The richest man in the magic city

The "140] manager came

Outside the store, the two waiters and a woman quarrel with Fang Xiaoru positive Hey, when the door is opened academics Boom inside the workplace, a figure of stature rounded angrily pushed out the door.

"What are you doing ?!" The manager has a brow, and he is deeply angry. "I am the most luxurious pet shop in the pet street. I don't give the city wells. I have to work, I have to go out early, don't wait for me People come to people! "

"Manager!" A waitress saw him, suddenly eyes shine, showing off quite like brow, shaking glanced to Fang Xiaoru and shortness of breath Fae, too far to go looking at the sub-manager, but look Desperate and angry: "The manager, these two have made bad things to teach all the pets in the store, teach them to say some messy words, and scare the guests just now! We only warned that they would not Over, I don't buy it if I want to buy it. They actually have two shames! This waiter is the same, it is too grievance! "

Pet opening?

Net said something chaotic?

Manager hear straight frown, look self-serving left the waitress speaks weeping, look at the right side of his face angry, listening to the waitress complained the waiter nodded, heart and said: This is what a mess of things?

The waitress sees the manager's light is frowning, but the behavior is still indifferent, some is anxious, let's drop a few tears, then crying:

"Manager, give you work, although just to earn some money, but still not to their dignity to sell it? Managers ah, they relied on a few money so humiliated, although we say that, but It's your signature manager, you can't let these arrogant, no matter what you are ... "

The manager only feels that the more I listen, the more I don't force it, is it because what is done? How do you pull these seven or eight eight?

Waiter waitress originally just go along, after all, many people thing more Zhan Li, not to mention his own again and this waitress who is the boss, the boss does not have to patrol two hundred fifty two arrogant? This waitress did not want to be Jiliguala actually pulled so many things, she listens to hear the hearts of children actually gone, she said, is that they do not give gold master these difficulties working in small wage earners it? So the expression on the face from the original single indignation into pain, more sincerely, is like a green garlic.

Their evacuation of the wicked, and the more I listened to the side of Ina. It's hard to wait for the waitress to finally say that the mouth is dry and stopped, and it will be busy:

"You go too far!" Erna I do not know the gas is still anxious, even at this time red eyes, stamp stamped her heel, she said: "We had to pick a pet that is, they do not do immoral things, It is not to choose the pet for a long time, let you have a half loss ?! "

"Can not you call our pet shop you say nonsense!" The waiter also look angry, 'We really you pick too long, you can not ask them to verbally humiliate us? Do we Do you lose your loss? "

Barman Manager afraid not cause this outrage, glanced manager, and shouted: "You teach bad pet store even still clamoring to manager we come out, now, you satisfied?! "


Ona took the eyes of the two strong words to win the waiters, but they did not refute. Fang Xiaoyu huh, huh, comfortably taking the shoulder of Ona, step forward.

"I believe that the manager is not a person who is smashing. It is not a person who is Yun Yun. Everything will have their own thinking after heard it." Fang Xiaoyu is polite smile, he likes to laugh, there is a word The two waiters, "this matter, shouldn't we first confirm its authenticity?"

"Pet opens?"

"We teach bad pets?"

The manager listened to Fang Xiaoyu approximately ridicule the general tone, and the gods were more embarrassed.

Yeah, he almost wrapped, what is this ghost?

"Well, even if the pets of your store don't speak, I really teach your pet, the manager is better to ask you the two waiters, your store's pet says something?"

Manager is suspicious of the eyes to turn to two waiters.

The two waiters listened to this, and they didn't say it for a while. What should they say? Say those pets account for them, don't respect guest? In that case, will the boss still biased?

The manager is silent and does not understand how to open.

"Otherwise, manager you look like this." Fang Xiaoyu smiled, then said, "Since I let you have a loss, how? I bought it? He is a cool person, manager, you give me a single price "

I am here, everyone in the scene is stunned.

What did he say? Do you buy a store?

The manager's, brow wrinkled deeper, this is a lot of filial piety and ena wearing, thinking that the two seem to be a person who is not half. So the opening test: "4 million, no?"

Fang Xiaoyu smiled and sunshine: "I am out."

All people, including ea, can't help but look at him.

"Fang Xiaoyu, don't use this ..." She reminded him.

Fang Xiaoyu was just a smile and looked at her and shook his head.

The manager suddenly made great eyes, and the two waiters had a bad feeling of greatness.

"The store has 50,000 yuan, you also come out?" Manager's fox.

"Out, why can't you, this store is in this street value, isn't it?"

The manager stared at the two, speechless, and slowly opened his mouth.

"Okay, you will transfer it." The manager opened his mouth, but immediately heard the sound of the bills came from the cash register. The waitress quickly went up and scared almost faint.

45 million!

Where is this com star? ! The manager will open 4500,000, say it? Do you have a lot of money?

The manager is looking at the look, coughing two, said: "Now this store is attributed to you. Is it necessary to do anything?"

Fang Xiaoyu looked to Dana. Ona wrinkled the nose and stunned the two faces of the waiter.

Fang Xiaoyu's heart will lead God, and immediately open the mouth: "Let's take this again!"

"Don't!" The male waiter suddenly slammed, and where there was a good thing in the year, the people of Wanhu, a pleasant: "Boss, I am wrong! Everything is good, I apologize!"

The waitress is in the same place, pale face, looked at the filial piety, and I can't say it.