The richest man in the magic city

No. [101] tattoo men and women

"Oh, I know. You control this woman."

"You come again!"

"Kid, do you know who you are talking about? Oh! How are you?"

Tattoo men pointed to Fang Xiaoyu with his fingers, and said with a modern.

Fang Xiaoyu did not speak, just stood there quietly.

The tattoo man thought it was a Fang Xiaoyu, and it was more crazy. "Do you know how many pounds of yourself? I dare to do it with me?"

The tattoo man said, turned back to the tattoo woman again.

"Baby, are you saying?"

The tattoo woman smiled couldn't lick, and then looked at the Fang Xiaoyu.

The tattoo woman smiled, and the tattoo man came. Go straight in the direction of ena. Head is watching Fang Xiaoyu.

"Ask you? Dare to play with two women?"

The tattoo man laughed softly. At this time, the entire environment is quiet, only a tattoo man speaking and a laughter of a tattoo.

"This woman is very good ... ... ..." Tattoo men looked at Ona carefully, couldn't help but smashed "Your kid is not shallow, haha."

"Who do you speak?"

The tattooed woman suddenly speaking, it was obviously jealous. There is a little faster in the tone. "Is there a good time?"

The tattoo man instantly understands it, and the face is full of smiles.

"No, where is you long looking good, is it my treasure?"

The tattoo girl glanced at the tattoos, and the corner of the mouth is hidden.

After the tattoo man saw a few times, then laughed a few times, then twisted his head to facilitate the ea.

"Give you a chance and turn the fish out."

Ona took Xiaoyang behind him,

"How can you give you? What can you not give you?"

Xiaofang's tacit understanding of the fish in his own body. The tattoo male smiled and smiled, "Give it, the uncle, I can spare your dog life, if you don't give it, don't blame me, if you hurt you, you can't blame me."



Fang Xiaoyu is now on the side, there is no last now, after all, like this kind of thing, it has passed, too Zhang Yang is not very good, so Fang Xiaoyu just did not take a tattoo man. However, saying it back, tattoo men are also very careful. He did not take a substantive harm until the end, and it has always been insults on the speech. This is in the truth.

But in fact, the texture is just a feeling that I want to enjoy the feelings of others.

"Finally, ask you, don't pay it?"

Ona bite his teeth, let's explain that we are soft eggs, and it is also grievable Xiaofang. This fellow is not known to teach them. You can look at the look of filial piety. What is difficult to say?

"Don't pay! Never pay!"

Dana is again. Still decided not to make a fish, people live in dignity, do not have dignity, is there any difference in the horses? She is absolutely not allowed, and these two individuals are probably ranking, not giving them a little lesson, they don't pay for it.

Danna thought of this, and put Xiao Fang to himself.

Xiaofang saw Dana after saying, can not help but feel excited, the look is panicked.

"Ona. This is not good ... or we still put the fish out?"

Ona gave Xiao Fu made a look, Xiao Fangli hunted his mouth.

"What is good. What is bad, I will give you a good talk, now you just remember, this fish is what we have grabbed it. This river is not their home, why do you have any of them? ?right?"

Xiaofang took a nod to the point after he heard the words, and then hidden behind Ona.

Tattoo men have seen this scene and smirk.

"Don't you pay?" Tattoo men told to inverted the brain, and the sound of the card Barba sounded from the spine of the tattoo. "Then don't blame me. I have already said to you in advance. Since you are toasting, you don't eat a fine wine, then I will fulfill you."

Fang Xiaoyu suddenly looked coldly to look at the tattoo man.

Some of the practice people feel the moment, the tattoo man smiled slightly. Then twist watching the filial piety.

"Look at Laozi is not cool? Is there a kind of to play Laozi, haha."

The tattoo male is fumaled and has nothing to do, and the tattoo male is headed.

You are three. Do you have a bit resistance? Tattoo man said, a punch waved. A punch of the cultivator is not that simple, replace it into ordinary people. What will be disabled?

Fang Xiaoyu is still not talking, just lift his hand.

Tattoo men saw yourself, more violent, and more powerful in a boxing.


Fang Xiaoyu raised his hand to pick up the tattoo man's punch, there was no hesitant, a buckle, a situation, and threw the tattoo male directly into the water.

The tattoo woman saw the tattoo male, and he rushed over and he didn't say it on the side of the fellow.

Fang Xiaoyu smiled softly.

It is also a burst of water.

Tattoo men and tattoo women are also practicing people, soon, they will react, and then stand in the water.

Tattoo male alert, how can this, is it a general person in front of him? How can this be thrown out?

Unless, or this man is very strong! Powerful to completely let others can't feel his power. Either, this man will hide your own breath, let people look, and then a fight against killing.

In fact, when he just tattooed him, Fang Xiaoyu completely had a chance to disable them or injured, but Fang Xiaoyu did not do this. After all, these two people have not made something too much, and this kind of people in the world is too much. If every time you have to manage, you can really come.

Suddenly, a breath is over.

Tattoo men and tattoo women are shocked. The instant reaction is the breath that stands on the shore. Suddenly I know that I am, it seems that I really encounter a powerful figure.

"That's." Tattoo male and said, "The big brother is rare, dare to ask where the big brother is? I live near this?"

Fang Xiaoyu smiled and didn't speak.

"If you live here, I can let people go back to the big brother."

"No." Fang Xiaoyu said "Ina. We are!"

When the tattoo is a little, I am afraid. After all, I have retalled it after I have left it ...