eat?"

Looking at the ena, some cute moves, Fang Xiaoyu smiled and whispered: "I don't eat, you eat ..."

"Don't eat it." Said, Dana put the only one popsicle in his mouth.

In fact, she didn't want to be truly filial, just polite, with her understanding of the latter, except for something that love to eat, the other is not interested.

"You didn't go to the canteen to eat?" Observed a moment, Fang Xiaoyu found that there was no abnormal phenomenon, change again.

As the bodyguard of ea, he must do it without a loss.

Since other people eat the food of the cafeteria, they are poisoned, but the Ona is still in front of him, then there is only one possibility, Ina, I didn't eat the food of the tea!

"Nothing ..." Ina turned over the eyes and said: "How, do you want me to poison?"

Wen said, Fang Xiaoyu is on the forehead, the black line floats ...

He just wants to guarantee the security of Ina, which once thought that this Nizi caught the opportunity and damn him.

However, this feeling is still quite good ...

"I don't mean this ..." Fang Xiaoyu opened.

" ..." Seeing youth embarrassment, ena laughed smile.

Seeing the girl's honest smile, Fang Xiaoyu can't help but laugh, so life is quite interesting.

"You should be careful, I will go first ..." Fang Xiaoyu took a sentence, leaving it.

However, he has not taken a few steps, he heard someone called his name, turned it, looked at the people who ran over, and raised slightly ...

"Are you not playing games?" Looking at the youth, Fang Xiaoyu joked.

"No, don't fight ..." Chen Li did not breathe, the air did not follow the air: "I am starved to death, what games are also playing ..."

"Fang Xiaoyu, let's go for lunch, starving ..." Chen Li said.

From the morning until now, he didn't eat it, and only took care of the king's glory, and did not feel hungry, but now, the stomach has begun to call.

After turning over the eyes, Fang Xiaoyu and Chen Li and walked to the sea of ​​the sea.

The incident of food poisoning caused a panic, but Fang Xiaoyu did not put it in his heart, and Chen Li seems to be because of the hungry, just think about filling his belly.

The two quickly came to the door of the cafeteria. I just went in, my doctors and nurses, rushed to rushing a sick, and the eyes of the eyes were filial piety, put Chen Lila on one side, let the two will open a road.

The doctors and nurses carrying the stretcher, soon out, Fang Xiaoyu is ready to enter the canteen.

However, he accidentally glanced at the patient who was lying on the stretcher, and suddenly stopped, suddenly stopped ...

The woman on the stretcher, pale, has been fainted, the little brow, let the filial piety have to stop.

"Liu Mengya? She is also poisoned?" Whispered, Fang Xiaoyu quickly went forward.

If he is other person, he will not take these things, but Liu Mengya is different, she is related to her own relationship, Yi Yousi, with this, he can't stand by.