The richest man in the magic city

No. [103] robbery? Joke!

"What is good to run, I am afraid that I haven't used it." The other three robbery saw Huang Hair running, while doubt, he went to the other side.

"I don't believe in three hits, I will not win!" The voice just fell this robbeer by Fang Xiaoyu.

"There is a small boy who is not good!" The voice just fell another robber who fell to the shoulders.

"I am not afraid of you!" The last robbery shouted to rush to Fang Xiaoyu, haven't waited for him, and Fang Xiaoyu kicked him.

"Solved, go back." Fang Xiaoyu looked at the three people on the ground and said to Mean.

"Well." Ou Na and Fang Xiaoyu recovered, continued to catch back to the villa, not sleep overnight.

As usual next day, after Fang Xiaoyu came to the classroom, others had come, the only thing is slower than him, it is his at the same table, Chen Li!

This kind of interest is not a point every day, he will appear after one or two minutes.

After the school, two of them were black, played with the king of these days, and Fang Xiaoyu summed up, this is a game of push towers.

Just give the other part of the crystal to, you will win!

However, Chen Li is a first in the wild, waiting for his own development, it began to hit the opposite enemy.

He is a strong development, but every time, because his does not cooperate, the crystals on this side are pushed out by the other party.

If you match the teammates of a few god pits, then this game is basically no hope.

Even sometimes, the opponent's group is destroyed, but they are here, but no one realizes the importance of the push tower, except for him, all ran to brush the wild!

This is a place for the stable coupons, the losses of hard students!

On the table, Fang Xiaoyu played a yawn, there is still ten minutes from the time of the class, and you are ready to sleep to the table.

However, inadvertently looked up, it was a surprised discovery. His desk is open, and it is coming so early.

In the past, he can all be stepped on.

"It's rare, Chen Li, this morning is coming so early ..." Fang Xiaoyu joke.

When Chen Li came so early, let Fang Xiaoyu were a bit surprised, even even other students, they were surprised to see Chen Li.

"That is, where did you come late?" Chen Li met, looked at the filial piety, and self-righteousness.

I heard the words, Fang Xiaoyu smiled, Chen Li said this, even didn't face it, like Chen Li, he is really much more.

Although Chen Li said something shameful, but Fang Xiaoyu did not laugh at him. Overall, Chen Li is a person, it is possible ...

When I saw Chen Li, I bought Guan Zi, Fang Xiaoyu came to, asked: "What good news?"

"The school has recently held a king glory competition. Do you say it is good?" Chen Li said.

As long as you hear any news about the king, Fang Xiaoyu believes that Chen Li will be particularly interested.

The glory of the king has become an essential thing in his life!

Fang Xiaoyu is a bit wonderful, such a game, how can Chen Li attract this level?

Holding it as long, his technology can be said, then this game is nothing, at least, his technology is practicing home.

However, Chen Li standing, but still worked tirelessly for the golden section!

Diamond, Xingyao, the king of these three sections, Chen Li did not go over, even even the golden section, he stayed more than half an hour, it fell.

Looking at the joy of the blond looks on the face, Fang Xiaoyu has some speechless, a game of honor glory, it makes him so excited!

Moreover, Chen Li has been three, the only way out of the cold doctors, the only way out of the college entrance examination, although the family of Chen Li is not poor, but the well-off, there is a certain distance ...

"You won't want to participate?" Fang Xiaoyu asked.

At this time, learn more, take more points, you have to open how many people, but look at Chen Li's look, he ... seems to be put on the college entrance examination.

"Well!" Chen Li was headed down and said: "It is already high three, this is our last opportunity in the school, how can we give up!"

Looking at Chen Limin, the face of exciting and red, Fang Xiaoyu shook his head, stood up Chen Li, already "fire into the devil"!

"Thanks to you, you know that it is already high ..." Fang Xiaoyu turned over the eyes, said: "The college entrance examination is that you are not nervous."

Chen Li is not bad, so Fang Xiaoyu wants to persuade him, hurry and learn, can take more points.

As for himself, or because of the protection of Ina, he is afraid that it is not a high school?

His college entrance examination score does not determine his future road, but Chen Li is different. This big boys in his impression is not bad, the future is determined by the college entrance examination results!

When I saw the look of Fang Xiaoyu, Chen Li was also calm, smiled and said: "I can't take it, the rest is not as good as playing ..."

Wen said, Fang Xiaoyu smiled, no longer persuaded that the results are important, but in the eyes of everyone, the meaning of grades, there are few gaps.

"Filial piety, let's go to sign up for the competition. Anyway, you are not taking me like me ..." Chen Li's great way.

Hearing his first half, Fang Xiaoyu has some heart, but this is half a sentence, let him can't help but look ...

What is you, like me, can't take it? He is just in order to complete the task, so accompanied Chen Li, but he didn't expect that in Chen Li's eyes, he and him, he had gave up the college entrance examination.

"Well ..." Some silent nodded, Fang Xiaoyu should take a sound.

"Then let's go to the get out of class." Seeing Fang Xiaoyu nodded agreed, Chen Li was very happy.

If you have a teacher, you have already entered the classroom, Fang Xiaoyu believes that he can pull him to sign up for the competition.

After the first quarter, the teacher just got out of the door, Chen Li, who took the fire, rushed to the venue of the game.

Although Chen Li and Fang Xiaoyu have come out faster, but those who participate in the competition, almost one-fifth of the whole school.

I saw a rule of signing up for the competition, Chen Li suddenly got a ...

"What happened?" I saw Chen Li's face, and asked Fang Xiao.