The richest man in the magic city

Section [112] Skating

Inta, I watched the filial piety, said "Fang Xiaoyu, how can you skate so good, I haven't seen you before, it seems that you still have a lot of advantages that I have found it."

"Amount, I am hidden." Fang Xiaoyu touched his head and said.

"Yes, you are hidden, saying, this is so difficult, how do you learn? I have learned a long time." Into carefully looked at the filial piety and slowly.

"Just learn this." Fang Xiaoyu avoided the eyes of Ona, he looked at the floor and said.

"Otherwise, you teach me to skate!" The eunuch is flashing, she laughs.

"There will be opportunities in the future." Fang Xiaoyu replied, indeed, now it has come back from the ski resort, there is no time to teach Ona, so wait until you will, and he doesn't want to refuse Luina.

"Well, Fang Xiaoyu, you have to remember it, take me to the ski resort in the future, teach me to teach me." Ona laughed.

"Well, will, I will not forget." Fang Xiaoyu nodded, indicating that he agreed, will not forget.

Just when I arrived, I didn't know how to make it. Because he is practicing people, physical fitness and ordinary are different. His physical fit is more than ten times higher than ordinary people. It is difficult to skate for ordinary people. A disc, very easy, there is no skill and method for him to talk about it, it is to see someone to do the action, and learn immediately.

Fang Xiaoyu chatted with Ona, I have been returning to the respective rooms after the day. Fang Xiaoyu sat on his soft bed and looked at the desk in front of him.

Time passes quietly, and the eye is dark night, the night will soon pass, turned into a day, and the next day, it will come soon.

The next day, as usual, it is necessary to go to school. After all, they are already high. It is well known that the high three basically go to school every day. The only rest time is the afternoon of Sunday, there is no rest time. Other times must be used to learn, class.

In the morning, the class was very early. Fang Xiaoyu was ready for breakfast, and Dana got up on time. There was no bed. There was no temper of Miss. They quickly solved breakfast, Fang Xiaoyu rodeed to send Ona go to school.

The home is very close to the school. Fang Xiaoyu can go to school a few minutes. They are not worried that they will be late. When they go to school, Fang Xiaoyu let Ou Na, go to the car.

Fang Xiaoyu is not far from the classroom, but he will always spend a long time, often take a dozen minutes to go to the classroom.

When he arrived in the classroom, the students have begun to read early, the teachers have reached the classroom, and they have not arrived in the classroom, and others have arrived.

"Report!" Fang Xiaoyu shouted a report to carry a book to his seat, a pair of hangs look, do not know, I thought that Fang Xiaoyu is a small mix.

The teacher did not say him, and he went to him. It is already approaching the college entrance examination. There are so many students in the whole class. There are so many students needed her to manage, she can't just stare at the Fang Xiaoyu, then this is too unfair. .

Near college entrance examination, I don't worry hard to be my own business, those who are hanging alley, don't worry, even if the teacher is, there is no big use, it is better than they, and they are wasting time, and there is a hard work is not as good. Some meaningful things.

Fang Xiaoyu sat on the seat, took out the book from the bag, and he didn't carefully looked at the book. The filial piety of these East and the West has long been back, and the fleet is cooked. I don't forget, so he looked at the book.

"Waiting for the get out of class, Fang Xiaoyu to my office." The teacher looked at the filial piety and said a word.

She didn't want to give up the filial piety, the students gave up their own not tight, but the teacher could not give up every student, only the teacher really tried, and the college entrance examination will not be able to blame her, can only blame yourself.

The early reading class quickly ended, Fang Xiaoyu put his bag, got up, went to the teacher's office, he waited for a minute, and opened the door and entered it.

He found the position of the Lisa teacher at a glance. He is close to stand next to the Lisa teacher.

"Fang Xiaoyu, you talk about you, you have a high school entrance examination, you still have such a hanging gentle!" Fang Xiaoyang is close to the teacher teacher, she will directly open the door to piety, do not leave the sentiment, this makes the other teacher can't help but look up. Fang Xiaoyu.

"All the high school entrance examination, you don't work hard, what you can do in the future, you are a soil bag, now wear light and bright, I am afraid it is a poor light egg!" The teacher of the Lisa said, her anger has been burned, she already I have to endure it, now I haven't endured, I have exploded directly.

"You still hang, I really do it as a person? I tell you, you are not, your fart is not, your current task has only one thing to study!" The Lisa teacher continued, next to it Fang Xiaoyu has a little, nodded.

"You said that you don't learn what can do, when you come? You come to school is learning knowledge. It is not used to give it. If you have learned, you still have to learn, don't hang, what is your benefit? Don't go to the end What knowledge will not, repented a lifetime! "The teacher of the Lisa stood up and seriously.

"Who said that I will not? I will!" Fang Xiaoyu couldn't help but he said.

"You said that you will, that's good, then you have all the knowledge points that you want the language English mathematics, don't talk about it, you have to use the actual action!" The teacher of the Lisa listened to the words, laughing Come out, a poor generic life says that he will, do you say not funny?

"Good! Then I will tell the language, the first class is ..." The teacher of the LISA just started to laugh, slowly her expression changed, turned into it, then she took her own The book turns out, a one, the result, the word is not missing!

Then, Fang Xiaoyu has made English and mathematics, and the English teacher and mathematics teacher next to them are also listening, as the results of Fang Xiaoyu back the language, the word is not missing!

Teacher LISA was very surprised. It was very shocked. After Fang Xiaoyu finished, did not wait for the LISA teacher to say, he did not leave the office, leaving a very shocking man.

After Fang Xiaoyu, the teacher did not find him again. Maybe the filial piety does not need her to worry, anyway, the filial piety will be, the knowledge points have to be built, even those who have no knowledge of the book. The word is not leaking down.