The richest man in the magic city

No. [115] slaughter


Fang Xiaoyu's Li Bai directly five kills, will be opposite the group!

The opposite face is like a dead gray, but he still said that they are a professional player, saying that they are a rookie, and they are now changing them now!

The other five people have been surrendered, and the previous period was killed in the previous period. He also played a fart.

After the opposite enrollment personnel surrendered, they left, flee and fleeing. As for those who ridicule, they didn't even say one sentence.

Fang Xiaoyu looked at the movement of his person just taunting him, now fleeing the movement, feeling very funny in his heart, clearly not understanding others, but there is a tag of others, this kind of person will only feel embarrassed after being punished .

"It's really weak, I don't know what others call it, but I have to be a tag of others. This kind of person is really unable to say." Fang Xiaoyu thought this sentence, whispering out, also Some people heard it, but there was no sensation of some things.

The people in the class heard those enrollment personnel were defeated by Fang Xiaoyu. The heart was simply like a sea. The eyes were full of unlimited worship. "It's really a genius." All people have floated this sentence. , Part-time learning tyrants and game king, very few people are like this.

So, Fang Xiaoyu has a different position in the class, which is a schoolbral and game king, many people worship him. Fang Xiaoyu did not say anything, continued to observe, and the people were all-faced, and they felt very funny, like chameleons, have a lot of faces, but they can't afford it. It is a bit too bright, they can't bear it. what.

Then, Fang Xiaoyu sat quietly on the chair, took it out of the book, ready to class, but deepening the meaning is to prepare to school, but the teacher lets them freely arrange the book. I got up, squatted at the table, waiting for time to school, just in this lesson, many people are staring at Fang Xiaoyu, looking at the eyes and exactly different, how much worship, etc.

Time is very fast, and I will get out of school,. Fang Xiaoyang picked up the school bag and was called with the same table, "filial piety, accompany me to buy my girlfriend Liu Ya's birthday gift. Chen Li is looking forward to the filial piety.

"I don't go." Fang Xiaoyu answered very simply, and it was decided in his eyes.

"You will go with me, or I don't know what to choose, I'm going to be embarrassed, at least there is a companion, is there, let me help me, big brother." Chen Li saw Fang Xiaoyu refused, The whole eye is in a perseverance.

"You are picking up your girlfriend, there is something good, there is still what I don't go, a big man went to embarrassing." Chen Li's face looked at Chen Li, it seems that you are so embarrassed? ?

"Not me, don't know what to pick, you will go with me, please ask you to eat." Chen Li saw that he was despised. The whole person was so bad, but it was still unsatisfactory, and the filial piety accompanied him. go with.

"Don't go, really don't go, you will have to eat." Fang Xiaoyu continued to refuse.

"You will accompany me, please ask you to eat, don't reject it." Chen Li continued to ask, and his eyes were full, and people couldn't bear to refuse.

"Don't go, you don't use anything more, anyway, no!"

"Then I will take you to a particular fun place next time, as long as you accompany me, I will take you there next week." Chen Li made a temptation.

"Where do you tell me, I will go." Fang Xiaoyu curiously asked the place that Chen Li said, and he didn't know that he had been set.

"Well, it is the game city, I have already told you, you said, tell you, you will go, this can't regret!" Chen Liyi looked at the filial piety.

After Chen Li for so long, Fang Xiaoyu had to promise to pick up the things to her girlfriend in the mall. The two quickly arrived at the mall.

When I arrived at the mall, two big men saw the jewelry store for a while, see that doll shop, see that boutique, look at the right left, see this will look at that, I didn't see it, I didn't see it. So every store is seen, still didn't see you like.

"Hey, there is a women's clothing in the brother, do you want to look at it?" Fang Xiaoyu saw that Chen Li left right and didn't see a favorite, and he would recommend it.

"Okay, I didn't see a favorite little thing to give her, buy clothes to give her a good." Chen Li said, I walked into the clothing store recommended by Fang Xiaoyu, Fang Xiaoyu saw him in. Also follow.

Fang Xiaoyu looked at the price of the clothes, almost 100,000, but for the Fang Xiaoyu like a few dollars. However, Chen Li did not look at the price but to see the type of clothes, see which one is so good to write down, and wait together.

Chen Li was selected for a few clothes, and he continued to see other. Strange.

Fang Xiaoyu saw a few pieces, there is no good-looking sure to continue to see, sitting on the sofa next to the hanger. And Chen Li still looked at the clothes, let the waiter came to introduce her to the teenage girl wearing clothes, and the waiter attitude was good for Chen Li to choose clothes, but later Chen Li did not buy, The attitude has also begun to gradually be converted, and the speech has changed, and I looked at Chen Li and Fang Xiaoyu wearing clothes. The two were not worthwhile. Just open the mouth.

"Mr. you have no money to buy, I have seen it for so long, if you don't buy, don't hinder our business?" The waiter ridiculed his eyes disdain against Chen Li.

"What do you mean? I will look at it first, wait a minute, what? What happened? Do you have such a dog eye?" Chen Li dispatched himself and see what happened?

Fang Xiaoyu looks next to it, I feel that there is not much meaning, I want to see what is going on, just still good, I want to see the reason, I didn't speak.

"Then you have seen it for so long, how can I not see you?" The waiter said with his mouth.

"I can't see it? Is it necessary to buy it? Do you have to buy this kind of clerk?