The richest man in the magic city

Section [83] Second apprentice

Fang Xiaoyu did not say anything, and he took advantage of Li Zuhua, but it was a different road. This road makes Fang Xiaoyu easily.

After Fang Xiaoyu came out, the brain was very chaotic, the sky was not too early, Fang Xiaoyu walked with a distilledently, and when I kicked the stone in the foot, I sent zero fragile sound. He looked up and looked at the moon on the sky, the moon was very large, very round. The moonlight is also very soft, taken on him, I don't know why, some cold feelings. He looked down at the shadow under the body. This time he didn't look up for too long and let his neck sore.

There is a tree in front, the trunk is very large, and it is very calm in the quiet moonlight. Fang Xiaoyu has some hands itchy.

I saw that the eyes of the teenager became cold, and the black scorpion was also infected with some killing. Fang Xiaoyu's right foot is slightly refunded, and the right hand holds a punch.

The brain is hot, and the hand is also in accordance with the memory of the mind. I don't know who teaches the boxing method. It seems that it is not to teach, it is a set of boxing laws in my mind. Uncomfortable hands and boxing, a set of boxing Out of it, it is accurately falling on the coarse tree. Run your hand to the fist falling in the center of the tree, during which only one or two seconds.

"Hey!" The tree is also very simply.

Fang Xiaoyu's brain is still a state of nunal, what ghost? Fang Xiaoyu bowed his head and looked at his fist. The fist was still cleared. He didn't have time to boast. Fang Xiaoyu is open, and his hands are not damaged. His inner heart is somewhat complicated. It seems to have some kind of power, and a unknown force, there is a inexplicable feeling.

Fang Xiaoyu stood in place.

The Li Zuo Huang and his friends bid farewell, Li Zuohua stood in the stairs of the net coffee door, and she raised her own coat in their own place, and she took her own coat and put it on it.

Li Zuhua walked on the road to go home, but he didn't think that, he saw a series of behaviors of Fang Xiaoyu, both eyes were rounded. Li Zuhua saw the Fang Xiaoyu, Fang Xiaoyu, has, and also saw Li Zuhua. The first reaction of Fang Xiaoyu is that it is a bad time, is it a person? Smoked.

Fang Xiaoyu turned his head and wanted to run, and Li Zuhua was not allowed.

Although Li Zuohua is not a person who is martial art, he is also passionate about these. Jin Yong's novel is also a lot, plus the rack of his own, and there is no fellow, but it is not bad.

Li Zuhua saw that Fang Xiaoyu put the light, it seems that I saw a treasure, and I was rushing up, and I was filial. Fang Xiaoyu silently looked at the hand of Li Zuhua, and his heart shed his breath. He thought, hey, this afraid of fleeing.

"Hey is good!" Li Zuhua saw the tree next to him couldn't help but sigh, the hands and feet were not embarrassed, and the upper and chaos, I couldn't think of a child.

Fang Xiaoyu has a bit stiff, whispered, "It's okay."

"This tree is pushed, I have seen it, teach me."

"Teach you? I won't have anything else." I said that Fang Xiaoyu will earn Li Zuohua's hand.

Li Zuhua now looks at the idol, it is hard to have such a powerful person, Li Zuohua can be excited, do not know how much hard in his hand, no wonder, unable to make it.

"Teach me to martial arts, you can push it to a big tree."

Fang Xiaoyu can't laugh in my heart, I can say that I don't know how I knocked down this tree, I am a heart, my brain is hot. Can Li Zuhua, but I don't know.

Fang Xiaoxuan looked at the exaggerated expression in front of him, this is not a play, why do you put this expression? Very strange. Fang Xiaoxuan looked at Li Zuhua, it is a strange guy. Fang Xiaolu's unbelievable turned, "Knowing it, why do this expression, I will accept you, not to receive an apprentice, I will receive you."

So easy to agree? Is it a deception? Li Zuhua, which is a bit unbearable, "Is this true? Are you lie to me, do you really accept me?"

"Really, I said, how do you ink this? You don't believe it, don't you believe me? I just lie to you so much, since you can't understand it, then it is." Fang Xiaoxuan looked at his own Li Hua as a suspicious eye. What does this mean, is it not to count? It's really a headache.

I heard the tone of the Fang Xiaolu, it was not a fellow secret, is it true? It turned out that he misunderstood followers, the old man was a sulking Fang Fangru, and Li Zuhua, who was still half slammed on the ground, jumped up, his eyes put the light, and he suddenly screamed. "Master!"

Fang Xiaoxuan was shocked, but immediately returned to the original state.

Successfully got the folk Li Zuhua, the worship of the worship, "Master, Master, since you all promised to be my Master, when did the master teach me 'eating a chicken'? I really want to eat Learn Master's technology. "

This apprentice, I just worshiped himself to teach him, it is really no way, this is too fast. When I heard this sentence, Fang Xiaoxuan frowned, when did this apprentice become this? Fang Xiaolu remembers not this, he didn't want to teach Li Hua to eat chicken, isn't it to learn the fist with you? How to pull the 'eating chicken'? Normal plots should not be unintentional to see the high-person hand, and then ask for the collection of martial arts and then embark on the peak of life? This is wrong, this is not scientific, who can explain?

What is rhythm? How can the plot becomes like this. After a while, Fang Xiaoxuan looked up and looked at Li Zuhua. "Do you want to learn to learn boxing? How do you learn to eat chicken? I remember that you don't want to learn this, what is your child, what do you mean? ? "

I saw Master to be angry. Li Zuhua converges, Li Zuhua blinks, rushed to Fang Fung and smiled, "What is the fist, when will I learn what kind of boxing method, Master, I don't want to fight with Master? Chicken '! Eating a chicken is what I really want to learn, and there is no relationship with the fist method. Master is so powerful, can you teach apprentices? "

Fangxiao's bripf is deeper, "When?"

Li Zuhua nodded, "Well, um! Master, you tell me, when do you teach me?"

Fang Xiaolu turned his head, so he made a deep swing hand, and he opened his mouth.

Seeing that people ran, Li Zuohua is awkward, "Master! Waiting for me!" Li Zuo Hua, who reacted, but didn't see the figure in front of it, sighed, gave up this idea.