The richest man in the magic city

No. [124] sports car

A series of pleasant sounds echoed throughout the campus, " ! ..." At this time, Chen Li was asked in a rescue straw, "" has standed from the bench, shouting " ! "" The eyes are full of excitement and excitement.

Fang Xiaoyu stood up from the seat and span the book bag on the shoulders.

Take a look at the filial piety, it's going to go, Chen Li's legs seem to have followed it, shouting behind Fang Xiaoyu: "Fang Xiaoyu, wait for me, I am happy, go to the car, come together!"

Fang Xiaoyu stopped and stopped, "no interest!"

Chen Li took the fist toward the Fang Xiaoxiao hammer, "Is it a brother, this is not given!"

Fang Xiaoyu walked from the country, it is no longer immersed in Chen Li.

Seeing Fang Xiaoyu, the farther, Chen Li has rushed to the fart, and since it is hard, it will come soft!

Immediately, I said to Fang Xiaoyu: "I know a place, this time there is no peek, don't you want to take your Porsche? Such a good car, you will not I want to go to pick up the sister every day! "

Fang Xiaoyu picked his eyebrows, "I don't care! I am happy to serve the beautiful sister!"

At this time, Chen Li always has no old blood, it doesn't matter! Negative? It's really helpless!

"So, brother, you haven't practiced it for me last time, it is not as good as you have time to accompany your brother today?" Chen Li's style turned, and the filial piety opened soft and hard. Mode.

Fang Xiaoyu thought for a moment, said: "Yes, the square is nothing can be done, and it is not necessary to accompany you to fight the time!"

Chen Li's face is excited, and the two have their own luxury cars, starting.

Under the leadership of Chen Li, the two came to the autumn mountain road in autumn.

Chen Li used a two-car connected voice system to the filial piety: "Let's come to a unscrupulous car, show what is really speed and passion!"

Sitting in Porsche leather, Fang Xiaoyu did not pay attention to Chen Li, and he was slowly opened. Although slow, but in order to perfuse, it is slightly to increase the throttle, keep in front of Chen Li.

Chen Li single feet stepped on the throttle, the car "bombard" chased, because the sky is still too late, there is still a car on the Panshan Highway to come often, one will.

Perhaps it is too fast, the license plate is difficult to see, but it is not difficult to see from the shape, this is the latest version of Rolls Royce today! Ever since, these cars have slowed down speed, and automated the road to make a road!

Chen Li's heart made a lot of proud, shouting in the voice system: "Fang Xiaoyu, seeing buddhism, what is the BMW road tiger to stand on the side! Hahaha!"

"Open your car with your car! Don't use it all!" Fang Xiaoyu is obviously a little speechless.

Chen Li hastily " This is a car!"

Fang Xiaoyu is thoroughly speaking, when do you have a car? Although your own Porsche performance, step on a hundred yards, it looks like a car, but this stupid misunderstanding is too difficult to accept!

But I have to say that the other is that it is the time of this Porsche, but this is better, it will be more relaxed.

Fang Xiaoyu looked at the scenery of all the way, intoxicated in the scenery of the autumn mountains, and the speed did not know unconsciously. Soon, Chen Li, who was immediately followed by Fangxiao, chased it up.

It is also a show that "Fang Xiaoyu, I didn't expect you to be so powerful, actually there is not as good as me! This is a major news, I will be broadly spread after I go back, hahahaha!"

Fang Xiaoyu is very clear, like this car than driving, it is still not trip to the person, it is estimated that even the car is not very stable, but it is not good to say that he has to let himself. Do not pay anything, after all, sometimes there is no sound.

Never thought that I didn't expect to taste the arrogance of the sweetness, I want to match him.

I don't think about it. As long as I add a force, I will be able to make a lot of huanghua, when I am in the power, I will be able to make a huanghua, I think of this, I think about it, I feel blood. .

Chen Li was busy passing the information from the voice system to Fang Xiaoyu: "Fang Xiaoyu, dare not to come to a man with a man!"

"Oh? Do you want to match me?" Fang Xiaoyu is a bit surprised, you must know that you are a professional driver, the game is in this kind of thing, you have never failed! Thinking of this, I can't help but start the guts of Chen Li.

"Of course, I want to lose you to slaughter, you lose, then ... , don't blame I don't give you a face!" After that, Chen Li still didn't forget to show a sinister and wretched small expression .

"OK, since you are so persistent, then I will take out my own homepake, I will lose it if I have lost my nose!" Fang Xiaoyu received Chen Li's game.

I saw that the filial piety is stepping on, the car is like a rocket, leaving a butt dust, and there will be no trace of disappearance.

This is still in the back of Chen Liyi, "I am going to your mother's fu, you are hanging!"

Immediately quickly, the car was rushing out with Thunder, soon, Chen Li saw the car of Fang Xiaoyu, and the throttle continued to rush, and did not forget the mouth in his mouth. " You actually deceive my feelings! My heart is painful! Fang Xiaoyu you a dead liar, tell you that Laozi wants to fur! "

"Let's catch up with you!" Fang Xiaoyu is in the face, no matter how he is angry at this moment.

Fang Xiaoyu saw Chen Li from the rear view of the car, the mouth is light, the foot is going to step, the riders fly out, he turned around, and the middle of the car is like playing games like playing games. Use a set of skilled operations to avoid the travelers.

Although I am addicted, I'm filming, although the insertion is inserting, these drivers are scared.

The Chen Li in the rear is stunned, remorse why you want to die, "Big Brother, I am wrong, not, it is not more than, this is a sky in the sky!" Chen Li wants to cry.