The richest man in the magic city

No. [128] Who is this?

Seeing that some people didn't want to block their desires, Fang Xiaoyu did not express any expression, and then he walked out of this place together. Fang Xiaoyu took the throttle to step on the side of the person who gave a mouthful of sports car. Just ready to start Chen Li, I feel that it is really too interesting. This help people eat dumb losses. It is really a pleasant feeling!

Who told them that there is no self-knowledge. Also want to match the fellow gap. It is also a challenge of the provocation, it is estimated that this party is filial, didn't play them? Enough, even living hospitals, but just smashing their sports cars is enough to give them the face.

It is estimated that he doesn't want to play someone to dirty his own hand, and even wasting his own time. So long, Fang Xiaoyu's work style, he also touched a bit. Don't look at the fellowship, a sling of gentleman, but what he does basically makes sense.

Like this kind of person who is not self-known, it is a waste of your own time, so if this is not just now, it is almost hitting them back to provoke, it is estimated that this thing is filial piety.

Amounts are not to come back, find it over and over, do you say this is not what they are looking for? Chen Li was so thinking, so he also exercised his car like a party who had just left. Fang Xiaoyu saw that his sports car was very far away. Chen Li did not catch up, so stopped the running car and waited for a while, soon Chen Li he keeps the sports car of Fang Xiaoyu, so two people will not speed up speed In the case of returning home.

After all, he just opened so fast, just to give some lessons behind him, as for the main street, he will not speed up. After returning home, Chen Li walked down the sports car and looked at some paints on the sports car. There were some damaged places, then he asked Fang Xiaoyu to take her to repair.

Fang Xiaoyu did not refuse Chen Li's request. Anyway, for him, there is nothing to go home.

It's not playing games, it is going out to take a walk, but it is necessary to go out for a walk, and Chen Li is not delayed. Two people have started a sports car to have a special repair shop that is not far from the deposit. Fang Xiaoyu's car was parked outside.

Then let Chen Li go in to the repair shop, then find a maintenance person who specializes in repairing the luxury car, and that person looked at Chen Li, after the fierce killing, the door and the car There are many places where there are a lot of paint.

For Chen Li, "You are very easy to repair, it is very easy. It is estimated that half a day can be repaired, you will pay 500,000." I heard the first half of the sentence, Chen Li was still very happy, herself I love the sports car, I thought I was not returned at the beginning. I didn't expect to do it so easy. But he heard the last sentence of the maintenance person, Chen Li was in there. Didn't think this truck is so expensive?

Originally, this car is not buying it yourself, what is it? Money can buy such a good car, don't say buying this car, even the current repairs are not affordable. Looking at Chen Li and the appearance of there, the maintenance personnel also understood, it turned out that it could not afford it! This store was originally a special repair shop of luxury cars. The maintenance staff here also repaired many luxury cars.

As for those who have no money, they basically look at it accurately and accurately determine that these people have really strength, and they have always been a matter of money. It is also a lime, who doesn't want to make money. So he looked at it.

Then he laughed, and said to Chen Li's ridicule. "No, I said if you can't afford the money, you will drive away us. And I will tell you in a heart, I will have a reception from us. Place of scrap iron, if you don't mind, you can go there, maybe you have a surprise that will feel unexpected. "

Chen Li did not respond to this maintenance person, because he really can't afford this car fee, this car is the fang Xiaoyu to buy it. If you want to repair it, you can't reach you again. Although the relationship between the two people is very good, it is. It can't always pay for your own mistakes. If he does not have been stubborn, if you don't have a stubborn, you will not turn your car to this model.

But now I regret it too. So Chen Li is there, thinking about what should be doing, it is a repair or not to repair this Rolls Royce. That maintenance person saw Chen Li did not speak, and then once again said to him, "I said that this car is not you bought? If you have a car, you can't even repair this small money. Can't afford it, or say this car is your preparation for the waste of the iron? "

That maintenance person said it is hard to listen. But there is no position to refute. Because he said, it is more accurate, the car is not buying itself, and it is sent to himself. After the maintenance personnel finished, the face was holding a look at Chen Li, which is coming to the fellow.

The repair can relax in the way, and the result did not expect the guy who met such a forces. The man immediately fell into the boss. The man looked at Fang Xiaoyu and Chen Li, thinking that this is also a person who has no ability! "Who are you, what qualifications do you have to find our boss ..." The man didn't finish it, and he saw that Fang Xiaoyu mentioned the man's collar, and then slammed him into the ground.

The man is also a person who is bullied and hard, seeing this scenario is more fart and rising, then calling his own boss. After the boss came out, I fell into the secret. I didn't say it. I threw him a card. I mean that this store he bought. The boss is also a guy who knows the goods. It is a relatively special card for himself.

Also knowing, there should be much money inside, and look at the appearance of the people in front of him, and he is not like a lack of money, and naturally promises. Then I told the best maintenance personnel to repair it. Rolls Royce, who just opened, so, Chen Li also didn't worry, but thanked Fang Xiaoyu and then two people returned to home ...