The richest man in the magic city

No. [119] I don't want to

But now the shooting is not scared, and there is a front experience. This time, Fang Xiaoyu hides shooting, it is to be worn.

It is also the same means, and Fang Xiaoyu successfully saw them again and again.

Thanks to this sports car quality, help you have so much.

Half an hour in the past, foreigners have fallen 18, which is now, when they are restless, Fang Xiaoyu adds the fire to the largest, a sharp turn, rushing out of the steel factory.

This allowed him to live a place where it is.

After going back, it is okay, this group of pilings have to find a chance to fall sooner or later.

The next day, in the classroom

What happened before, let Fang Xiaoyu are very confused, in the midst, he always feels this is a plot.

But he can't think of it, but the heart of the shares we can't wait.

This makes the Fang Xiaoyu is irritated. It is impossible to make this feeling without any reason. If there is something to have a demon, Fang Xiaoyu decided to investigate the matter clearly!

After a day, Fang Xiaoyu took some dinner, rushing a shower, slept.

The next day, still have to go to school, Fang Xiaoyu early morning, wash your face, brush your teeth, eat breakfast ... After all what you do, Fang Xiaoyu came to the classroom.

Looking at Chen Li, who had already sat in the seat, holding a book, Fang Xiaoyu smiled, this guy, I wanted to go all night, but I didn't expect to pit myself.

However, from a certain aspect, his indirect helps Chen Li, the college entrance examination is, more than one point, maybe you can choose a little better school.

Seeing Fang Xiaoyu came over, Chen Li Bai glanced at him, picking up the textbook, and started.

Sitting on the seat, Fang Xiaoyu took out the mobile phone, it was just to see a time, but the king glory sent a message, today is the last day of the settlement.

I think that I am just a diamond segment, and Fang Xiaoyu felt a little low.

Since the last game, he will give the game after adding BUG, ​​playing the glory of the king, it is a smooth water!

With this operation, he is no longer afraid of falling, and no longer afraid to match the teammates who are pit, he is enough to hit the opposite five people, do the whole game!

As a Timi came out, he was concentrating on the expression of the back book, and put down the book and took the head.

These days, he didn't touch the honor of the king, although his learning is not good, but in the reputation, he still stands ...

I have never played, Chen Li's hand can't help but itch, a familiar opening white, but also let him excite!

Put your phone screen with your desktop, Fang Xiaoyu is deviating, looked at excited Chen Li, faintly: "Do you want to play?"

I heard it, Chen Li was nodded, and he didn't play these days. He almost killed!

However, what he is excited again, Fang Xiaoyu has not let him play, since bet, then, pay measuring!

"You think, will I let you play?" Fang Xiaoyu Qing Xiu's face, suddenly poured a touch of faint play, laughing.

Seeing that Fang Xiaoyu is like, Chen Li can't help but cry, he knows that Fang Xiaoyu is a person who speaks!

Don't let him play, then really will not let him play!

However, Chen Li's hand is really itchy, with a hoped hope: "A game, I will play a game?"

Looking at Chenli's eyes, Fang Xiaoyu smiled ...

When I saw the Fang Xiaoyu, Chen Li thought he promised, and immediately smiled and got closed. However, Fang Xiaoyu's next sentence, but he joined him into the cold cockroach!

"No, you can ..." Fang Xiaoyu shook his head and faint.

Through these days, Fang Xiaoyu can feel that Chen Li's progress is very big, and after some days. After the college entrance examination, he wants how to play, he will not take it.

But now I want to play, but there is no possibility!


Chen Li has some wants to cry, watching the fellow, who has entered the game, full of envy of envious look ...

The teacher came, Chen Li also returned to the body, turned the head to one side, no longer looking at the phone screen of the filial piety, began to listen to the teacher.

Since there has been bug, Fang Xiaoyu is in the king, it is already invincible, with a five-five, but also!

Playing a morning, the king of Fang Xiaoyu has been jumped from the diamond to the star Yao L, this way, how long does it take, he can pay the top of the king!

I am standing in the afternoon, Fang Xiaoyu stands up, stretching a lazy waist, and shooting, she is still serious, she is still doing notes, said: "Learning, go eat ..."

"Well, immediately." Chen Li did not have an eager to eat, but the choice of the completion of the classroom notes and then went.

Seeing Chen Lisheng, the Fang Xiaoyu nodded, so that I have been going on, when I came to the college entrance examination, Chen Li couldn't get the best university or not too bad.

Sitting on the seat, Fang Xiaoyu is waiting for Chen Li.

After twenty minutes, Chen Li finally completed all the lack of notes, longer

After a breath, I said: "Let's go, let's eat ..."

"Well." It should be, the two stood up and walked to the canteen.

After eating over a lunch, Chen Lihe Fang Xiaoyu came back to the bedroom.

In the afternoon, Fang Xiaoyu is still in the king, and Chen Li, who seriously learned.

Fang Xiaoyu did not expect that Chen Li studied it seriously, it was very good. One afternoon, he did not look at his mobile phone screen.

The enthusiasm of this carefully learned, let Fang Xiaoyu can't help but look at him!

When I went home, Fang Xiaoyu once again saw a pair of men and women with tattoo, at the same time, the poor premonition of the heart appeared again.

Fang Xiaoyu quietly followed, saw the last white hair grandfather.

After some understanding, Fang Xiaoyu knows that this is a global biopharmaceutical.

It is better to say that it is a pharmaceutically acceptable disease!

Fang Xiaoyu is a bit wonder, how can these people are passionate about the study of the disease, if it is helping to humans, it is okay.

However, this biopharmaceutical, obviously a criminal organization, the disease they have studied, not only fast, but also high mortality!

Once these viruses spread, the various creatures on the earth will face a huge crisis, or even all creatures on the earth, nor is it possible!

There is such an institution, which is not distant in the deep bomb that will break out in the depths, such a power, even if it takes more than a dozen nuclear missiles, I am afraid that it is better than it!