The richest man in the magic city

No. [129] Wan Baby

The next day is normal, the high three basically every day, only the holiday time in the afternoon, the high one is relatively easy, there is a holiday time on Sunday, as for the junior high school, not to say, Saturday and Sunday have been holiday.

Fang Xiaoyu got up the bed early, prepared to have breakfast, eat breakfast with ea, then carrying Ona, riding a bicycle to school, although Fang Xiaoyu has a sports car, but he doesn't want to make it, because that but Schools, schools are not light in school, and have teachers, if they are seen by the teacher, then he is impressed in these teachers' hearts, I am afraid it is going to change.

He stopped the bicycle and prepared to go upstairs. Ona has been on the floor first. At this time, he should go to the classroom. Fang Xiaoyu will slowly go to his classroom. He is not late, and he has a early reading lesson. .

In the morning of the morning, the Lisa teacher walked into the classroom. The original classroom was quiet. The original students were sitting at this time. They also knew that the LISA teacher suddenly came over. Best.

What's more, they are also very curious about what LISA teachers want to talk about?

"Classmates, in the afternoon, we will go to the former residence of Wan Baby, go to visit the million BMW, don't know if you have heard the people this person?" Teacher Lisa opened the door to talk about things, and then asked the students. one question.

"I haven't heard it!" A poorly looked out, it was clear that it is his concern for him. As for those celebrities, he is not known.

"This Military I seem to say that it seems to be a famous person, what is home?" Another a little understandable person scratched his head and asked.

"Don't you be a scientist?" The same table of the classmate guess.

"It is definitely not." The classmate shake his head and concluded.

"The students are quiet, it seems that everyone doesn't understand this person. This person is not a scientist. He is a mathematician, but also a famous scientist, you may have not heard, But your teacher, I have heard. "The teacher of the Lisa smiled and continued.

"This goes visit the whateore former residence is not relaxing, but go to study, you also know the college entrance examination has been near, and this school let you visit the Wan BMW's former residence is to see the unique learning method of Madrome. Obtain some sentiments, this may have a great help to you learn mathematics. "Teacher LISA took.

"Wan BMW's former residence is in Fengcheng, it is not close to our school, and there is a bit far, at least a few hours, ok, the thing that should be said, normal in the morning, In the afternoon, I went to the House of Wanbang, you can prepare the books you want to prepare this class. "The teacher of the Lisa continued. She said that they have left it.

The LISA teacher just got some students couldn't help but discuss. Some differences were even excited to jump. The teacher said that they are going to learn, go to Wan Baba's former residence, but for them to watch, it is going to play, anyway, Teachers don't care about them, so they can relax.

"Wow, I can go to the other than the hidden to play in the afternoon, so I can play an afternoon, you don't have a mobile phone in the afternoon, otherwise, we both play a few kings!" Take a classmate next to him and asked excitedly.

"Yes, we will play in the afternoon!" The king! "The same table of the poor girl is also a person who doesn't love to learn. He promised his invitation very refreshing, but it is better to play. Time when the game recreation occurs in the afternoon.

"We can visit a mathematician's former residence, just in the afternoon, I can see how this mathematician is learning mathematics, which may have a great help to my math." Both mathematics is not very good, but the students who want to learn have felt a silky, so she can take more points in high school, so when she can take a good university, they will not find it later. I have a job.

"Well, although my mathematics has better results, I can also look at the learning way of the big mathematician, learn from it, maybe you can make my mathematics to improve some! Read more, go to the big school It is also a pleasure, isn't it? "A sharp score of a score.

Poor students feel that they are going to play, but the pointed students will be a privileged, this is the biggest difference between the pointed and poor students. People who don't love to learn are nothing to learn, and people who love to learn will continue to learn.

The teacher of the first class came in, and the classroom suddenly became quiet. All students, no matter how poor life or the pointed students have put their minds, intend to listen to the class, but the poor students are very difficult, they are unhealthy Listen to the class, look at somewhere, stay, maybe it is to go to Wanbao's soil in the afternoon.

Time passed, the time in the morning, the past, the turn of the eye is already afternoon, close to the time of the Wan BMW, the students are more excited, then the Lisa teacher walked into the classroom, think about it It is to inform them to visit the Wan BMW.

"The classmates, waiting for the Wan BMW for the former residence, the bus has been waiting in the school, waiting for the students to queue, don't loudly, there will be other classes in the school. After the hidden homage of the Wan BMW, I don't want to lose the garbage. If you lose the garbage is not just a face, but also the face of the school, please consciously abide by. "Teacher Lisa is serious, she is warning those differences.

"Well, everyone will go to the building, prepare to get on the bus." After a few minutes, the teacher of the Lisa smiled, she also wants to see the hostel of this mathematician.

The students all got in order, the bus driver verified that everyone had already opened the bus, although it was in the same city, but they spent two hours, and the Lisa teacher just At least a few hours, at the beginning.

The Wan Baby's former residence is very large. After the Wan Baby's former residence, the students visited in the company of the LISA. As for those differences, they found a position where they played games, three or two two games, playing games, completely like visiting What is nothing to do with these Lisa teachers.