The richest man in the magic city

No. [100] fishing

Before going to fish, they passed a small shop. There were many buying ornaments around the small shop, and they were fishing equipment. They used the small shop, Fang Xiaoyu bought phishing equipment in this store, because he thought Outside, fishing equipment bought a fish hook and fish net, plus some small snacks, the other party filial piety is a small KISS, and the second payment is successful.

The fish here is not a lot, probably because two people upstream, but they are almost almost. The ea has reached into the river, and when I played with Xiaofang, I splashled. I have a few drops of water to the face of Fang Xiaoyu, and the water is cold, and the fellow is smirk, but the eyes look at it again. The men and women, they have already caught a lot of fish, and the fish in the basket is already overflowing.

A good time is unhappy, so that I have been waiting for a while, the fish hook swayed, Ina and Xiaofang are like a child, excited to raise the fish, but there is no, although Fang Xiaoyu has no water, but But in person with the fish bait, put it on the fish hook, grab the fish, sitting on the small stool, calmly looked at the two people. After a while, I finally grabbed the fish, two girls took a fishing rod, carefully picked up the slippery fish showed.

I nodded and gave them a good smile. Then Ona and Xiao Fang have started fishing, and the fish is like a child. When fishing is finished, it will showcase to Fang Xiaoyu, waiting for them to be tired.

Take a break, then Ina and Xiaofang have found a few fishermen to help lay the network. Two fishermen have not said that they have left because there is no time, and the two girls are in the river, smile, happy Just when I was happy.

There is still something in the water, and the Fang Xiaoyu is not good, open the invincible system, calculates the nearest route from Ona, the water is full of floats, Fang Xiaoyu two three steps, cross the past, Lu Na, Ona The invincible system of Fang Xiaoyu took a stood, and the Xiaofang in the water is surprised. I didn't expect that the man was so powerful in front of the water, and applauded in the water.

Ina also said even. However, because two people in the upstream have certain "suspects", Fang Xiaoyu's eyes have not left the men and women on the side, he thinks that two people are very unnatural, he has never drowning, he feels that two people are not ordinary. People, at least it is practiced, there is a touch of murderousness, so he has been vigilant. When I was happy with him, the two came over and greeted him.

Fang Xiaoyu was also alert to the stood, the man said: "The fish is my good, I am in the upstream, you are in the downstream, the fish must be in our basket, don't you give me? "" "I don't know if the two people have work hard, so I want to bully the people who are bullied by the students." Fang Xiaoyu looked at them.

Because these two people, I thought about him when I was young. He remembered that he was a child. In order to let the sick mother woke up, go to the small river, fish, fish, catch crabs, but in the upstream Looking for him, it is not to say that the fish is him, and it will be smashed with Fang Xiaoyu. In order to let my mother wait too urgently to run, then the person can't make up, discard it. When I returned home, I saw my mother got up. I helped my mother to start shaking shrimp, sweeping fish, cooking crabs, making people happy. He is now an invincible, people who are unlimited.

There are people who work hard to become his ideal ...

That tattoo man looked at Fang Xiaoyu did not take him seriously, asked him: "Why don't you look at Laozi?"

Fang Xiaoyu disdainted him and said, "Which old man is you can, a young man, ah?"

The tattoo man saw that he said to him, then he suddenly came to the fire: "Hey, the young man is very big, come, let the grandfather to cure you!" At this time, the words are just broken, the tattoo man is awkward On the 20-meter water surface, because the tattoo man will be martial arts, it is not sweet, the tattoo woman is also shocked. She didn't think of the level of Fang Xiaoyu, and the heart played with the drum, but I thought more. eye. The tattoo man will then slide back in the water and say: "Okay, I don't want to fight with you, first put the fish to me, let's go."

Fang Xiaoyu asked him: "Do you have any evidence? You can take it out, let's take a look, come to discuss discussions." The tattoo man is a bit unclear. After all, he also shocked himself 20 meters away. The ea and Xiaofang looked at it, they didn't know that Fang Xiaoyu had such a big power and charm, and it was taken with powder, and it was a good shot. Even the tattoo woman was also fans.

The whole game is filial piety, and the tattoo woman will open: "Do you think we can come to you without evidence?" So returned to the upstream, took a photo of a basket, then put the fish in the basket In another basket, I took the basket and took the basket to everyone, and then referred to a hole.

"This is evidence. There is also this hole in my mobile phone to the photo of the river." The two smiled, as if bullying them, "this can't prove anything."

Fang Xiaoyu said. "How can you not?" The two said in the same way. "Who told you to put this, live!" Ina said. Xiaofang attached and: "That is, live it."

"Do you not look for a doctor?"

"I didn't get angry, hurry!"

The tattoo men and women are shocked. He shouted this sentence, letting the river have set off a burst of water, shocked the fish in the water, just like "squid Juma".

"Wow!" Ea and Xiaofang were surprised. Then there was a slap in the applause.

Among the meditation, some people took the waves. Fang Xiaoyu realized that not only they, there may be something possible. However, it is not concerned, after all, no one is strong than him, so the tattoo man uses one of themselves to shock the ground and makes Xiaofang. "You don't make it, this woman can be in my hand, I want her to go back, take the fish!"

"It seems that there is no chance, don't blame me."

"Okay, you come, I am not born! Just the trust of your three feet, hehe!"

"Then you taste this three-footed Cat Kung Fu." Then set off a huge waves, patted them, but Wi-wevui biased the small aromation.