The richest man in the magic city

Section [86] eat chicken

"What is your relationship with I?" Li Zuhua asked.

Fang Xiaoyu immediately changed his face, saying: "Don't ask, otherwise die!"

Li Zuhua was once scared again, hurriedly got his mouth, and the two went home to sleep.

The next morning, when the sun outside the window passed through the windows, Sprinkled in Fang Fangru, Fang Xiaoyu got up, stretched a lazy waist, stacked the quilt, after washing, Fang Fang went to the school's gym.

Fang Xiaobu has been very early today, because this is a day of reciting the competition, and the teacher told the party in advance, let Fang Fei's filial piety must present, saying that yesterday is unexpected, the atmosphere is not good, and the filial piety will take the atmosphere.

Fang Xiaoxuan has always been the idol of the whole class, and it is also the best student, so everyone is very expected to be filial with filial piety, and the global eyes are in Fang Xiaoyu.

Faced with the eyes of the whole class, Fang Xiaoyu just doesn't matter, those are too simple, he will read it again, don't know what these people want to do, and recite the competition? This is still back? After reading it, I will remember it. It is really enviable and embarrassing. Of course, many people are very admired, because Fang Xiaolu is doing what is the best, whether it is learning, sports, or Others, Fang Xiaolu has always been the first of the whole class, and has always been a legend of the school.

Because this is the last game of the high three, I will not participate in the school's activities. In order to let the senior students have a deep memory, the school attaches great importance to this memorial competition, which makes this memorial competition very much. Grandly, the location is selected in the gym.

"Hey, Fang Xiaolu, you have to graduate, you don't show a paragraph? Let the students have a deep memory. When the game is played, it must be a show!" Li Zuhua looked at the fiazing, and pulled it. Fang Xiaoxuan's sleeves.

"Well, rest assured, isn't our class in our class? Today I am, I must not let our class lose face again."

When all the high school students gathered in the school's gymnasium, the principal and the class teacher were also present early, then this recited competition has begun, and the students are looking forward to the principal, let all students stay quiet, announce the memorial competition. It is necessary to start.

The preparation of the competition has built a table in the center of the gym, in order to let all students can see this table, the principal is especially told, be sure to take this table very high, very large.

The principal standing on the stage, looking down at the following classmates, soon these students have to graduate, they must leave this school. Every time they go to the seasons of students, the principal will become very good, because these students are If you want to go, the principal is also reluctant.

But I thought of the next school, and there were new students came in, and I changed it again. The school is constantly being changed. One session is increasingly excellent.

The principal revealed a big smile in the direction of the students, looking at the high school students who are about to graduate, then pick up the small pen in his hand and start speaking.

"The classmates are good, maybe you also know that this reciting the competition is your last time in the school, so you have to pay serious attention, this memorial competition is very important. So I hope everyone will participate, next, I It is said that the rules of the game are like this ... "

The principal smile faces the following classmates, while holding a microphone, waving the small pen in his hand, every other word, you have to sway the small pen, you may have to emphasize, the principal's personal habits.

Fang Xiaolu looked at the principal. This principal said, and he couldn't see his classmates. Fang Xiaoxuan is secretly thinking, today must give the students a good hand, let them forget yourself, ... ...

When I heard the principal, everyone's emotions were very excited. Because they graduated, as the principal said, they can't participate in the school's activities. They also invisible this cute principal. Be sure to leave the principal. It's a good impression, so it's very enthusiastic, the last event of the school must be lively.

I don't know if it is intentional, the class second class is sitting next to the classmate of the pointers, the pointers, the second class is adjacent? These two classes are not good, they are all famous, both are the pointers, often competition, the relationship between the two classes is now very nervous, say a few words, saying that it can be played.

"Hey ~ This is not the waste class yesterday? When is it side by side? We can be an excellent student, how can we sit next to waste?" In the seat of the scorpion, I don't know if it is Who said that this is a thin.

In an instant, in addition to the Fang Xiaolu, the face of the classmate, the face of the classmate, the face of a full face is red, and people who can't find the speech can only eat this dumb loss.

"Oh, why don't this waste class don't talk? Isn't it true? Yesterday? Now you talk? Really, the waste is a waste, it is still equipped with a mold, what is the kind of the crowner, is it fake?" That voice, no one in seeing him, saying more, and more.

"Oh, isn't it a bullish? Fang Xiaolu, don't you say a few words?" Li Zuhua looked at the leisureness of the filial piety, but did not be angry. Is there a point in response? Is this too doing his style?

"You give me a little attention! This is too much, say it, I don't care, how can I get up? If you have this student, how do you have such a class, do you really bullied? Well? Don't challenge my bottom line, do you know? "The Lisa teacher pointed to a two-class student. The two sentences were that he shouted. The student did not expect that the teacher of the Lisa will be shouting, thinking so many people, No one knows that he shouted himself. When he heard the teacher of the Lisa pointed to himself, suddenly his face was white, he was criticized by a teacher, and how to mix it in the second class later.

"Hey, this is a student, but the teacher stands out to protect the scorpion? What is the pointer, this is true, it is a waste class. No one is standing up, but also the class teacher stands out for students. Speak, oh, ... "Yiguo came out.

"That is, yesterday, I took a tip, let you recite, there is no one can come out, it is all waste, your class is not a lot of pointed students? Why no one is? Well?" I don't know who said. A sentence, the atmosphere falls into the low tide.