The richest man in the magic city

No. [106] reprimand

But I should say it with him, and the reason why the reason is also said. If he is really a smart child thinking in his own heart. He must understand his hard work. Then LISA, she should pay a few words, usually pay attention to what should be paid, and then the last time should take the opportunity to learn. Looking at him, he did not refute himself to hear her words. Lisa can only sigh helplessness, and then let Fang Xiaolan go back.

Fang Xiaoyu listened to Lisa, returned to the classroom. Then all the afternoon is all safe, he is there. Like listening to the class. Although I said that I have always listened very seriously. But there is no play. In fact, it is not true that Fang Xiaoyu is really listening to, the teacher of the Lisa. Just those games, there is no big deal for yourself, playing with not playing is a means of giving boring tools.

So, he did not play games, and time, there was a class of less than one afternoon, and it passed between the blink of an eye. After school, the filial piety riding a bicycle and going home. As a result, there were two people who have just come to half, and the bike is blocked there. Fang Xiaoyu looked up and saw two familiar people.

These two people who stop the bicycle bicycles are not someone else, it is last time she and ea. There is also the two tattooed men and women seen in the river when there is a friend of the river. Fang Xiaoyu is very curious about what these two people come to him again.

I haven't waited for the two people to ask for the two people. See the two people say "Hello," Hello, I want to see you, can you go to a place? You can rest assured, this time we absolutely There is no hostility, just simply want to take you to a place. "This two tattoo men and women are very polite, and there is no welcome tone when they meet.

Although these two people have a very euphemistic, the filial piety is still flourishing. After all, the last time a few people met, but they were very unpleasant. Although I didn't do anything more than what I did. But if you have to go with them, if you really have any conspiracy, Fang Xiaoyu said that it can guarantee the whole body and it can not.

100% guarantees that they are not hurt, after all, the two tattoo men and women workers in front of them are absolutely high, and those who like to find you have never touched. After all, Fang Xiaoyu has been in the past many years, and it has never missed.

He is also from a small training to a big. If you can't see what the people like other people's calendar, he feels embarrassed. The two tattoo men and women looked at the hesitation of Fang Xiaoyu, and two people looked at each other. After changing a more vivid tone, I said that "although we are very unpleasant, this is very unpleasant, but this I really have heard that you want to see you, if we really want to hurt you, you don't have to talk to you at all. "

Although it is indeed this, is there anyone else to see yourself? I don't seem to have a very big thing recently. Fang Xiaoyu is so thinking. The two tattoo men and women saw that Fang Xiaoyu had not promised their words. The solemnity is solemnly filled, "Well, that's okay, can only do this, we will tell you the truth, in fact, I want to see you is the ancestors - Tianjie" listening to the two tattoo men and women to tell themselves His, in fact, the ancestor - Tianjie, Fang Xiaoyu has no hesitating.

Then the two people immediately explained the filial piety to explain why the ancestors wanted to see him. "That day we are not happy in the river? We are not moving from the military, then we think you. We make the tricks and the sky streets have some similarities, and even achieve the same point.

So our two people go back. The ancestors said it, he felt that you are familiar, saying that you are not necessarily a heaven, so he lets us come to you, please go. See him "Listening to these two tattoo men and women explained to themselves, Fang Xiaoyu said in their heart: Of course, how can my Kung Fu are different from the sky, after all, he is a heaven, and his own Leadership is much higher than these two people.

As for them, they have similar places in their opinion and the heavens, because they have much better than they. And you have such a talent, so some things you can practice can not practice. He is absolutely superior to these two tattoo men and women in front of him.

After all, he can realize that he can understand the trick of the sky, it is definitely not those who eat soft rice. But where is the sky, how can there be someone who eats soft rice? And people who belong to the sky are definitely the most outstanding people in the whole world.

Silent, Fang Xiaoyu, I promised the two tattoo men and women very happy. Seeing party filial piety agreed to two requirements, the two tattoo men and women can be a breather: they have thought that Fang Xiaoyu will not believe I have, after all, a few people last time is really unpleasant. If he really doesn't agree with yourself to see the ancestors.

Both two people have no way to tie them. Who told them two people's martial arts in the martial arts of Fang Xiaoyu, if you have a hard, they will definitely suffer, and if they are angered by others. Next time. If you come to ask, it is really not easy.

And go back to talk to the ancestors, there is no way to explain, but it is good, if it is not a truly revenge person in himself. When I said that I really want to see him, almost there is almost no hesitation, I promised myself. In fact, they see that they are so nervous, there is nothing necessary, after all, Fang Xiaoyu is not a very memorable person. When several people happened, he gave it to the brain.

And for her, there are many things to kill every day. He can't always remember it in his head. If you want to be like this, it is really trouble. But if he really doesn't tell him about him, he wants to see him. Fang Xiaoyu is really not necessarily going. It is not that he is really afraid that the two tattoo men and women, but he has always been wasted for these time, yet What is not particularly interesting?