The richest man in the magic city

Section [89] pretend

However, after playing a few games, he felt that there was a bit of peace, teammates too pit, and he did not hope, but it fell a few stars ...

Let go of your mobile phone, Fang Xiaoyu went to the toilet, it is already noon, after the toilet, he is ready to have lunch.

Since become the bodyguards of ea, his life has slowly become a little lazy, except for everyday go to school, it is playing games and Lai in bed.

After coming from the toilet, Fang Xiaoyu stretched a lazy waist, just wearing clothes, but saw Liu Mengya a hurry.

Her right hand took the phone with a phone, the left hand was still wipeling lipstick, looking like it, it is going to go out.

Fang Xiaoyu came to interested, Liu Mengya was stabilized in his impression, but it was no charm ...

However, she is in a hurry today, it seems to be a bit impatient ...

Arrived on the edge of the door frame, I saw Liu Mengya hanging on the phone, and the Fang Xiaoyu asked: "Who is called?"

He also didn't know why asked such a detailed, since there was exported, he had to wait for an answer.

For the problem of Fang Xiaoyu, Liu Mengya didn't think too much, soft: "It is my parents ..."

"Oh." I heard that people's parents have played, Fang Xiaoyu is only faint, and it is ready to wash.

However, he just returned, Liu Mengja's next sentence will be placed in place.

"My parents gave me a good job, I have to go to blindness today ..." Liu Mengya faint.

In the past, I was a great thing, but Fang Xiaoyu couldn't see it. Liu Mengya had a sense of joy ...

"Want to blind date, why do you want to be a bitter?" I went back, Fang Xiaoyu asked softly.

I heard the words, Liu Meng Ya Mei looked at the Fang Xiaoyu, there was no good way: "What is the priest is worthy? Every time they introduce me the object of the blind, it is not a nerve, it is a wonderful ..."

"How?" I heard Liu Mengya said that Fang Xiaoyu came to interested, and asked.

"The first man, when I met the first sentence, I asked me if there is a deposit, love doesn't love to spend money ..."

"Second, say he has no car without a room, but also call me not to mind ..."

"Third, think about it ..." Back on the makeup table, Liu Mengya hopped: "He said that he is not good, after marriage, if you occasionally, I hope I can forgive him ... "

I heard Liu Meng Ya Road, I have a laughter, and I can't help but laugh in the past and her blind date.

"Haha ..."

These objects with her are indeed enough, they are full of problems, but also people don't care ...

It's really a lot of money, there are a lot every year ...

"Don't laugh!" Liu Mengya willow eyebrows, villain.

Looking at the front of the woman, the Fang Xiaoyu is slightly lost, today's Liu Mengya, not as gentle and pure as usual, but she is more beautiful and charming ...

Such a woman is indeed a beautiful thing!

However, this is such a near perfect woman, how is it now, but even my boyfriend?

"Are you talking about love?" Going back, Fang Xiaoyu asked softly.

In his opinion, Liu Mengya is afraid that even the boyfriend has not been found. Sometimes he joking, involving some sensitive issues, will provoke her shy ...

"No ..." Shake his head, Liu Mengji light.

"Why don't you find it during college?" In high school, if you are busy with the past, you can say it in the past, but in college, the school is not so nervous, most young girls are can't affirmed. The love.

Although he did not go through college, he can see the university couple in the network through the Internet.

Moreover, like Liu Mengya's goddess woman, don't think, chase her, definitely a lot!

"Which time is time ..." Liu Mengji faced face, said: "Going to the university just wants reading, thinking, waiting for graduation in the future, looking for an object, but ..."

Donned, Liu Mengya has some death: "Until now, I have not found an object, I have become a woman."

Looking at Liu Mengya is a bit sad, Fang Xiaoyu is not a smile, like her woman, how many people can seek, how can it be lost as the ranks of leftover?

"That ... do you have time tomorrow?" Liu Meng suddenly asked.

"What?" Fang Xiaoyu asked.

Liu Mengya suddenly mysteriously, let Fang Xiaoyu suddenly had a bad feeling in his heart, but Liu Mengya then, it is, it has evoke his interest.

"You will accompany me tomorrow, let me go to the boyfriend, is it good?" Liu Meng Ya soft voice, but she seems to be usually said, but after finishing, the pretty face is already red. .

I heard Liu Mengya asked him to pretend her boyfriend, Fang Xiaoyu is a sigh of relief, as long as he does not let him make his difficult things, other things, help out.

Moreover, if you do this, you don't know why, I don't know why, he is very happy to help this.

Seeing Fang Xiaoyu, Liu Mengya has thought that Square is somewhat hard, and it will open: "If you feel inconvenient, even if you think ..."

I heard the words, Fang Xiaoyu came back to God, and smiled slightly, said: "There is nothing is inconvenient, I will accompany you tomorrow."

"Well." Liu Mengya nodded and said: "Thank you ..."

"Nothing ..." Laughing, Fang Xiaoyu said: "Then I will go, I will call me before tomorrow."

After that, Fang Xiaoyu left.

After going home, Fang Xiaoyu did a little done, because he was not very hungry, he just made a little bit.

In the bed, Fang Xiaoyu is slightly closed, as if I fall asleep, but his heart is at the moment!

Point to open the Shenhao system, look at it inside, it is necessary to collect my heart, Fang Xiaoyu suddenly found that there is a separate small system!

"What's going on?" Fang Xiaoyu was a bit surprised, this system, he has never found it before.

He suddenly came to sleep suddenly, after a careful view, Fang Xiaoyu was surprisingly found that the function of this system is actually a perspective!

Since it is a perspective, that all things are not in front of him, there is nothing, leaving only the most primitive thing?

Thinking of this, Fang Xiaoyu is not excited!

Discover the perspective small system, Fang Xiaoyu has been interested in instantly, trying to try this new system perspective ...