The richest man in the magic city

Section [88] Chen Li's perseverance

"I announced that the champion of this memorial competition is a high-profile filial piety!" The host came up with a host to announce the champion of this competition.

The whole group of the whole group is almost happy, almost all happy cheers, no cheers, smile and talk, some will talk about the depth of Fang Xiaoyu.

"The original Fang Xiaoyu is a hidden school, it is really not leaking, I haven't found it before." This sound is one-stop.

But their argument point "Fang Xiaoyu" is a look, it doesn't care, just standing there, just saying anything, quietly listening to others, listening to him, listening, thinking Not to think, because the content is almost the same, there is nothing to listen, the whole person is lazy, and you will go out of the game, go back to the class to sleep, ready to wait for school.

Finally, the ringtone of the school is ringing, and Fang Xiaoyu is fascinating from sleeping in sleep, a face of a face, a little tempting, of course just a moment. After waking up, pick up your school bag directly. Suddenly, Chen Li, who was defeated by him, suddenly pulled his hand, moved to the court, and the latter is still unclear.

Walk on the court. "Do you pull me to take me to the course? Do you go to the stadium?" Fang Xiaoyu asked Chen Li to take him.

"Playing basketball." Chen Li used a very simple sentence to answer Fang Xiaoyu.

"You haven't lost enough last time? Prepare this time I have to be abused?" Fang Xiaoyu heard the basketball with him, and felt a bit interesting, just mentioned the last time he was abused.

"Well, this time is nothing, I have a new trick, don't you don't look at me, don't you defeat you?" Chen Li and Fang Xiaoyu opened a little joke, but a little serious.

"I welcome you to defeat me." Fang Xiaoyu just smiled this sentence, anyway, he dared to determine that Chen Li won.

I came to the basketball court soon, I came to the basketball court, but there was just a vacancy.

"Well, start!" Chen Li said that there was a firmness in his eyes, and it seems that it can't wait to start a decision.

Said, the two began to play basketball, and the trick will be stronted for a while, and it is dazzling. Chen Li has not made his new trick. Fang Xiaoyu continued to make this point, I want to see what Chen Li's trick is like. After all, I can't see a little curious.

Their three contributions were decentralized, and the first bureau did not share the winning. Start the second game, the two first twisted his hand, followed by Fang Xiaoyu to grab the ball from Chen Li (when the game, the ball was in Chen Li hand), Fang Xiaoyu used a skill in basketball with basketball One of the "European steps" is to use the fake movement whose arms swayed. This bureau has lost, and Fang Xiaoyu won.

The last game of the Third Bureau, if Chen Li won, it is a big victory. The third game begins! Chen Lian first launched an offensive, and also used one of the skills of playing basketball. "Behind the dribble", according to his current, the ball is running behind, using the footsteps from the right side to the left hand behind the left hand.

Fang Xiaoyu saw that he had a curious move, it would not be in love, and directly enabled his proud moving goal, and finally filial piety.

"I didn't expect it to be defeated by you, but I won't give up!" Chen Li Gang began a little fascinating, but said that he won't give up, his eyes were firm.

Fang Xiaoyu smiled, he did a bit of appreciation of the perseverance, and encouraged a few "waiting for your challenge! But I still hope that you will be able to add, will have results!"

Then both people said, but Chen Li is a little thirsty, I will ask "Do you want to drink water, take it in a way?"

"Well." After that, he took out the water pipe to remove the two bottles of water and throw it to Chen Li, and the chair next to it.

"Hey, do you want to eat a barbecue together, I invite you." Chen Li was filled with the water he threw over, and the tradition was sitting on the chair. Sitting on the warm invitation to eat.

"You please passenger? Yes, just I am also hungry, now go." Fang Xiaoyu heard Chen Li's invitation, think about it, and it is also hungry.

After that, Chen Li stood up and took the back of Fang Xiaoyu. ? Let's go. "

Fang Xiaoyu first looked at Chen Li and then looked at him with his back, and wanted him to take his hand. Chen Li also understands this meaning. "What do you mean to take it down? It is a good brother mind, go!"

Fang Xiaoyu is only helpless, and it is directly to be treated directly.

On the way to the barbecue stall, the two have half a time look at the scenery, because the weather is very good, there are many people, in fact, it is awkward, and later, there is a few words, there is no problem.

"Hey, why do you play basketball so powerful, some people teach you?" Chen Liyi began to be very curious. This problem is just not asked.

"No one taught me, self-study is also the same, it can also be so powerful, don't have people to teach." Fang Xiaoyu turned his head and replied to Chen Li.

"Wow, you told me how to learn from it!" Chen Li was envious, I would like to know how to learn, because he specially likes basketball.

"That is, it is self-study, mainly by talent" Fang Xiaoyu smiled. "Oh, I think I am a little talent. I don't ask, I still do my own good job!" Chen Li thought that I wouldn't ask.

I will soon get the barbecue stall, there is roast chicken wings, cabbage, roast chicken row, grilled fish, barbecue, roasted ham, lamb skewers, roast dumplings ... There is much more.

"What do you want to eat, I have to eat roast chicken wings and cabbage and roasted dragonfish ... These." Chen Li's eyes stared at the roasting, and it was a watery.

"I will be as good as you." Fang Xiaoyu said casually, in fact, he didn't know what he had to eat.

The two have been eating at 9 o'clock in the evening, and it is 8 o'clock when I came. I have been full of food. "I should go back, worship, see you tomorrow." Chen Li said to the Fang Xiaoyu opposite himself.

"I have to go, the time is not early, go back early." Fang Xiaoyu looked at the watch on his hand, it didn't have time, but it should be left.

Two people stood up and said that they didn't have a few words, and then slowly went home to sleep.

After school next day, Fang Xiaoyu took the mobile phone to start the king's glory, staying at school, he could not be able to do anything.