The richest man in the magic city

Section [84] memo

Just recently received an apprentice, Fang Fang, who had a flash, washed it home, and took a shower directly to bed.

Yesterday's weather forecast said that today's weather is good, it is a big morning and bright morning.

"Fang Xiaoyu, wait for me." Ona saw that Fang Xiaoyu hurried forward. Fang Xiaoyu looked at the time on the watch, go to school, still have to come, stop waiting for ea. Fang Xiaoyu's appearance is like a handsome male star, and South Korea may not be more than him.

"I don't know if the food poisoning incident yesterday is better ..." Ona said with Fang Xiaoyu, while smiling. Fang Xiaoyu responded from time to time, when I mentioned my topics of myself.

When Fang Xiaoyu and Lua walked to the door, suddenly saw a super-run stop in front of the door, Fang Xiaoyu did not pay more, bypass next to it, after all, this super run is more, every quarter, his garage I will run more over, in front of him, there is not enough.

"Fang Xiaoyu." Ena called him.

Fang Xiaoyu turned back, indicating that Ona quickly walked with him, the Meaning of the Mean Metriophage will be the meaning of the original intention to swim back to the belly, and Fang Xiaoyu will go to school.

Walking and walking, Fang Xiaoyu suddenly perceived that the super run is a bit wrong, soon aware that some people must pay the car in that. Fang Xiaoyu turned his head, the superun drove in his own direction, and the Fang Xiaoyu was consciously guarding Ona. The super-run stops in front of them.

"The gods of the gods, it is really you ..." Seeing Fang Xiaoyu has changed his face, Li Zuhua will mean that his behavior is really bad, and hurry to open the car.

Fang Xiaoyu saw Li Zuhua, probably knowing his purpose, and Li Zuhua snorted, Li Zuhua immediately stopped his words.

"What are you doing?" Fang Xiaoyu's voice filled with magnetic.

"Great God, I am not special to pick you up to school." Li Zuhua said, with a smile.

"In this case, it is not polite." Fang Xiaoyu and Lua will go to Li Zuhua's super run.

"Great God, your technology is really no! I didn't fall asleep all night. I thought that you play the scene of eating chicken, that technology, it's hard to make people worship, yesterday, you walked too urgent, Forgot to ask your name, today's sudden appearance today, it is indeed a loss, please see you! "Li Zuhua drove, while I didn't forget to praise the fattle.

"Do you know the way to your school? It's late." Fang Xiaoyu is dissatisfied.

Li Zuhua saw, hurriedly replied: "I know I know, the big god, you only do a good seat belt, sit track, I am accelerating."

Fang Xiaoyu and Ona will take the seat belt, and Li Zuhua will fly quickly, but Li Zuhua seems to be inferior to the car skills and speed of the filial piety.

At school, Fang Xiaoyu and Lua got off the bus, just want to leave.

"Master, you will get out of school in the future, it will be transferred by me!" Li Zuhua got off the bus.

Fang Xiaoyu said helpless, but think about it is very convenient, casually Li Zuhua, Li Zuhua opened the experience directly, like a child who had just bought toys.

The morning reading time is coming, the teacher of the Lisa came in.

"The students who have poisoned yesterday are basically better." Teacher Lisa said.

Everyone's hiped stone is also possible to let go.

"Classmates, schools have recently held a memorandum." Teacher Lisa said, "The contents of reciting are all classical Chinese and poems."

The students heard the news all the shock faces, and they were beginning to discuss ...

"Scorpio! So many! The fairy is not necessarily full!" I said.

"Yeah! Although it is required to recite, you can come down, I am afraid it is a big harmonic needle, and there is less, or even one can be found!" Ou Ting replied to Dana.


Fang Xiaoyu is still fighting the king, the noise in the class has not affected him, he can automatically block all interference.

"It's better, let's practice your hand first?" Teacher Lisa smiled and asked students.

The whole class suddenly had no sound, and everyone went down to brush.

"Is there any classmate to try it first?" Asked the Lisa.

There is still a lot of dumbs in the whole class, no one raises his hand.

"Then I can't call my classmates?" The teacher of the Lisa once again, and the students silently prayed that they don't be called.

The teacher of the Lisa called a few days to study hard in the school, every day, legendary Chinese and excellent learning to recite, but the result made her greatly expected.

"How is our pointed class?" The teacher of the Lisa said angrily.

The whole class once again, no one dares to hit the gun.

"LISA teacher, there are still a few days, we can recite these days." The squad leader asked whispers.

"It's tomorrow, now the situation is unfortunate." The teacher of the Lisa replied.

"Hey ..." The whole class helplessly sigh.

It may be that the atmosphere is quiet. It seems that the air is very unnatural. At this time, the king is playing the king, and the teammates have successfully broken the enemy crystal. When they look up, I want to see what happened, let the class The atmosphere is like a high-tech, quiet for so long.

Just a moment in Fang Xiaoyu looked up, his eyes were positively collided with the Lisa teacher. The teacher of the Lisa saw Fang Xiaoyu and suddenly had inexplicable premonitions. It seems to see the hope of the game, even she is strange.

"Fang Xiaoyu, will you recite?" The teacher of the Lisa asked Family filial piety, "It's better to show your classmates to the whole class."

Fang Xiaoyu looked at the LISA teacher, and looked at other students. Everyone didn't have much hope, but Fang Xiaoyu is so big, and it is calm for anything. It is reluctant to be free, and he has never been ignorant.

"Well!" Fang Xiaoyu should be underway, the path is straight to the platform, walk the wind, handsome.

The classmates of the whole class will be filial to the pilot, everyone is ready, and listen well. Some people are preparing to look at the filial piety, but they just dare to think about it in their hearts. Everyone is filial to respect, and I know that I can't afford to piety.

"Is it ready?" Asked the Lisa.

"Well!" Fang Xiaoyu answered confidently.

"Then start!" Teacher Lisa said.

The students under the podium think that Fang Xiaoyu will not be, some are still sluching, do not dare to let Fang Xiaoyu heard.

"Do you recite all content?" Fang Xiaoyu asked the Lisa teacher.

"Yes, the textbooks require the back of the text and poems." Teacher Lisa replied.

The students have begun to whisper. I feel that Fang Xiaoyu will not say that it will not be back, even if it will read it may be a problem, but everyone is afraid of Fang Xiaoyu to hear, the more you say, the smaller.

"Well, then I started." Fang Xiaoyu said that the Lisa teacher nodded with the students quiet.

The students all felt that the filial piety would not be, when Fang Xiaoyu will abrupt the content, the whole scene is shocked.