The richest man in the magic city

The [121] is given me down

"It's you ... I have a booth of my brother?" Hui Mao Youth pointed to Fang Xiaoyu and asked faintly.

It was pointed to the nose. Fang Xiaoyu came to the fire, grabbed the finger of the red, only listened, the sound of the bones, and then sounded ...

"Ah ..." The voice of the red hair is out, the mouth of the mouth: "Brothers, give me ... Kill this goods!"

I heard the words, a few behind him, and I went up in two.

"... ..."

A few dull voice came out, several young people were knocked down, and they made a painful sink.

Fang Xiaoyu took ea from the store, ready to go back, but when I just went half, I suddenly thought of it. Just now, I have more money to fight with the boss. I haven't bought something that I have to buy this time.

Then she said to Fang Xiaolan said, "I just said this thing with that boss. I have been going to buy a college entrance examination. Since his family can't buy it, let's change someone else." "" And if I don't buy it today If you have already bought it tomorrow. "

When I listened to Ona, Fang Xiaoyu felt that I was also right, I originally, that is, I bought it. How can I have a high school entrance examination? And if you don't buy it today. In two days, I still have to buy it. It is better to solve one time.

So thinking, he took Na to come, just the next door to the stationery shop. Then he is helpless, now you can go in, just buy what you want to buy, you must prepare your college entrance examination ready to be prepared. Otherwise, wait until the college entrance examination is thinking about what you have forgotten, you will not drive.

Followed by Ina into this store, I saw it at a glance. I just used something that I could use in my college entrance examination. Then he asked the boss "Boss, how much is this thing?" "The little girl is 20 yuan, this is something specializing in the college entrance examination candidates. If you have the college entrance examination, you will take this one is just good." "

After listening to this boss, I unclaimed in my heart, it seems that I haven't bought this exactly like this in the black heart store, it is really a ministry. A 20-dollar thing actually had to have 500 yuan, but it seems that the owner of the store is not explained. This kind of thing is estimated that he can also do it.

In fact, the idea of ​​ea is still a little deviation. This stationery, even if you don't sell 500 yuan, but sell 20 yuan, it is still dying. This store is next door to the store. The boss of this store has just been at the door of his own home. I saw that Fang Xiaoyi came up and put the face of the store, and I still didn't care. One such a small shop is nothing to do at all.

They are all usual of small business. Can you cause some guests that should not provoke, if you are selling your own usual selling, if you really can't get this young man who has just smashed the next door, you can't get lost.

I thought about it, I think about the boss or my mind, gave a price that I feel very surprised. I didn't think about this, just think that the boss of the store is very black, so I pay for the money to follow Fang Xiaoyu.

After euna, the boss was thinking, but also his own wit, if the man who really made this little girl said that he is not necessarily his own store, he is the same next door home, he is in a smashing At the same time, at the same time, I still feel that my decision is really a wisdom.

The party's Fang Xiaoyu and Ina are going on the way home. Passing by a family, they usually go to the small shop, and Ona said to Fang Xiaoyu. "

Fang Xiaoyu doesn't matter, anyway, for him, where to eat. Since I want to eat here, I will eat here. Otherwise, they need to take some takeaway if they return home. Then both people walked into the store. It is always always coming to eat several times.

Going to Ona, I took the menu and prepared to order, then some kinds of normals they usually love, and then said to Fang Xiaoyu. "You still have anything, if there is nothing, we can make the boss to do" Fang Xiaoyu naturally has no opinion. Anyway, for him, it is not important to eat anything. I don't have to pick it up, and the dishes of the two people come up. Now they have passed the peak period of meals.

The rice is also eaten, and the things have also been bought in Na and Fang Xiaoyu, ready to go home. There is no matter what people returning home, but there is another test in the school tomorrow. Although this other fellowship and ena are not what is going on. Especially Fang Xiaoyu, the exam is coming to him for him.

If you want to answer, you don't have anyone else, and if you don't want to play, you don't want to play, there is no other person. But if you are sitting in two people, there is nothing to do, it is better than going back to the house. Then the each of the rooms are ready to sleep.

The next day, two people got up early. Today, this test of the school is an simulation test. It is still very serious for them now. I will basically all come together for a while, and the exam is started. Fang Xiaoyu looked at the ribo to himself and did not hang this roll.

Anyway, the questions on this roll, it is a small dish for yourself, you have to write. It's been getting familiar with you for a long time. Now let yourself waste time, don't do such a boring thing, he will not do it! But today's exam is very strict, I feel that I am low-key, anything is not a big event.

At this time, Fang Xiaoyu made his test volume to the side, anyway, he didn't want to answer it. So Fang Xiaoyu chose a relatively low-key thing, sleep.

Then this day of the exam time, others were shocked by the sorrowful exams, only Fang Xiaoyu was a big sleep. Moreover, the school's desk is relatively uncomfortable. It is estimated that you are so mad people. In the whole half system, there is no second person who can do this.