The richest man in the magic city

The [135] came again.

I heard Delma talked about the words, Fang Xiaoyu took a slightly laughed, yesterday was more than him, defeated, today ran to his class, long story!

Have to sigh, Delma's face is too thick, if you exchange other people, I am afraid that I have already slipped too much?

However, as long as he does not provoke to Fang Xiaoyu, Fang Xiaoyu has not thought about him, in the impression of Fang Xiaoyu, this kind of person, eats, but may not be a long time.

The road is in the sky, and the eyes are slightly ridiculed, I have a little bit of Delma, and Fang Xiaoyu picks up the mobile phone and prepare to continue playing the game.

For Derma, standing on the podium, he said, he didn't have interest to listen to him.

Delma on the stage, the more excited, watching a student who worshiped his eyes, very enjoying this feeling.

Everyone has vanity, he naturally is no exception, whenever he is tightly looked closely, he feels a lot of hearts of the whole person.

However, even if he said, there is always a few students who don't love to learn, and they are secretly playing games.

They are not playing games is old novels, or watch movies, as for the so-called professors standing on the podium, they don't leave him.

However, although they are playing mobile phones, but they use books to block mobile phones, but some people, but not only one textbook is not in the class, but the emperor takes out the mobile phone, concentrate on playing games.

It's so like ... Fang Xiaoyu ...

Is this a despise!

His professor, how many of him is respectful to him, even if the principal of this school, I have to give three points, but this one of the unknown cums, it is as good as there is nothing!

Fang Xiaoyu lowned and played the king's glory, so Delma did not recognize him, but he didn't know, because his move has caused a person's dissatisfaction.

Tell a moment, Delma's eyes look at the corner of the classroom ...

That low-headed classmate, still addicted in the game, there is no reason for what he talks!

Delma, how can it endure, some people ignore him, although there is an angry, but in order to maintain his professor's style, Derma is not angry, just a touch of light: "The classmate, please You raise your head ... "

The game is in the critical period, Fang Xiaoyu is just blurred to hear Delma lifted his head, he didn't pay attention, continued to play his game.

However, all the students in the class is to look at Delma's eyes ...

Everyone's eyes, all in the heart of Fang Xiaoyu, one time, he became the sky!

I touched the filial piety with the arm. Chen Li wanted to remind him that Delma made a person who lifted his head, he himself.

However, Fang Xiaoyu is in the most tense moment, and some people are called him.

Looking at the male classmates who still play with the game, Some of the Delma face can't sleep, this is not ignorant, but in the naked, hit his face!

"The classmate of playing the game, please raise your head!" Delma's tone, unknown, we grew a lot of time.

He thought, as long as he was slightly strong, the classmate will naturally raise his head, but he said half of the, Fang Xiaoyu, but even seeing him.

I took my arm with my arm, and Chen Li low voice: "The professor is called the head."

Wen said that Fang Xiaoyu is just a touch of light: "Let him wait, I will finish this game."

When I heard the words of Fang Xiaoyu, Chen Li couldn't help but have some sweat, and Fang Xiaoyu's bold, it has exceeded his awareness, but the professor is called him!

But the party is filial, or I have chosen ignore ...

Looking at Fang Xiaoyu, it is still not moving, Delma's face gradually became gloomy, but he did not continue to talk, but the fancy of cold ice stared at the corner.

After half of the half, Fang Xiaoyu finally finished this game, gently put the phone down, slowly lifted the head ...

"What's the matter?" Fang Xiaoyu faintly said.

Looking at the familiar face, Delma looks slightly, he didn't think of it, ignoring his youth, actually playing him yesterday!

What is the narrow? Is there more harmful than this!

The eyes are slight, Delma looks at the young and indifferent face, and I took a breath ...

No matter how never thought that the luck is like this, even the class is displayed, and the style of his professor can be encountered.

I thought that the Fang Xiaoyu was alone than several security guards, and even in the end, he gave him, Delma's expression became a bit stiff.

Yesterday's scene, climbed out of memory, Delma's body, slightly trembled ...

However, since he is now in the classroom, even if the filial piety is bold, it will not do it again.

"Please come up to the podium ..." Delma whispered, although his face looks very gentle, but he is standing in the middle of the chest, and it is still clear.

I walked for a smile, Fang Xiaoyu went to the podium, he didn't expect that Derma was so bold, and even dared to provoke him!

If you don't die, you will not die, this Delma is really a dedicated master ...

I looked at the Fang Xiaoyu in front of him, Delma looked at the question on the blackboard, handed it to the Fang Xiaoyu, gently said: "This classmate, you will have this question, you will explain, explain to everyone ... "

The question on the blackboard, even if he is the professor, it will not be able to find the whole step in a short way. If you can't understand the entire step, he doesn't dare to get it directly.

Now, this problem is given to Fang Xiaoyu, Derma's purpose, just want to make Fang Xiaoyu.

I looked at the face of Delma full of play, Fang Xiaoyu's mouth smashed a slight radio, palm, slowly extended ...

Looking at the youth, I have to pick up the fingertips of the chalk, the drama of Delma is more intense!

However, when he thought that Fang Xiaoyu took the chalk, the latter was grabbed his arm, like a garbage, throwing him out of the classroom.


A dull sound came out, Delma fell to the ground!

" ..."

Delma was screaming, and the shakes stood up and looked down at the filial piety, and the support did not speak.

No matter how never thought, Fang Xiaoyu will be a class of classmates, and throw him out of the classroom!

Once again, he lost his face in front of everyone!