The richest man in the magic city

No. [111] competition

Fang Xiaoyu did not have a ridicule of Wang Qian. After all, it is better to have a little less. Moreover, he will speak himself on there. After you can't stop it, wait until the game is directly abused, why not motivate it.

The competition has been named, and there is still 20 minutes, and Fang Xiaoyu will wait for the game, but suddenly, I want to go to the toilet, just say "Ona, I will go to the toilet, come back soon. "

"Then come back soon! The game is about to start now." Ona paired with Fang Xiaoyu.

"Well, I will, I am gone, please." Fang Xiaoyu is a bit anxious, but still did not show it, just have a sentence, run to find the toilet.

Fang Xiaoyu ran a whole circle, even the toilet did not find, and then found a circle carefully. Finally found the toilet, after the problem solved, took a mirror, before going out.

Soon, Fang Xiaoyu returned to the game, and looked at the watch. "Well, fortunately, no late arrival."

"You almost be late, go up to the game, the game is going to start." Ona said to Fang Xiaoyu said that he quickly came to the stage, not late.

"Well, I went up first." Fang Xiaoyu came to the stage, then continued to reply to Ona, continue to prepare the game, and then continue to watch his opponents.

"Well, our competition is to start, you will all!" The host issued the call to the beginning of the game.

Many contestors are very nervous, and some even have a handsome hand, and a few people are not nervous, but Fang Xiaoyu is not nervous, because he has great grasp, you can win. Soon, starting the game segmentation.

"The game officially started." The host announced loudly

The competition is that "short track speed slip", the rule is to use the elimination system to prepare, second, semi-final, the final method. 4-8 Athletes started from a starting line, and the preliminaries were decided by drawing. After the game, the results of the previous game felt, ranked first, and pushed in this class. On the way of the game, the drive can surpass the opponent at any time without violating the rules.

Follow the game, Fang Xiaoyu has also put the idea. The gunshots suddenly slammed, all started, Fang Xiaoyu led.

Suddenly there is a turn point in counterclockwise, this direction is very difficult, every time someone will fall in this, of course, this is difficult to fall into the filial piety, Fang Xiaoyu is rotating, departing forward, handsome The population, the people watching the battle are a bit exciting. However, behind it is not so good, about 4 slipped, there is still three, but also touched it, there is a bit resistance, then there is a difficult relationship, let the filial piety are speechless, no difficulty.

Then, Fang Xiaoyu came to the right, with a sliding posture, but only one person left behind, and there is a pass, Fang Xiaoyu is a winner.

The third is all, all the audiences have always been tension, they want to see if he can pass the customs, then the jump hinders drift, this is the last difficult relationship, there are many more difficult than the front, then Fang Xiaoyu directly jumps. And drift in a cool posture, move right.

Taking Fang Xiaoyu, I got the champion. I got all the audience all over the palm, and I discussed "who is this, it's so powerful, I have never heard of it, go back to make my brain,."

"I announced this game championship to be filial, please Fang Xiaoyu to receive the prize!" The host said loudly, please win the award.

Fang Xiaoyu smiled and walked to the stage to receive the prize, standing above, preparing the host speech and awarding.

"Do you want to know what our gift is?" The host asked the audience of the audience.

"Think!" The super audience underneath said, and said in unison.

"Our prizes are a beautiful gift, a trophy, there is a luxury 10-day tour, and a red envelope of 3,000 yuan, this is our gift for the champion, no award, unfortunately!" The host announced.

"Thank you" Fang Xiaoyu has been going to the top of the leader. After the collection, I will go to Ina. I suddenly sent a message on the mobile phone. "I will go back, I have something, don't care." It is euna. " SMS, Fang Xiaoyu looked at Meina sent a text message, returned to a sentence, there is no excessive language just gives an answer "Well" and put the phone to the mobile phone, breathing a fresh air, go forward.

"Just hungry, let's eat, then wait a minute and then go back" Fang Xiaoyu said to himself, after all, it is really very hungry. After that, I walked away, I have to say that the road is very fresh, and the surroundings are very quiet. Like a painting, there is an old man who practicing Taijiquan. There is a couple who is playing with the child. Start walking, there is a student reading book, there are different people in different pictures.

"Today's wind is really good, but the only bad point is too hungry." Fang Xiaoyu sighed and looked at his stomach hungry.

Fang Xiaoyu went to this western restaurant, he went to the Western restaurant, but the legs were really sour. It took about 20 minutes to go, the legs were really sour, but they had already arrived at the western restaurant. I will find a space to do it and let the waiter come over.

"What is your point?" The waiter served with one hundred and smile.

"Well, you have to steak, fried chicken, fried sauce, and fried rice cake and a glass of freshly squeezed watermelon juice." Fang Xiaoyu looked at the menu to pick the waiter, and then reported to the waiter. Let me go down.

About 10 minutes, the waiter will come all the things, watching very appetite, then Fang Xiaoyu began to eat, then looked at the watch, he continued to start eating.

After 30 minutes, Fang Xiaoyu has already finished eating, go to the front desk, after paying the account, Fang Xiaoyu went shopping on the road, and then wandered around. Finally, I saw a place where I was watching the children and played, and I looked at the old people to practice Taijiquan, the whole person is almost in the state of appearance.

Then I have been about ten minutes. Fang Xiaoyu thought about there, soon he didn't go out, he looked at the watch and looked at the present sky. Time is almost the same, I should go home, isn't it?

"Go home." Fang Xiaoyu thoughtfully.

Fang Xiaoyu slowly walked, the game was not far from the place, Fang Xiaoyu and Dai quickly returned home.