The richest man in the magic city

The chairman of the [91]

Limed that he is still irony. This waiter felt shocking while felt a festive festival, but I didn't hear that person, I didn't hear that person, I went to stop, otherwise, I couldn't sin it. This is called the coffee shop behind the scenes.

That can be lost, you don't want to lose this more advanced job. Compared to the surprise and shocking of the waiter, Liu Mengya's mother is not ashamed, and he also thought that the man in front of him was his daughter Liu Mengya to make her own.

Then there is still a good blow to how much it is, but also said that I am the founder of this cafe. She instantly reduces the impression of this person in front, you are not a big man. The ability is also possible, the most important thing is that you are doing people to work.

It seems that she seems to be ironic for my own ideas, I didn't expect people to be properly capable, powerful, and have the ability. It seems that people can't really look at their faces. Although the young man in front of this is also a table talent, now it is good, not only has excellent appearance, but also has a good work and economic ability.

When she thought she had always been a smile, I feel that I feel satisfied how I feel satisfied. Fang Xiaoyu is a person who is very observed. Looking at the smile present on the mother's face of Liu Mengya. I feel that she must be very happy now, so she will continue to say: "Auntie is not very Ability, that is, this is the small money of P., a café that is inconspicuous. But the feelings of the two people are good, so, please don't consider her life for her. "

Fang Xiaoyu said that she admires herself. In this way, Liu Mengya's mother will definitely be very satisfied with himself, and will not give Liu Mengya to arrange some strange monsters. I don't have to act as this girlfriend. Destiny, not only wasted to waste your own good time, but also to have money, although these money is just nine bulls, but also.

If you don't listen to the words, Liu Mengya's mother is talking about it. "Can not be said, Mr. Fang is a table talent, the career is successful, my little girl is with you, I am definitely, so that those who are useless and no value Will definitely not arrange it to Dream. "

Then, Fang Xiaoyu was very modesty on the surface, in fact, but the mysterious mother who followed Liu Mengya had guaranteed that Liu Mengya's mother was happy. Then three people were preparing to retreat from the café, Liu Mengya and her mother got first, I also want to invite Fang Xiaoyu to take a seat, and then Fang Xiaoyu said that she had a business in a while, and the Mother of Liu Mengya. Invitation, then ride a bicycle with his own happiness.

Fang Xiaoyu thought: I pretended to be boyfriend to come this cafe. I have been boring. I also let myself go to Liu Mengya's home with Liu Mengya's mother. He really can't do it. Even if he and Liu Mengya or Very good friend, but in an important friend, he also thinks that this boring and restraint thing in the family is really not able to do it.

All the way is a kind of decision for yourself, I feel that I am so happy, I will get home, I will go home, I feel that I have forgotten what is going to do, I said that I have to do what I have to do today, my own cracked Really selective memory.

He thought about it, then slammed his head, suddenly remembered that he forgot to use the perspective, followed him, he quickly opened his own perspective, and did not know that this attached perspective system is good. If you are not easy to use, you really have no big use. If you use it, you don't know if you can refund to them, but they give my own things for a while, it is not easy to use, so repeated tangled mood Wrapped in the heart of Fang Xiaoyu.

In fact, this time, it is not a strange filial piety. I used to give my own things to be more high-end, which is like this perspective system, it is not as possible. With this kind of complex heart, Fang Xiaoyu took a look at all, and he was silently sighing there. Sure enough, this is not the same in the perspective of perspective, it is really possible. See a good thing.

Then he continued to explore the top, just saw the Ona's room, then he saw the Ona's herself sitting in the desk, it was seriously writing his homework, and I realized that I was really self-disciplined. It is really a feeling that you can write this kind of writing industry.

Then I looked at it everywhere, I feel that this perspective looks very good, it is very good. He thinks this system is not bad. As for this, it is very satisfied with itself, it is also very satisfied.

So thinking that he will accept this system, I haven't thought about it, it seems that the idea is really redundant. There is nothing to see in the house. It seems that it is not a fixed number of rooms. He feels bored, and thinks it is a long-term walking.

Of course, I can't forget that this makes him feel the meaningful perspective system, saying that he can see some different things outside, with a huge curiosity, Fang Xiaoyu got up, wearing himself yet It is ready to take a walk in the perspective of your own perspective, just when you are bored with your own perspective system, where you are bored, by the way, look at the scenes that others can't see, again and again. Exclaimed: Sure enough, something is really can't just look at its surface.

Fang Xiaoyu felt that he had just figured it. Then he continued to walk, this is not his strong perspective system, just playing his huge role. He saw a picture that shocked his own shock through the perspective ...

This makeup filial piety feels that there is nothing wrong with it. It is not something else, but he passed the Perspective of the Li Jia in a villa area, called Li Zuhua, the usual is still, it is still possible, usually likes to hit the chicken. The game, even can be said to have reached an obsessed attitude.