The richest man in the magic city

Section [131] means deep

He knows that he doesn't look for the Lisa teacher now, and the teacher will come to him for a while.

Ona just did not pay attention to the LISA teacher's filial piety means a deep eye, but the filial piety is pulled out, she feels confused, she looks at the people around the Lisa teacher, and only looks at it. Her Fang Xiaoyu is deep in contrast.

"Hey, don't you participate? Do you not love your favorite? This is a great opportunity to install a big man in front of a bunch of people. Also said that there is a pile of cultural people." Inta touched the shoulders Touching the filial piety shoulders.

"Don't touch it, just LISA teacher gave me my eyes, I didn't sign me now. She also came over to find me later."

"Is there this operation?" Ina was a little surprised.

"Yes." Fang Xiaoyu looked at the bunch of people, and the low said.

When the game was officially started, the host embedded on the ladder, followed by a special male foreigner, to the podium, the host looked at the foreigner to go to the stage, A very grand person introduced the foreigner, "I introduced this is Delma, it is a foreigner, mathematics can be said to be very powerful!" The host is in the hands. The microphone handed it to Delma next to himself.

"Hello, I am Delma, is a foreigner, I want to come here to meet some people who have mathematics, but maybe I know very little, don't know too much mathematics?" Delma's arrogant introduction He yourself, followed by the ridicule of the corner, you can't afford everyone, meaning that they are more than Delma.

"If you are not invited by your place, I will not come." Delma is highly proud to say that the people under the table, the host's face is not particularly good, it is very dark, The brow has also begun to be tightly wrinkled.

Fang Xiaoyu looked quietly at the top of a mortal man in the top, the proud challenge, the ridicule of the people who turned the corner, simply gave him down, but he didn't want him to be shameful now. If you don't provoke yourself, you can really say that you can say that you can say it.

"I can tell you, you don't have a person to defeat this there." Delma continued to be in the top of it, and it was ridicule.

Fang Xiaoyu couldn't help but turn over a few white eyes. What is the world? I have been put on it, I said that I am too powerful, I really want to hear him.

"Hey, do you have any dare to resist?? Ah? It's so timid, it's weak, how can I come to this place!" Delma saw no one to talk, I feel that I don't dare to resist. Just put it in there, insulting people under the top, I have been disappointing this disappointment, and it is very annoying.

Simply put, Delma is so forced today. Because, he was previously abused by mathematics than him, and then the time was like this.

At that time, Delma participated in a game, which was the mathematics competition, and the first game calculated 8 digits in a one-minute class. As a result, it was done by another Chinese player by another Chinese player. Then he is not willing to be willing, he feels that he will definitely win. As a result, the second game is a heart calculation. It is a 1-minute class to calculate 6 questions and the answer is to be all right. Two questions and all right, so he was still exhausted. At the third game, it is a meaningless sentence. Delma did not play myself, and I gave it directly to the host. Then, it is too gas, I have to come here.

Fang Xiaoyu looked quietly, he was already in the top ten minutes, the tongue is not dry? He admires this kind of smell, don't feel, the tongue is still very dry. Only one way to deal with this person is that he is a single way, or it is very difficult to talk about it too much about this kind of person. It is not very wasting and wasting time.

"It's really stinking, this is a cultivation of martial arts that I have been stinking, I really admire, I really admire, there is such a beautiful person in the world, I really don't know how I feel."

"Who do you want to challenge? Oh, don't dare, hahahahaha." Delma launched challenges above, especially despised the following people, I feel that they are not qualified to fight against themselves, nor qualifications With your own battle, then laughed in the side of the person.

Many of the following people are listening, just a foreign devil comes to China despise them. I haven't understood it, this is completely understood, and some began to say.

"You have a foreign little devil, and you will have a little more than you, but you can win you, but you can win you. The little odor does not face." The following is a relatively straight male student. The speech is a bit Sichuan accent, but it sounds, he said and the Sichuan accent is not a version.

"Hey, you can get it, don't you have mathematics? What should you do? You don't want to see other places, someone has a day outside, I have heard it, stinky, A . "A male student wearing eyes looked at Delma, and the whole person was completely disdainful.

"You have a foreigner, how do you know that there is no one in the enemy, you are too proud? Delma, you are also people, everyone is the same, and you are so proud." At the glasses, it is very similar to those who learn from Delma.

Fang Xiaoyu felt where their IQ is in the end, so slowly, but fortunately, it is really not to know how to remedy.

"Who said that we are not as good as you, come to challenge, try to see, you are a fart, you, foreign !" A certain boy who had a more fertilized man said.

Many of the people under the stage began to discuss, and they were discussing Delma, what happened.

"You, you, hey, then I will ask a few people to come with me. If someone wins me, I will admit it, I will apologize, oh." Delma said that he can't speak, but soon It is adjusted, challenges, and begins to choose a challenge. Let's take a look, I beg you to refer to the battle with him, I don't look at a few people, I will start.