The richest man in the magic city

No. [125] car

Both people stopped their luxury cars ...

Although Fang Xiaoyu won Chen Li, but there is no big disorder between two people. Of course, this does not mean that Fang Xiaoyu is not good at driving this, but Fang Xiaoyu has not been in the game with himself. It is not someone else.

The relationship between the two people is so good. For this thing, the two people playing is the most important, so he is only holding the unforgettable state.

This car is also over, two people come from their own expensive car, Chen Li is careful to treat himself a small sports car. Looking at Fang Xiaoyu also came down from his own expensive sports car, Chen Li's heart was really full of emotion, thinking, is this what kind of friend?

You look at people, it is not too much to use it, as a student who is going to college entrance examination, people learn super good, don't put the exam at the eyes, every test score is based on your own Mood. Moreover, people not only have a super power to learn, and people's work is still a power, it is completely the ability of an enemy ten, which is really invincible.

So people say that people have a smart brain, and there is an extraordinary effort. Moreover, people have special money, facing two luxury cars, but also to buy it without considering, you said that this kind of person is the darling of God, all talents and advantages have been put in people, then look It's really unfair to see yourself.

In fact, for Chen Li's heart's idea, just felt that he is too simple to think of Fang Xiaoyu, who is the filial piety, is a small skill, this ability is to have anything else?

As for money, for Fang Xiaoyu, it is not worth mentioning, the system you use, this is the system of infinite spending and consumption. So money is never rolled in your own eyes. From the squad of the sports car, leaning against the door of the sports car, waiting for Chen Li to speak, but not the Fang Xiaoyu doesn't like to speak.

Just when Fang Xiaoyu and Chen Li, most Chen Li also said that he didn't stop there, so naturally, Fang Xiaoyu is accustomed to Chen Li's speech method, and Chen Lizhen quite character.

It's just that two people stand in here, Chen Li has not spoken, which is quite strange. So he said to Chen Li in another sports car "how, I won you, I feel that the mood is not smooth, otherwise we will come again."

After hearing Fang Xiaoyu, Chen Li also responded from the gods, so he smiled and said to Fang Xiaoyu, "Oh, let you play, still count, after all, lose this kind of thing, lose once, I am. I don't want to lose the second time. "Listening to Chen Li's answer, Fang Xiaoyu just smiled and did not answer Chen Li.

Then, Chen Li, began to say that the filial piety is "not, I said that you are so powerful, the game is still so, I didn't expect your car." Although you just just I have a good distance, but I feel that you will put the water when you use me, you must put the water! "

After listening to Chen Li, Fang Xiaoyu still didn't answer, anyway, for him, lose a win a time, nothing. Originally, this car is to relax, so don't worry about what carefully. Two people, I am leaning against chatting next to the door.

At this time, from the distance, a bunch of people passing by. Chen Li and Chen Li and a smile next to the door, a gust of wind, almost put Chen Li and Fang Xiaoyu. The people who have hit, but those who drive are not just just. Almost hit innocent people, Chen Li, did not want to stop the consciousness.

For the car, the car, the car, "I rely, what is this, what is the broken car, thinking that this road is built, but fucking so fast, I really want to get up early, I will hurry. Ah, it's really bored! "

While Chen Li said, while the legs also kicked to the car, it seems that it seems to be unspeak. Looking at the luxury cars that are getting angry, listening to Chen Li, the emotions of the embarrassment, Fang Xiaoyu still maintains a silent state, and does not want to open the meaning.

However, Fang Xiaoyu did not speak, did not mean that he didn't feel the luxury car who had just driven from his own side. On the contrary, he just feels that doing these things is meaningless, but if the part is still do not know how to repent, it will not blame yourself. Will not give them leaves. I have a lot of trouble this day.

I hope that these people don't want to ask again, I don't have much time to pay attention to them. Both Fang Xiaoyu and Chen Li were thinking about the luxury cars that had just been driving around them, but Chen Li is more angry, and Fang Xiaoyu is an uncomfortable attitude.

Just when he was thinking about his own thoughts, the luxury cars that opened a long opened, and then gang of people walked from the good car, and the filial piety and Chen were a meal. " I rely on, you have no long eyes, don't know what we are in the car, what is it in this way? "

"Just, if you want to meet us in the car, you are responsible, you are two people." A group of people, I said, I saw Chen Li and Fang Xiaoyu. I didn't want to answer their mean at all, so I was ready to go. In fact, the filial piety is not careless to this matter, so he didn't want to speak very normal.

As for Chen Li, I was already angry. I just wanted to pack this people who opened the luxury car, but helpless now Fang Xiaoyu gave him a look, telling him not to do it. I saw the eyes of Fang Xiaoyu and Chen Li also known. Anyway, there is a laughter, it is definitely a loss, just this tone, it is too losing.

I saw that the square piety and Chen Li heard that they had to do it, and those people were almost not saying, just like Fang Xiaoxuan and Chen Lisheng. But who is Fang Xiaoyu? Others say two people. Even if you do a few times more than a few times, he can don't blink your eyes.

And it is still not a change, so he has not discontinued with that people, only used three times and five kung fu to all the grounds.