The richest man in the magic city

Section [87] basketball

The pointed class is very uncomfortable to be ridiculed by the pointed two classes. It is refuted.

After the pointer, the pointed two classes have begun to laugh, and the expression is not trustworthy. If we don't believe that you have such a person in your class, don't scare me. "Some are still joking, it seems It is true who doesn't believe it, it should not seem but no one is sure.

The second class did not speak but chose silence, waiting for the next game, the game has not started, whoever loses anything is not necessarily, it is possible that you will lose, you can't be proud. However, the pointed class is ridiculous, and I still look forward to winning. They believe that there will be a miracle happening?

"Now people are really confident, aren't I am really losing? It's really proud to forget!" Fang Xiaoyu looked at the dialogue between the pointers and the two classes, shook his head, said a few words, I feel that people now have a time victory, can you be so proud?

Fang Xiaoyu is there for a while, and suddenly I feel a little thirst, I want to go out to buy a little water, anyway, I have a long time, I have a long time, it seems to be in the last ratio, anyway, no urgent 15 minutes from the start of the game, go out to buy water and drink it, there is a few minutes left.

"Can't talk anymore, still hurry out." After you think, Fang Xiaoyu directly ran out, looking at 2 minutes, finally saw a small sale, directly ran forward, say "give me a bottle of water" After that, put the money directly on the table, take the water from the boss, and open the bottle cover directly, the whole person is very comfortable, and the breathing is smooth.

After the experience of the body and mind, I think that I want to run to the game, but the last hand is not, I have to use it, because I only take 2 minutes, I will take about 6 minutes for 7 minutes, and my own game is still In the last ratio, what should you do so?

If you want to finish, Fang Xiaoyu will come down and look at the scenery. He seems to have seen every scenery seriously. Every time they are rushing, this time I should look at it. I have to recognize the construction of this school. It is a bit soil, that is, it means.

Today, the sun is also good, and then with the two-star grass, there are several huge trees to block, a little quiet feeling, it is really a good place, Fang Xiaoyu thinks that it is nothing to stay. To continue to observe the observation, I want to continue to see the scenery, don't delay the game.

On the way in the game, Fang Xiaoyu felt the beauty of the sun, nature, but after 8 minutes, he finally returned to the game, the game has not started, but they are all waiting, but this really needs so nervous. ? But wait for a serious study? Good.

The game has begun, many people are serious, I want to know who will lose, it is estimated that there is only one man in the audience that is not nervous. Because this kind of fellow is not difficult, need nervous? No need to be nervous. Even the opponents who prepare the game are also particularly nervous. At this time, the filial piety is missing, so that I can compare with him?

Fang Xiaoyu is almost very bored, just look at them in the competition classical Chinese. What is the ancient poems, just looked at the end of the forehead, seemed to look very serious, it's nothing, in fact, this game is nothing, is the host In the stage, ask your ancient poetry, and how to read the text, let's listen, you will win, you will win, lose it, lose, the three games, but this is the last game of the third year, so the school Special attention, many school leaders are coming.

"The game is a table on the stadium? But it is also to treat it seriously. After all, the last time." Fang Xiaoyu thought that this began to look serious, now there is a game, turn itself to yourself, Ban There are a lot of people who come here to comfort themselves not to be nervous. Fang Xiaoyu whole people are .

I finally comforted in the whole class. After 10 minutes, I went to the division of the classes and the classes of the pointers. They all expected the team members sent from the two sides. The other personnel were a bit nervous, but they quickly adjusted, Fang Xiaoyu is not nervous, it is long.

"Are you ready?" The host asked the members of the two classes Murong, and then asked the pointed class of Fang Xiaoyu, the two sides replied "ready" natural competition.

"Murongfeng, I would like to ask who is the West Lake author in the general association?" The host began to answer, "Well, I ... I don't know" Murong can't answer, maybe because I remember too much.

"Fang Xiaoyu, do you know who the author is the author?" The host asked the other side of the Fang Xiaoyu. "Kang and Zone" Fang Xiaoyu will soon answered. "Answer, it is the first question, the first one is the first bureau," The host announced the first game.

The second game started. "Excuse me, what emotions written by Jiang Hong. Jiang Hanxi," The host once again asked Murongfeng in the second class. "I am still ... I don't know, I have a back, but I have forgotten" the look of Murong is full of face, and I have seen a clear two classes. Host everyone once again asked to the Fang Xiaoyu "Do you know what emotions written?" Fang Xiaoyu directly replied directly "to write the feelings of the hometown." The host once once again vocal "Answer."

The third game is actually useless, because the winner has already come out, the scorpion is lost, the pointer will win, just under the bottom, I have a second class, saying that the pointers will lose two classes. Now I change the phone tip of the mobile phone, I have two classes, and I will change the second class. I don't want to be too early.

As a result, Murongfeng was perfectly tragic by Fang Xiaoyu, and it was equal to the scorpion. It was too early to be too early. Who would lose anything else.

Now the two classes have been smashed, that is, the end of the game, Fang Xiaoyu is victorious, Fang Xiaoyu did not say anything excited, looked at the opponent's lost look, I want to see how they have two classes will be What will I lose? So lost. It's hard to say he?

The two classes are also lost, all are unhappy, and there is no priest just now, if you may still be a while.

Fang Xiaoyu is quietly waiting for the host to announce who will win, the game is over.