The richest man in the magic city

Section [138] picky

At this time, the waiter exposed an impatient look.

Seeing that the waiter is impatient, Fang Xiaoyu has a mouthful, and it is no wonder that she will be impatient, and Lua has read an hour more pet, and there is no choice to let her.

Fang Xiaoyu has to sigh, Miss European is picky ...

Sorry, he is nothing now, as long as she loves, there is nothing, who makes her are his employer!

When I was slowly swallowing, when I was a small pet, Fang Xiaoyu felt a little boring, and I also started to observe that these little pets can't help but like.

A Mengmeng Husky, looking at the big eyes of the water spirit, staring at Fang Xiaoyu, that cute appearance, can't help but touch more.

Put your palm on this husky's small head, Fang Xiaoyu gently blows, cute puppies, blinking a few rounds of snoring, sticking out the tongue, licking his own meat.

Meng Meng's puppy is very exciting ...

When Fang Xiaoyu became this husky, Ina was provoking a small golden monkey.

However, no matter how it tears this little monkey, people don't take care of her, and have been in the same way, and I am sorry.

"Hey, turn it around, watch my sister ..." Ina smiled.

She thought, as long as she is a bit patience, this small golden monkey will make her care, as long as this little monkey can turn around, she is looking at her, she intends to bring this monkey to family feeding.

However, no matter how she has packed this little monkey, people are not allowed to give her a buttock.

"Hey!" The petitude, I Luina is a bit impatient, this little monkey is too babard.

A little calf holding in your hand, the drums of the small golden monkey have passed ...


The peach is accurate and error-free, on the head of the little monkey, hurting it, and lowest pain.

Slightly grievances, I looked at the person who stared at it in front of my eyes ...

"This is awkward, ..." Ona poured a smile and laughed.

Her smile is in the eyes of others, maybe very eye, but in the eyes of this little monkey, she is like a ten evil devil!

Seeing the customer taking a tao nucleus in the small gold monkey, the waiter is somewhat dumbfounder, she didn't think, the girl who looked smile did nothing.

These pets are generally golden, which makes people play casually!

"Miss, please pay attention to behavior ..." The waiter whispered: "The price of these pets is very high."

When I heard the waiter, I didn't make a swing, and I didn't care, said: "Nothing, don't be bad ..."

I heard the words, the waiter couldn't help but turn over the eyes, what is not bad!

These pets, less tens of thousands of thousands of thousands, more than hundreds of thousands or even millions, and this golden monkey, the price is exactly, one million!

The price is so expensive, although it is an animal, but the price is not!

There is a pet, how can you say it!

On the side, I am teasing with Husky's Fang Xiaoyu. I heard the words that I don't care about I am, I can't help but feel awkward ...

The big lady is somewhat too beautiful, as long as she is not happy, she wants to teach.

Sometimes I feel a little fun, a young girl, sometimes I can't go with a monkey!

Seeing this little monkey, pulling his head, a slap infertile, I didn't have interest, and I watched a circle around, and I was so happy to ran into a colorful peacock. ...

Seeing this little grandmother and went to harm another little pet, and the face of the waiter was a bit ugly.

Based on the customer's service belief, she is just a small waiter, can't be too arrogant, but this is not a way ...

Ona ran to the face of colorful peacock, smiled and greeted: "hi ~"

I heard this quite wonderful voice, on the forehead of the waiter, a few black lines floated ...

Although it is a valuable peacock, but it is, it is just a bird, you will come to a English-speaking, how can it understand!

"Dahong, I am a sister, do you know?" Ona looked at the peacock and happy.

She thought she saw her, especially exciting, she also was very happy, reaching out, and stroked the peacock in front of him.

However, when her hand just touched the feathers of peacock, the waiter stopped her ...

"Miss, this peacock, does not move ..." waiter patiently.

Previously, Lua was not secretly played the golden monkey, but she was shocked.

These more than people are also gold, if there is a problem in his tube, the boss fried her squid is a little thing, if she will pay, she wants to cry without tears.

"Why?" I asked in Na.

She only read this peacock cute, I want to touch it, but I don't satisfy her like this.

"Miss, this peacock value is worth 18 million, if it is broken, but it is to be lost." The waiter whispered.

She thought, as long as the price of this peacock said, the woman in front of him would not move this peacock.

After all, one hundred and eighty dozens of thousands are not a small number ...

But she didn't think that this is not a small number in her eyes, but in the eyes of Ina, it is not worth mentioning.

"Nothing, I will lose me ..." Inemna didn't care about it, big.

Said, just grasp the colorful peacock ...

If you want to stop, you can't stand it, watching the peacocks who are crowded in the hands of Ona, the waitress suddenly felt that there was a feeling of shares in the mind ...

That's a precious pet worth one hundred and eighty thousand, can't wait to take care of it, how can I treat it like this?

If the manager saw it, she will be fried squid!

I am screaming, and suddenly heard the scream like a bird, slowly lifting the head, but I saw a scene that made him smirk ...

A colorful peacock, was caught in his hand, and his wings were scream ...

And Ona, obviously was scared by the anxiety of Peacock, and a little panic, but she grabbed the peacock's hand, but she was never relaxed.

After the waiter reflected it, the colorful peacocks who were caught in the hand, Mao did have fallen several.