The richest man in the magic city

[127] weak chicken

Then people who have opened the luxury cars have just got almost hit the following consciousness and saw the car of Fang Xiaoyu. Everyone has walked from his luxury car.

Then, the other party's filial piety said. Child, another person doesn't know how much it is better than we. "

Fang Xiaoyu listened, this part of the person did not want to take care of their desires, and I don't know how this is so big. Just almost hit the car of the person who came to him, turning the head, I couldn't know that I would like to worship myself, I don't know who gave them a confidence, I will pay themselves for the apprentice.

They also persisted here, they wanted to collect them as apprentices, but Fang Xiaoyu did not give them a look, but she stood there. At this time, when you use a car, you will use the car from the car. When Chen Li came down from the car, Fang Xiaoyu has just been in the desire to move, and finally started to act.

I saw that he didn't say it. Just like the luxury car of the people, "Oh, since you are here, I almost hit our car to the bottom, I just gone? These I don't know the people The car, the province, they will go to the next time. Anyway, it is nothing to do with such a car. The things that you are in the store are often there for these. Good car is not enough. What is the strength of yourself, and he is easy to think about it. "

So thinking, Fang Xiaoyu has just been like the hand falling in the luxury car, suddenly stopped in the air for a while, directly, holding a fist again.

"", I saw the luxury car, there was a big pit on the front of the car. It is also this huge voice, and I just walked to the car, I thought that Fang Xiaoyu is to promise. They did not expect Fang Xiaoyu, just wanted to smash their sports car, so he has been waiting for Fangxiao to collect his apprentice.

On the front, I said that "you have sick, no thing, no matter what we have dry, what do you think you have a big bull, but you will win us once, we will be a teacher, it is already gave it. You are big enough, I didn't expect you to still want to smash our car. "

This helper is really awkward, I don't know who I just hit them. When I got them to let them lying for a while, I saw the Fang Xiaoyu, I'm going to see my car, and I didn't let Fang Xiaoyu. Machine.

One of the highly big people seem to be the leader of this team, asked against Fang Xiaoyu, "Not I said that we have just challenge you, and you have just retaliated, you visitor you. , Worshiping you as a teacher, it is already a very good person, how can you like this, I still want to smash our car, do you know how much is our car added a total of money? "

"Do you pay for it? And now, it is the pit you just smash. It is estimated that you can't afford it. Don't think that you have a luxury car. You can't afford it. Your luxury car is estimated to even One finger of a custom-made car is staring. "

"It is to give you a face, why don't you know so much." The gang of people have crushed the filial piety, and they all stopped their luxury cars, saving themselves. Just like the first car that was unfortunately, I went out of a pit.

Fang Xiaoyu did not have a helper, then continue to make the luxury car, I saw a one in front of him, and the person flew out a few meters away, and then filial piety is three times. Kung Fu, only to see that it is said to be customized, the most expensive car in this is already unless.

Others saw that the encounter of the car all guarded his luxury car, and saw that Fang Xiaoyu finished this, and immediately squatted toward the next luxury car. As I just, this luxury car, the front people were also opened by Fang Xiaoyu.

Naturally, this car is also a fuing, and it is a raining. Other people's filial cranes did not hang them, but they also gave him, they could only watched Fang Xiaoyu's violent violence against their luxury cars around Fang Xiaoyu.

But for this situation, they are not helpful, who makes their ability than smile, so they can only eat this dumb loss, really angry, I don't dare. They looked at Fang Xiaoyu At this time, the expression is simply horrified. At this time, Fang Xiaoyu is just a way to think about these cars.

But the more you don't talk, the stronger his gas field, he feels that if anyone now gets to him, it is estimated that it should be dead. Although the partner can still keep calming the deposits in the face now.

But everyone doesn't know how fear every person. They are really unlucky today, I thought that the car can relax, I didn't expect it, because their ignored people who should not provoke. Not only do not take advantage of what is inexpensive, but also losses so many luxury cars.

Although they are very scared, Chen Li feels good. Let the people who have just hit their own cars just unscrupulous. Let them look at the filial piety there, and it is estimated that they can only swallow the Baba, what can I do?

This is where they have no self-learning, so long, he also created the character of Fang Xiaoyu, Fang Xiaoyu, a low-key look, usually there is no one to provoke him, he will not be angry if he generally There are so many things to do so, so there are always some people who don't want to force themselves.

He has been with him for a long time, I haven't seen Fang Xiaoyu to run with others, but every time everyone thinks that I can win the filial piety, the result is not being hit by people.

Just when this is immersed in his own idea, the luxury cars in his own thoughts, the drizzle, all the bastards, and the people look at their broken luxury cars, and then look at Fang Xiaoyu At this time. Just ate this dumb loss, then stop them ...