The richest man in the magic city

No. [109] no little girl

Saturday, Fang Xiaolu slept a lazy, thought, finally on the weekend, no longer have to go to school early, so he has been sleeping from the evening.

Hey, Fang Xiaoxuan wants to think, although on Saturday, I don't have to go to school so early, but I have n'thing in Saturday?

He thinks that he thinks so much last night, Fang Xiaoyu realizes that the money is going to spend money, don't spend white, the Fang Fei is planned, it should be enough to spend four million, and there is no special thinking now. To buy something, let's take a look, if you have something appropriate, there is no particular expensive thing here. It is expected that 4 million is enough.

So Fang Xiaoxuan went out of the goal of holding money, first gave his friends, Li Zuhua hit a call, asked him to buy things with commercial street. As a result, this goods have not woken up. Also, get up early every day, go to school to school, so it's hard to have a time to sleep late, certainly can't let go.

Oh, this kid, still sleep.

Fang Xiaolu said a "I don't want to sleep well!" And then hang the phone. Li Zuhua can't come, I can only go alone ...

Fang Xiaoxuan hit a car and went to the commercial street.

Fang Xiaoyu walked around in commercial street, now selling daily necessities, there is no good thing, only buy some cheap daily necessities, do not meet the style of filial piety. Fang Xiaolu walks everywhere in commercial street, did not find something you like, can see it.

So Fang Filials feel that there is nothing in this, just plan to go, find that a home called the Emperor's Club, the "Emperor Club" on the plaque is set with the golden side, and there is also a row of glitter. The tube is extremely eye-catching this club. The store is very neat, through the glass window, you can clearly see what the inside.

This club is very luxurious, much more than the surrounding store, and it will attract the eyes of Fang Fen. Yes, this is that I have to find a place, only such a place, in line with the style of Fang Fellow. But this shop is very eye-catching, as if there is no such store before, new open? Fang Xiaoyu has never seen it before, Fang Xiaolu plans to go in to see what is like, since loading and unloading outside, it should be good? Then, Fang Xiaoyu came in.

Push the door, Fang Fangfu went to the front desk of the club.

"What items are you here?" Fang Xiaolan looked at Miss Frontier and asked.

"Sir, we are where we can meet your needs. Of course, you have to have money." Miss front desk squinted, staring at Fang Xiaoxuan saw it, all the body is a famous brand. Well, you can receive guests here.

"Sir, what do you need? We are all here, basically a dragon service." Miss front is a smile to Fang Xiaolu.

"You say it's specific, are you new here? Why haven't I have been here before?"

"There are a lot of service items here, and gentlemanly look at what you need." Miss front desk reached out and handed it to something similar to the menu.

Fang Xiaoxuan looked at the menu, there is really everything, bath, sauna, catering, room, gym, beauty house, practice song room, pedicure massage, chess room, tea cafe ...

It seems that this business is very big, this is a new store? It is also necessary to make this money, don't know who this club is ...

"I don't need these things. Is there anything else?" Fang Xiaolu put down the menu and looked up at Miss Frontier.

"Sir, this is all the projects we here, do you really need anything? I suggest you go to the bath center to bath, then go to steamed a sauna, then go to the restaurant, we have a lot of special dishes, you I will like it, wait for you to finish the dish, you can also go to the room ... "Miss front desk started to talk, Fang Xiaoxuan heard more, you will directly say that the items you will play from the beginning, then leave Qian rolls up, is it used to be with Fangxiao?

"You stop, I have said that I am not interested in the service item here." Fang Xiaoxuan quickly made the young lady on the front desk, followed the rhythm of the front desk, this is to ink one day?

"Mr., what do you need? I will give you a menu, you are not good, say no interested, then I have a little interest in us, I have been introducing us here, and then I don't feel it. Interest? This can be sad, tell you this for a long time, and finally you don't, this is really bad, I don't know how to say, but you will be very troublesome. "Miss front desk Looking at Fang Xiaolu seems to be not interested, starting to play the feelings.

The lady of this front desk is really leather, I don't say anything, now I am ink.

"I said, how much do you have this store? I bought it." Fang Xiaoxuan looked at the front desk, she did not use it if she didn't buy something. interesting……

That simply bought this store! Anyway, you have unlimited money.

"Mr., you are not right, we have more than a few million, what you buy? Can you buy it?" Miss Frontier looked at the filial piety, and now the young people are really more and more mad. Do you have to buy all this club all?

"I can't write a joke. I have never been responsible for what I said. You can say that I can not be happy. I will talk to him." Fang Xiaolu looked at the front desk. I dare to believe in my eyes, smile calmly.

"If you talk, if you really, I will call our manager. If it is not true, don't play with us, if so, the manager will deduct me to pay." Miss front desk asked the filial piety.

"Really, I have spoken this by this person." Fang Xiaolu answered Miss Frontier.

"Hey? Manager? Someone is to buy your club, ask you to talk about talking ... not, it is true, not a joke, please come out." Miss front desk called their manager.

"This young man, you really want to buy a whole club? Is your money enough?" The manager came out, walked to the direction of filial piety.

Finally, with the price of three million, Fang Xiaolu acquired this club.